Friday, January 15, 2010

5 Ways To Avoid Post Bootcamp Problems

Hey Guys,

This is cherry picked from a mailbag I wrote a few days ago.

Here's my five best proven strategies
for avoiding the post bootcamp struggles that
await most guys who take a one time bootcamp
as opposed to a year long program like my own

First you have to understand the phenomenon
known as “ Workshop High”. What happens is,
because you have invested a lot of time, energy,
travel and money into getting the most out of
your bootcamp, you have a lot invested in doing
well there. Additionally during the in field sessions
you have the accountability and extra boost of motivation
that comes form having a coach push you.

Because of this most students actually tend to
“overperform” on bootcamps. That’s why a
student can get laid during a program but actually
go home without any increased level in his ability
to approach, date and seduce new women.

So to avoid this you need to do a few things.

1. Pay attention to the processes. Especially the way you mentally prepare yourself for going out and doing approaches at night. Make sure you pay attention to the first few approaches versus the last few. You should notice it was WAY easier to approach the 4th girl than the 1st and that by the time you did 5-6 approaches you didn’t even worry about it. This is how it’s going to feel every time.

2. Don’t be fooled by early success. Sometimes students ask me if they should stay in an interaction as long as possible or keep approaching. I always say keep approaching. You don’t want to have 1 great 2 hour conversation on a bootcamp with a girl who lives in a different city than you do. You do want to get used to a variety of reactions and learn what a good set is versus a bad one.

3. Pay attention to the way girls are reacting to you. This is uber important. You want to know what it felt like, and looked like when an instructor tekks you, you creeped a girl out or didn’t make a move soon enough. I always say, “the girls are the real instructors.” Meaning that the best feedback you’re going to get is from the girls reactions.

4. Make sure you don’t “ take time off to integrate all this stuff”. This is one of the biggest reasons that guys crash after bootcamp. Instead of getting out there and seeing how this stuff works in the real world, they decide to take a week or two break to re-read their notes or study. The momentum you get from a bootcamp is one of your biggest assets in terms of changing your life. Make sure you keep going out. Especially on the Sunday night when you’re tired and it would be easy to stay in your hotel room and sleep.

5. Understand that there is an ebb and flow to pickup. You won’t always be on and you won’t always be off. So understanding the ups and downs of the process helps. The guys who expect to get a phone number every approach after bootcamp; fail.

All right I hope that helps Jason and any other
guys out there wondering what to do after a
bootcamp. Although the best thing to do is
enroll in a year long program with follow
up like 12M2M.

Hope that helps you guys,

JS- The King Of Content

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