Thursday, January 14, 2010

Where Are All The Sinns Of Attraction Products???

Hey guys,

With all the new attention I've had from being voted the World's best PUA, I've been getting an influx of people asking where they can get our products.

Since We don't have a one stop shop page with all of our products listed, I wanted to make a post today to direct you guys out there.

1. Our flagship product that explains what I teach and provides the basis for all of my material is our Natural Attraction DVD. In it I break down the four factors for Natural Attraction, as well as giving great examples of how to demonstrate each trait. You can get it for only $30

2. Every Month I release a new Sinn's Inner Circle. This includes a CD of the month featuring myself talking about a specific subject related to game, as well as a newsletter with 100% different content from the CD on lifestyle, inner psychology and skillsets. You can get a free trial to Sinn's Inner Circle at Sinn's Inner Circle

3. The Flake Elimination Toolkit, is a great product that focuses on eliminating flaking entirely. This includes real life transcipts of texts I've sent to women that led to dates and sex. You can get that here: Flake Elimination

4. The Day Game Course is our most well known and well reviewed product. It inlcudes a full DVD of in field footage, 5 DVDs of a $1000 per person seminar recording, 10 CDs, a full manual, bonus CDs on Instant Dates, TroubleShooting and much, much more. Get it today at Get Day Game

5. Advanced Strategies For Sexualized Comfort is one of our more popular products. It features a full CD overview of my exclusive Breakthrough Comfort process which has been described as backwards engineered love. It also includes a CD on Sexual Framing and a CD of my personal favorite routines to use for sexualizing an interaction with a woman. Get it at Sexualize Comfort

6. Lastly we have the first product I ever created; The Lay Reports book. The LR book features LRs and breakdowns by myself and some of the World's best PUAs including multiple entires by my # 1, 2 and 3 PUAS of the year Captain Jack, AFC Adam and Brad P. Get this product and step right inside the heads of 13 of the World's best PUAs. You can find it at Lay Reports Book

Hope that helps you guys,


JS- The King Of Content


  1. Not to be an ass... But your product pages looks terrible.
    Still like your blog and your writings. :)

  2. where do we find the customer service page? In case we have questions about products, payments, etc.?

  3. Anonymous12:19 AM

    hey sinn hows it going

  4. If you have Customer Service Questions send them to attention Customer Service


  5. Great stuff man. You should definitely get a sales page up for each product easily accessible on your domain though.

  6. Anonymous1:45 PM

    The Inner Circle Program is terrific. Every month there is a new CD on some relevant topic and a newsletter chock full of advise. I have had similar product from other community "gurus" but this one is the best bar none.

    Jon, thank you for that product. It really makes a difference.

  7. Anonymous4:28 PM