Friday, December 18, 2009

" If You Spread Them, They Will Pay"- Cam and I trash the fat man Podcast

Hey guys,

Here's the latest podcast, it's over 2 hours of douching on Johnny Soporno.

Who if you don't know what he looks like you can see here:

Notice the classy devil horns and awesome Kmart sneakers.

Listen to the AWESOMENESS here:

Sinn and Cam Get Medieval on that ass

JS- The KING of Content

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  1. Anonymous11:02 AM

    Nice, I hate that fat fuck!!!

  2. Anonymous11:16 AM

    Lots of haterade you have been drinking.

  3. A wise man told me don't argue with fools cause people from a distance can't tell who is who- Jay-Z

  4. Anonymous3:14 PM

    I could two-fifths of a goddamned fuck whether an instructor is a douche bag.

  5. Anonymous4:31 PM

    Yea that dude sounds like a double D - demonic douchebag

  6. Anonymous6:54 PM

    johnny soporno is a JOKE!

  7. Anonymous8:43 PM

    This is awesome stuff ! You are serving up a beating up a mental cripple ! Look how sad he looks in the pic - in his Wooden THRONE - I was expecting to see his Loud Tshirt. Nice Intro song - "your daddy's doing porno!"

  8. Serious business there...
    What do you call a hot woman who's older than 40? Granny?

  9. Anonymous1:46 PM

    Hey jon Kobe is the best player in the NBA. Is he better than Jordan hell no. Jordan is the best. Don't blame Kobe for what the media compares himself to. Another thing I live in Chicago and I will say Kobe is the closest thing to Jordan there is if one wants to make the comparison. Also club chicks bang guys for money? Damn thats pretty sad. So I make myself a cooler guy and get my shit together, get my confidence build my identity, get in the field for hot chicks that are essentially whores (the literal term) whata rip...can someone please tell me this isnt true about all the chicks that club chicks or hot

  10. Anonymous9:04 PM

    It was a good podcast, as there's too many charlatans in the PUA industry and why the PUA industry even associates itself with this fat fuck, has always mystified me.

    To counter the unfortunate bullshit you always start seeing at this time of the year of 'top PUAs of 2009', please do another 2 or even 3 hour long podcast where you and maybe 1 or 2 others, discuss your picks of who you currently regard as the biggest PUA charlatans and charlatan PUA companies (as in who ever is in charge of said company who sells products and/or offers bootcamps, but who's never offered any concrete proof via video, that they can successuly pull hot looking women regularly) and also discuss what most impressed and disappointed you in pop culture this year (in film, TV, music and fiction - nonfiction books).

  11. Anonymous9:52 PM

    What about Thundercat, aka Joseph Matthews who sounds like Kermit the Frog ? I don't have any personal discrimination against fat, overweight guys, but I don't apologise for the fact that I do, when it comes to ones claiming to be PUA instructors, who say being obese and out of shape doesn't matter or make any difference, when it comes to meeting and picking up hot women (when we all know in the real world, that that's total bullshit and that obese and overweight guys will consistently fail as a PUA).

  12. You earn the confident so that you can have quality relationships with girls. Even though girls bang guys for money, they never really authenically feel attracted to those guys. There's more to this than just sex, otherwise just go out and buy a blowup sex doll.

    And yes, girls DO bang guys for money, are you that surprise? Money works, looks works and drugs also works. I think it's time to stop living in a delusional reality.

  13. when you and Cam get together its like 90's Rap Method man and Redman. double duecin'.

    you guys lit' up the podcast!

  14. Anonymous4:10 PM

    Okay John I have to say this was too much for me and I couldn't listen to all of it. After ten minutes I had to bail out. It's always hilarious when you and cam get together on the podcast there's no denying it.

    And what ever happened to Julian Foxx being on the show?

  15. Jon,

    "Douching on Soporno?"

    I see it more as "EXPOSING" that guy for what he is. More over, we have held back on the audience. Let's be honest about that.

    We have Never publicly discussed HOW he really meets his girls, WHAT the circumstances are, and HOW he keeps them around...

    Not to mention firsthand accounts of what Steve P. told me he saw when he spent 3 days and nights at his apartment in Toronto...

    So we'll leave it alone for now... Enough of that condescending wannabe "Mr. Alpha." Better things to discuss.


  16. Epic. I think we need to get johnny onto a reality show

  17. Anonymous6:10 PM

    Soporno is a pretty easy target but I thought the most interesting part of the show came with 12 minutes left when you guys started ripping on TD.

    What's happened here? On the Nepali Coast a couple of years ago, TD gave you your manhood. And this is how you show your loyalty?

    In the last few months you've taken shots a him, Jeffy, Alex...why the anger towards the RSD crew?

  18. Anonymous7:21 PM

    This podcast felt too much of a teaser. I would say i would enjoy hearing the rest of what you guys have to say about Mr Soporno.

    Also, you guys should do a podcast about tyler and rsd.

  19. This is off topic, but it looks like The Pick Up Artist show is apparently going to get a 3rd season (I'm still sceptical that it actually will) that'll be set in New York city and will have new wingmen (Matador and Tara will only appear occasionally) that'll include Sin - which if he does go on it, will make some people think it's the Sinn of this blog. Tell them to make him change his nickname.

  20. Anonymous3:43 PM

    IamBrian...i agree with u it shouldnt be a suprise that chicks bang guys for far as the banging sex dolls ill pass on that...the morals that I have wouldnt allow me to bang a hooker (literal sense)...its a simple choice that I have not to associate with a chick that does that or not to sleep with a girl that does i said i know that not all these girls do this so the chicks that dont do this i will go for its that simple as far as me learning game i do this for myself to have options in my life with women and to have the women that i want in my life and have fruitful relationships and well to also get laid im not gunna lie about that...i do feel salty about girls doing this because of my own morals i dont wanna judge them but i know that i am but if that is what they wanna do that is there choice and me pursuing them or banging them is my choice as well. Reality is what it is. Im not delusional about it. Me personally I feel as though it is wrong. As far as these girls not being attracted to these guys thats cool whatever. Me personally I feel no attraction to girls with those kinds of morals. I dont feel as though its me being delusional but my morals wouldnt allow me to be with a girl that did such a thing. To add to me learning game this is to build myself and not be a schlep that settles for the first girl that takes me because I want more for myself

  21. sandy4:14 PM

    Jordan definately...Kobe is dedicated but Jordan seems inspirational so chill when under pressure. I love the Jordan failure nike comercial.

    You have to admit Jon,

    Jordan Pippen and Rodman ,
    have been the BEST combination of talent as a team.

    Im a big Rodman fan , his intense Defense, Rebounding and Persona. Not to say his stripper game ;)

    and Pippen . He always played well offense and defense. Even in Portland with Rasheed,that team seem badass but never really got far.

  22. Anonymous2:27 PM

    Another great podcast. You guys work well together. Cam comes off much better on your podcast than Barry's for some reason.

    I agree with an above poster. Let's hear about Thundercat!

  23. Anonymous9:15 AM

    So, I've never heard of this guy till you brought him to my attention. Tho all his ideas are nothing new, I do find his breakdown of the non-judgemental frame that you and many PUAs say is critical, to be quite good. However, I have only listened to 30 mins of just one of his 6, 1 hr videos. If nothing else, I found it helpful in establishing the frame, even if it did nothing else to my game.

  24. Anonymous5:36 AM

    Hey, If you want some new BS from Johnny Soporno - at the last seminar at Moscow he was talking like ADD (attention deficit) is an alpha-male trait.

    And now he is writing a book or something on ADD and alphaness correlation.

  25. Anonymous2:53 PM

    Johnny Soporno seems like one of the few sane man in this hatorate PUA industry. Cheerio!