Monday, January 04, 2010

My Annual Resolutions post- Video style

Here it is,

Feel free to post your own resolutions here for accountability!

JS- The King Of Content


  1. Anonymous1:23 PM

    Jon, why don't you do another video in December going over how you did on your resolutions.

  2. Anonymous1:27 PM

    Btw. One dance lesson won't do shit. You need to like, take one. Practice. Then take at least a couple more. If you don't follow up it'll be a waste of money.

  3. It would hilarious to have a championship PUA belt! would be even more funny if you had it on show in your bedroom and have the girl ask about it.

  4. Anonymous7:46 PM

    I love your videos, podcasts and advice in general but I would really appreciate if the sound was a bit better (maybe get a different mic?). I always have to get a set of speakers to understand what you are saying.

  5. Dancing9:28 PM

    Actually with the dancing things you're probably better off looking up club dancing/hip-hop tutorials and watching music videos. Start to learn some dances. That'll get you moving and then you'll be freestyling in no time. Practice

  6. Anonymous11:54 PM

    dude.stop doing re lame.

    u can't speak without reading for 30 seconds and u wanna teach me about pick up?

  7. So on your tattoo are you going to get a picture of Australia with a giant shit over the top of it because you hate it so much? haha.

  8. Anonymous10:05 PM

    1. Discard all the assholes and negative influences, or shitty friends completely out of my life.

    2. Make this year my most successful yet with women

    3. Have the ability to cold approach and f close on a day 2 day game sets consistently.

    4. Bring more positive and cool people in my life, that I gel with.

    5. Make enough money to be happy and live were I want.

    6. Work out and exercise consistently

    7. Beat the shit out of anybody that deserves it.

    8. Be less lazy and keep a clean house and environment

    Sinn your a cool guy and I agree with a lot of the things you say. Thanks for making this blog and helping guys like me out.

  9. As a nightclub promoter it's part of my job to have a good "image" and get along with everyone. This year I want to compromise that a bit, break rapport more, and get more SNL's. For the amount of nights I go out, I should be closing a LOT more sets. My other new years resolution is to tell more people I don't care about to go fuck themselves. That being said, all you keyboard jockeys with negative shit to say calling yourself "anonymous" go fuck yourselves.

  10. starting my day job tmr to save up money for my trip to orl for 21convention(despite the irrelevant tensions recently....)i live in singapore btw...and pretty much dried up most of my savings....

    solve my sticking points, which is..not practising enough...172 approaches in 6 months...not much by today's at least 20-30 approaches a week...

    keep my room tidy so i can bring girls home..

    practise playing the guitar...

    stop getting reactive to comments by cynics....whos challenging my faith and obstructing change...

    become a real somebody..