Friday, January 22, 2010

" You Want It To Be One Way, But It's The Other Way.."

I love this scene, reminds me of many community guys...

JS- The King Of Content


  1. Mike R5:01 PM

    hell yea

  2. Mike R5:55 PM

    TSB put you second wtf

  3. Anonymous9:04 PM

    Anyone care to explain this to those of us who've never seen this show?

  4. can someone please elaborate. I don't get it.

  5. Marlo, the one character I really hated from the wire... What a douche

  6. Anonymous9:57 AM

    Man. You want to know what REALLy reminds me of community guys? That new site,, which is a kind of parody of... well, you have to see it.

  7. Anonymous10:15 AM

    "can someone please elaborate. I don't get it."

    There's a lot going on, two main themes I see are: first from the dude who loses money in the poker match -- wants to re validate his ego by stealing and not having someone say something to him and getting away with it.

    The second, it's about respect and respecting yourself. The rent-a-cop has a JOB to stop stealing. He doesn't even respect himself and his job to make the criminal give back the stolen item. Even though they both know they saw it happen.

    Watch it and think of yourself, then others. Be aware.

    and the quote "You want it to be one way, but its the other way" ... its about being aware to REALITY and knowing the TRUTH. Not living in some fantasy world of illusion in your head.

    Get real, what did you guys think of this?

  8. the guy who says the quote is a huge up and coming and ruthless drug dealer. He shoplifts right in front of the security guard because all he cares about is exerting power and dominance instead of money and women. the guard decides to speak up and say something so the drug dealer tells him that even though he wants the neighborhood and the situation to be a specific way (just, moral, respectable), it's not that way (its' the drug dealers way)...the rest of the clip just shows the security guard being killed for disrespecting the drug dealer

  9. btw, this is in deep contrast to how avon handled the referee in the basketball tournement in season 1. avon demanded the ref stand up for himself, but avon wanted money, girls, and to be loved and respected while marlo wanted to be feared. also, even though marlo was a douche, how many people were blown away, scared of, and in a weird admiration of chris paltrow. the coolest character on tv i've ever seen.

  10. ...soooooo you're saying that community guys screw up in the field and take it out on other people? i don't understand what your point is.

  11. It is about fighting with what's real not about mental masturbation to some fake vision of realty - I mean not everyone may get tens, looks matter, and so on...

  12. damnit. Can't believe you can interpret that much out of it.

    Watching it again now.
    Maybe I'll get your point someday.
    Maybe I'm exactly what you're talking about

  13. MastaDon11:06 AM

    I think everyone finds themselves in a situation where they desire things to be one way, whereas the reality of the situation is another way.

    Understanding the structure of the situation is the first step in realizing the reality of where you are in the game.

    Like chess... Are you a pawn, the king, or somewhere in between?

    If your a pawn...Guess what you gotta go through a lot of battles to get to the other end of the board.

    Then and only then can you progress to being something other than a pawn!

  14. Anonymous12:16 PM

    3 things:

    1. How does this remind you of community guys?

    2. Fuck Peyton Manning

    3. Do you have an article on logistics? I was outside a party the other night and we were talking to some chicks but the logistics kinda sucked so nothing went anywhere and it was pretty much an epic failure. I want to correct this.

  15. HAHAAHA dude with the candy is a dickhead.

  16. i like this video