Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Charlatan Podcast

Hey guys,

This will probably be my last post for the year!

I'll be back Friday with my New Year's Resolution post that I write every year.

In the meantime enjoy the Charlatan Cast, have a fantastic and safe New Year's Eve and thank you to everyone who supported Sinns Of Attraction this year. You guys make it possible for me to bring you guys stuff like this podcast and blog. So Thanks for helping me do something I love.

Also Cam wanted me to post the following to clarify the three different types of charlatans and why some people are on this list as opposed to others. On the cast we refer to them as category 1-3. Some people fit one or two and a few people sweep all three categories.

Here's Cam's 3 Categories:

"Hey, I thought it'd be cool to include these in the blog post, so people can compare. I think it'd encourage debates...."


Be sure to check Cam out at

The 3 categories:

Category 1: Crappy dating advice. It won't help you with chicks and may even have you worse off than before you started.

Category 2: Socially creepy person. A guy/girl who comes across as a creep in society but wants to give you social advice.

Category 3: Can't do it himself, a book reporter. Person who blatantly rips off other people's works, writes a book report to repackage and still can't start a conversation with a woman.

Here's the podcast affectionately titled " Many people think it, we just have the balls to say it."

Charlatan Podcast


JS- The King Of Content


  1. Sin man i love how you are interactive with the people on the blog and have entertaining shit. Do a bootcamp in London ONTARIO for students!

  2. Anonymous2:01 PM


  3. Anonymous2:21 PM

    Who's the person they mentioned who 'blatantly re-told Captain Jack's lay reports as if they were his own'???

  4. Mike R2:52 PM

    Funny as shit bro I think gamblers pritty good

  5. Enjoyed the intro. Agree with not taking pick-up advice from women. Visit the dating section of any bookstore and pretty much all the books for women will drive them to a lot of quality time with their shower heads, unless of course you ask them about the tuna. First thing I teach is to be normal, honest, social, and only learn from guys who definitely close HOT girls in similar cities.

  6. Anonymous3:29 PM

    Charming Rogue/Adonis ripped off CJ's stuff.

  7. Anonymous3:29 PM

    Hey Cam and Jon, really enjoyed the podcast, it was really funny, made me laugh hard several times.
    And man, I really would have liked to hear that Sinn and Erika almost hook up story... :-)

  8. Anonymous3:31 PM

    guess who this is. "I can fuck ten girls a minute with my super special wheel chair!!!!! WEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!"

  9. Anonymous3:31 PM

    Loved the podcast Sinn, very entertaining and informing on who not to listen to in the community.

    but have to say, EFT works! :)

  10. if you want to see more charlatans go to

  11. Brett3:43 PM

    Totally dumb Wygant daygame opener: "Hey, how is the tuna?" Jon Sinn "social comfort" opener: "Hey, where's the nearest ATM?" Response of hot girl to first opener: one word answer and walks away. Response to second opener: detailed, enthusiastic answer, of course!

    Great job, Sinn -- most guys would never think of that ATM opener. And seriously, Wygant-- what woman actually eating tuna cares about tuna?

    Cam says Wygant's openers "might" work for a cool guy, but not for guys he describes as poorly dressed, poorly groomed, and who project unconfidence. Tell me Cam, what openers *do* work for guys who look bad and project no confidence?

    Wygant typically follows social comfort by being playful and teasing. Thank goodness Sinn knows better. He follows social comfort by being playful and teasing. You guys are right--Wygant's approach could never work.

  12. Anonymous3:51 PM

    I think is Nick quick he seems to stolen alot of ideas from CJ...

  13. Anonymous3:52 PM

    i think the guy that stole CJs LRs is possibly Nick Quick aka Adonis, hope not though cuz i thought he was legit

  14. Wow....loved listening to that. Great Podcast.


  15. Anonymous4:01 PM


  16. Silenus4:06 PM

    Can't get the podcast to download.

  17. Anonymous4:10 PM

    so the charlatan lineup is:

    1. Thunderblob
    2. Tony Soporno
    3. Papa Hung Not So Low
    4. Dr. Death
    5. Sean 3ft. of Love Stephenson
    6. Erika Not Awakening
    7. The Whole Foods Cruiser


    Hows the tuna?

  18. Penis Joe4:33 PM

    Can't wait for this..... :D

    *packing a bowl*

  19. Anonymous4:53 PM


  20. Anonymous4:59 PM

    Good call on Thundercat, who I named anonymously in this blog. It was hard to take him seriously upon seeing how fat he is and how he sounds like Kermit the frog, so I didn't bother with him. He definitely needs to get in shape and lose weight and preaching that good looks in guys aren't at all important, is bullshit. Does the guy even make a living selling his shit and teaching workshops (I think he has a product on gaming strippers) and if so, who are the moronic AFCs who are buying it.
    The women he had in a video I saw, looked like hired hookers.

  21. Finally called out heartwork, fuck hes just some fat kid that thinks he can pick up chicks

  22. Anonymous6:30 PM

    Tito's Tacos!!!!!! They are the best I must say

  23. Anonymous7:40 PM

    Rob Judge is a charlatan.

  24. Anonymous7:41 PM

    Holy shit, that was one of the funniest things I've ever listened to, especially when Cameron really lit off on Dr. P. I was rolling in the aisles. Great public service - good to know who the morons are, especially hearing it from guys who are in the biz and have some real street cred. Keepin' it 100. I think Wygant's line to chicks should be, "How's your tuna?" :)

    PS - I know you guys have respect for Hypnotica and Steve P. but I'm really getting tired of those guys, almost to the point of RJ. They're not charlatans but they're overrated. I've heard 'em both speak.

  25. Anonymous8:01 PM

    It makes sense now why these people are on the list. Maybe next year you can expand it to twenty!!!

  26. Anonymous8:10 PM

    i was cracking up the entire time, style seems like a nice guy really didnt come across as a douche to me. julian foxx shouldv been on the list. anyone have a pic of thundercat?

  27. Anonymous8:23 PM

    I like Mehow.

  28. Reality9:16 PM

    Jon, when has the community ever been about results?

    Yours truly,


  29. Anonymous9:57 PM

    Thanks for the podcast. In the next one, please discuss what most impressed and/or greatly disappointed you in pop culture in 2009, as in any nonfiction - fiction books read, films, TV shows and music viewed and heard.

  30. Anonymous10:17 PM

    You guys don't have your facts straight. Sean has NEVER taught pickup. In "Cocky Comedy", he doesn't sell anything and just share his inspirational story. Same in "Man Transformation". I was at that event and after his speech, we talked with him in small groups and he suggested to follow Mystery's advice or pickup. He only "sells" inner-game inspirational product. He has NEVER taught pickup.

    Disagree also with your assessment of David D (to whom you own part of your paycheck in my opinion). He has his cocky comedy program and NOTHING else on cocky-funny. He mentions it here and there in his other products and that's it. At "Man Transformation" (the best product by far ever put out in the community), a student asked him for cocky-funny lines in a break. He told him this program was not about that and he should get other programs for that. So much for recycling.
    Also, should I mention you "borrow" David D's marketing techniques to sell your stuff like just about everyone else in the community?

    By the way, Sinn. You are in the audience in at LEAST two of David D's products. Come on man...

    However, I may not agree with you, but you are a lot of fun to listen :)

    Great podcast.

  31. Dude you are funny.. :P
    look let me tell you this..

    you put Erika on the charlatans list?
    its just make me roll my eyes to see how trashy and how dissing people can be in this so called "pu community" look I just let you know from my own expirience that Erika's advice helped me get further in this game than any of the other so called puas.

    what it helped me? talk with more girls, built more rapport spark attraction date and escalate.. which is more than I gained from your stuff or mystery or even mr. brad p.

    now maybe you are all good guys trying to help people maybe you scam maybe you dont give a damn..

    but one thing for sure man.. after this podcast I cant take you stuff even with a grain of salt..

    It just make me doubt how trustworthy your ideas and views are and why you support or diss other people here.

    have a happy new year.

  32. Anonymous12:43 AM

    What about Vince Kelvin??

  33. Anonymous6:04 AM

    Hey guys,

    I don't like to talk (too much) shit about other people, but this would probably be the time and place to ask what you guys think about "The Matt Furey of PUA," John Alanis.

    I think he is a nice guy and good direct marketer whose only downfall is that he gives shitty advice and can't possibly get anywhere with women beyond the friend-zone, which doesn't seem to keep him from overcharging for his products . . .

  34. My thoughts on the Podcast:

    Cam, You suck. The McRib should be part of McDondals's regular menu. Don't hate on perfection.

    I agree that psychiatrists should dispense Xanax not Pickup advice.

    Of course Thundercat is the #1. He named himself after the gayest cartoon ever.

    Thank you for calling these douchebags out on their skullduggery.

  35. This was a funny podcast. Thank you for airing out the absolute bull---- that is Shawn Stephnson laying models... hah what garbage.

    ...and Erika Awakening - the dog face who promotes condomless sex for a true spirtual connection... what garbage

    very funny stuff, you and cam make a good team.

  36. Penis Joe9:27 AM

    First...great podcast. Finally someone with the balls and inside info to call these losers out.

    My case for David D: The guy has made MILLIONS hyping these charlatans on your list. He also had TD on multiple products (looking like a 12 year old kid) and giving really stupid advice to grown men. On top of that, he made products ABOUT how he made millions being a charlatan. If it wasn't for David D. most of these guys would be relatively unknown. I think David D should probably be in jail. And last but not least: "Do you have email?" 'Nuff said.

    Favorite quote: "David D is like a guy with AIDS fucking without a condom."

  37. Living the life of a Bartender1:37 PM

    Props to Cam for telling it like it is about BradP--the most overrated PUA and big bird-looking motherfucker.

    Doing that podcast must have felt like taking a nice, big shit in the morning.

    Happy New Year!

  38. Anonymous2:05 PM

    Good to Sinn kissed and made-up with the LS guys

  39. James7:52 PM

    Great podcast!

    I certainly hope you would do more podcasts with Cam in the future. Had a great laugh!


  40. Anonymous11:40 PM

    Not that the croatian badboy isn't nuts, but it's common to park on sidewalks in many parts of europe...

  41. Anonymous12:12 AM

    While I agree with the list, I also agree that David Wygant opens with social comfort and teases as Sinn does. Also, Sinn's preopener concept was stolen from Pickup 101. I've seen Sinn in field in Day Game Mastery and Infield Insider and he's a Mystery Clone. Spewing Routines during the day such as "Rings on Fingers" and "You're very tall" Ive never seen how he's different from Mystery. He's very talkative as Mystery is to the point where it sounds annoying. Great teacher though

  42. Anonymous3:12 AM

    First time I've heard Vin DiCarlo and Heartwork called out.Can these guys get laid consistently,or is the problem with their teaching methods?

  43. Hyjinx10:18 AM

    Hey guys - listened to the podcast this morning at the gym. Was literally laughing out loud. Very funny!

    Have to disagree with you about Wygant in some regards. I have met him in real life, and have seen him speak twice in real life. This guy has been around for quite a while teaching men how to approach women.

    I think that compared to Mystery Method and similar schools his approach can seem primitive, and it is. There are no routines, looking over the shoulder, negs, false time constraints, etc.

    Basically he is teaching - be a social guy. Talk to everyone. Talk to the old lady and grandma. Talk to the butcher. Talk to the checkout girl. If you do this - you will naturally become a more social person, and meeting women you are attracted to becomes that much easier.

    I started doing this in my own life, and I think it is great advice. Maybe it is obvious, but it wasn't for me, and it helped me a lot.

    One drawback with Wygant - you have to be pretty confident already to do some of his stuff, which you mention. He is a tall, in shape, charisimatic, well dressed guy. You have to have your stuff together first, before some of his stuff will work. But this is true of any school. The more confident and put together you are - the better the stuff will work.

    Listening to wygant can be a relief to someone who is getting overwhelmed with all the pickup theory. It is like comparing calculus to simple arithmatic.

    I also think you are pigeon holing David DeAngelo as just "cocky funny". I have learned so much from this guy - not just about "dating" but time management, business, psychology, social networks, evolution, health and fitness, animals, everything.

    I agree watching some of his DVDs can be a little boring. But watching him in person is much better. He is a great role model for people looking to improve themselves.

    I also think that you were kind of nit picking on Sean Stephenson. I work with a girl that considers herself a "model". What modeling has she done? She was once in some small print calendar featuring hot nerds (herds as you call them Sinn - lol). She is a software engineer - and someone made some half assed calendar and put her in it. So now she considers herself a model.

    Could be the same with the girl Sean dated in high school. I dated a "cheer leader" - but was she a turbo hottie - no. She could have been a hand model to steal mystery's joke!

    And so what if she wasn't a model - who cares - the guy was telling a STORY. You are allowed to embellish a little here and there to make it interesting - everyone does that.

    I do find him inspiring - if that guy can get laid - then I have NO excuse. Do I take everything he says literally? No. All Marketing is exaggeration to some extent.

    I don't know the other guys, so can't comment on them.

    Although - I did work with Hawaii for a while when he was with Mehow, and I thought his advice was excellent. Maybe he is like a coach who can't dunk a basketball or throw a 90 MPH fastball, but can teach others to do it. All I care about is if what the person says helps ME. And his stuff was solid.


  44. Enjoyed....

    But think David D's stuff really has helped millions of guys.

    His stuff might not turn you into a pickup artist (it doesn't claim to either) But it sure will help an average chump start doing better with women.

    And yea, it might have something to do with the twenty million his company banks every year.... but I would bet David D (eben) winds up with a hotter chick then anyone else in the community.

  45. Anonymous1:25 PM

    Sin what's the name of that song from the podcast?

  46. Anonymous1:25 PM

    Sin what's the name of that song from the podcast?

  47. I have a different opinion about a couple people on the list, but funny shit.

  48. 2Pac hit em' up.

  49. Anonymous9:25 PM

    Dave Damashek #1 Sports!!

    hahaha the jerk list

    sinn you are best for liking Dave Damashek #1 man tied with Brad P.

  50. The song is "Hit em up" by 2pac. I'm waiting to hear a podcast from one of the charlatans about Sinn with a Notorious B.I.G. Intro.

  51. Anonymous10:11 PM

    you shouldn't throw stones if you live in a glass house...

  52. P.S. Congrats to Sinn for being rated #1 PUA by TSB Magazine:

  53. Morpheus11:31 PM

    Thanks for this list. I would've had Badboy at number one, followed closely by his henchman instructor Marius. If the other guys on your list are worse than them, then this list is definitely overdue.

    I travelled to Croatia for his 7 day Extreme Summer camp in July to see what it was all about: 46 students to 7 instructors. (Beforehand, BB himself told me there would be 10-16 students, max.) No infield demos, very little coaching and virtually no theory. (At the end of the seminar, we were told that we had all come with the wrong expectations - and that it was a holiday. If we wanted to learn, we were told we could come back to Croatia in September for a 3 day workshop - for free. I wish I still had the ads that sold the event as 'lifechanging', 'pushed into set constantly', etc, etc. Bottom line: 7 days - 46 guys - 3 closes. (And those 3 had plenty of experience going into the seminar. Those crooks made a mint, had a 7 day holiday and pissed off a lot of guys.

    Keep up the good work!

  54. Anonymous12:08 AM

    Sean Stephenson,

    You and your BS stories w your NLP.
    Cocky funny jerk routine doesnt work with your manipulative midget ass.I feel sorry for your cripppled ass but I bet at any crowded club,you'd end up pancaked'.lol.
    Youre better off running "thunderfat game"
    and paying hookers to be your "teen model" or your "10's".

    Stop giving dating advice and leave that to the people that get laid wo paying hookers.

    thuderfat's pic

    @ hijinx : STFU you and your BF Hawaii.

    @the guy who stole on CJ's material.

    Youre a PHONY and FAKE despite being Ambiguously Gay w boygeorge pic of your mouth open.

    You look more like a deep throat cock sucker from Vegas than a PUA.
    Id thrust mycock down your throat just to make your mascara run you worthless piece of shit.

  55. Anonymous7:13 AM

    Podcast cool; cRap 'music' intro of your show definitely NOT cool.

  56. Sinns-creepy-ass-stalker9:31 AM

    Hey guy's!
    An idea for a podcast would be the top 10 guys to hang with.
    Not rated on PU Advice but just the coolest guys to hang out with and most likley to give you a great night!
    For example, Jarret Singer A.K.A Psych.
    Thanks young Scottyboy

  57. Anonymous10:29 AM

    Where is Fader on your list?

  58. hey sinn, cool podcast, but did you really have to rip up doctor paul like you did? sure the guy is a litte nerdy, but his mind os stuff has helped me.

    fuck who he is and whats he done man, but lets use his good points to our necessities

    i quote from a master Bruce Lee

    Take what is necessary, discard what isn't and add what's uniquely your own.

  59. Anonymous7:32 PM

    Jon this is negative bullshit. I thought you'd be above bashing everyone like this but you have went ahead and fed into all this negativity.

    Its funny but at the same time disappointing and immature. You have now lowered yourself to this pathetic level.

    You probably just did this because you wanted to stir up some controversy and get attention, well this is definitely not the way.

    The way for people to know your the best is for you to create killer products, not to bash other people like this.

    You should remain professional man its just disappointing, childish, and stupid. Lets feed into and stir up all this negativity fuck that man.

  60. Anonymous12:15 AM

    Ha ha awesome sinn, now I know who did the voice to the krusty the clown doll, good old sean stevenson

  61. Markus6:54 AM

    "Jon this is negative bullshit. I thought you'd be above bashing everyone like this but you have went ahead and fed into all this negativity."

    I laughed. Laughing is good. Pointing out charlatans and liars is good, and doing it in a humorous way is even better.

    You obviously have no sense of humor, AND, can't see the worth of saving students $1000's of dollars.

    You THINK you're taking the high-road. You're not. You sound self-important, and ridiculously so. "Negativity"...hahaha, this is "Positivity". Using humor as a means to point out liars who mislead or steal money from people. That's positive my friend, not negative.

  62. Anonymous1:15 PM

    jesus you faggots still gossiping liek bitches about shit that went down five years ago? lol this 2010 niggas best get on ya grind

  63. If you take out all the drama queening in this audio... most of the factual comments were reasonable.

    Some guys you were beating on didn't deserve it at all though - they've done some good stuff, and you don't seem to be aware of it. DyD for instance has many products that don't even refer to cocky & funny.
    For other guys, outside U.S. you don't seem to be in touch. PUA training tends to get pretty bad reviews on bootcamps for instance, and the products we've reviewed were primarily basic pick up community material repackaged.

  64. Anonymous3:33 PM

    No mention of JohnnyWolf? That guy is the biggest phony.

  65. Common Sense9:35 AM

    Thundercat is a self-proclaimed pickup artist who sells products on how to become better with women, while at the same is banging prostitutes in Vegas. What a pathetic way to prove the uselessness of his own material.

    Once Thundercat appeared on Barry Kirkey’s show (a long time ago), and claimed he had sex with 35 women. I can’t help but wonder how many of them were prostitutes.

  66. I just walked out of a Johnny Soporno workshop in Vegas. The whole thing was a debacle and most of the students are asking for and deserve refunds. I can't even believe it. My first time working in America and I'm super embarrassed.

    I wrote all about it in my most recent blot post here -

    Highlights included ZERO demos from Johnny and in fact his refusal to go in field most nights. An instructor refusing to open a single set, even when I called him out. Students storming out of seminars in embarrassment.

    Being told that they would not learn pickup at an event called "Picking Up Porn Stars" and then being told they weren't allowed to go to the AVN expo as it wasn't any good this year. Of course, meet women at the AVN expo was the tag for the event.

    You can read the rest on my blog...

    PS Erika Awakening gave a seminar, what an idiot. I videoed the whole thing and will post it this week. Get ready to laugh.

  67. Anonymous11:50 PM

    Wow dude, this woman brags she got a threesome. It really amaze me that people can be this weird.

  68. Sinn! It was informative, it was entertaining.... bit below the belt at times but .... ah fuck it. It made for good listening! Haven't heard any negative stuff about Sean the midget before. Gotta admit I find him pretty inspirational. Thanks for making me think about his penis by the way, you sick fuck :P

    About Johnny Soporno: Bad bootcamp or not, his video's have radically altered my game .... no more lying to girls. No more alluding that I've got other girls on the go. I'm totally 100% honest with all of the women in my life and it feels amazing! Not only that, the guy gives his main content away for free! I'm quite shocked to hear him attacked in this manner. The man is a legend!

    Am looking forward to future podcasts man!


  69. Anonymous7:28 PM

    hey Sinn, i think you should consider yourself charlatan#3 (with given definitions) also since i see so many of your stuff almost word to word from BradP. So either you are charlatan, or he. But I give you credit for saying he inspired you a lot, BUT you should credit every one of the idea you got from him, not just say it on rare occasions ! Because I really have an impressions that you are just his copycat, although that's not neccessarily bad since this stuff is legit :)