Wednesday, December 16, 2009

What is Game?

This is something I think about a lot...

When you take away all of the marketing, the complex structures, the self help advice, the cognitive biases of instructors, and the natural advantages and disadvantages of every individual, what's left?

What are we actually doing and working with to compel strangers to have sex with us in the shortest time frame possible.

I've been thinking about this for years and years and I figured I'd post my latest ideas and then write some articles on each piece. Kinda like the Basics feature on my Newsletter where I break down specific ideas, except these will be larger topics.

SO without further ado, here's one man's ideas on what makes up Game:

1. An understanding of how the process of attraction works(most notably the relationship between dominance and attraction) and female psychology especially fears, emotions, communication styles and sexuality.
2. Fundamentals: Body language, eye contact, grooming, expressiveness, fashion and style, tonality, physique.
3. The ability to make others comfortable with you otherwise known as Social Comfort.
4. The ability and knowledge of when and how to manipulate rapport.
5. The mechanisms, skills and types of attraction
6. Attitude
7. Knowing how to build and use compliance
8. Knowing all types of qualification and how to use this to move forward
9. How to use movement
10. The 3 types of escalation: Verbal, Physical, Logistical
11. Frame control
12. Sexuality

Obviously that's a decent amount of stuff and one of the reasons that it's difficult to learn all this stuff if you try to take it all in at one time. So over the next few weeks I'll be writing an article about each of these topics with a take that you probably haven't heard before. I have to get started on a new packet for the 12M2M guys bootcamp so I'll workshop a lot of articles on here before finishing them for those guys.

Love to hear comments on this,

JS-The King Of Content

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  1. Anonymous12:06 PM


  2. Anonymous1:10 PM

    Wow, sounds like good stuff. Already looking forward to reading these.

  3. Wow Sinn, that might be the most compact, yet complete, summary what game is all about.

    I think different sorts of compliance might be one of the most important, yet unknown, aspects of this.

    It's very hard to say 'no' when someone has, without you being aware of it, build up a lot of compliance with you. Not just verbal but physical. The interesting social psychological thingy that is happening here is that people will rationalize why they've 'pledged' this appliance (or better why you went along with this and did nothing to stop it) and will then change their way of viewing you by positively interpretating the impression that you're making in order to remove any cognitive dissonance. I think this is called the self-discrepancy theory. Not entirely sure if I'm right here though.

  4. Anonymous2:41 PM

    Aren't 1, 5 and 12 the same thing basically? 4 and 11 seem pretty similar too.

    I would also say that inner game and being able to adapt to situations on the fly/improvise are important too.

  5. Really good concise summary.

    I regularly check out only 3 pickup-related blogs, and ever since CJ stopped updating his, that really only leaves Sinn and ET as the remaining guys that regularly drop quality jewels on everyone.


  6. Anonymous4:35 PM

    Who won Savoy vs Sinn fantasy football?

  7. TommyMo6:00 PM

    Game is to walk up to the girl, to say and do things that don't make her uncomfortable, and in the end have sex with her.

    You really have to know from 1 to 12 only to do that?

  8. This is the kind of misguided stuff to expect from clueless pick up artist types.

    It's for people who don't know SS. Then all you need is to interrupt their dinner and peace of mind, to tell them about your seductive reasoning paradigm and she'd be yours.
    Johnny S.


    OK, just kidding. It's a pretty good check list.

    As for the Tommymo comment, I am sure Jon will explain more in detail. A lot of people who are good with women do this naturally.

    They'll walk into a social gathering and make friends easily and gain rapport quickly. Others, not so much.

    Checklists like this are useful to see where one's sticking points are. (Grooming for example...)


  9. Anonymous9:00 PM

    hey sinn i have one question

  10. Anonymous12:34 AM

    Cam your right naturals do this naturally but those guys are hard to find and those guys are very few and far between and usually can't break down what there doing. Not only that most guys not just community guys are afraid of approaching women so these guys that are naturals are not most guys and they are very well calibrated and have balls. Guys that are super good with women are hard to find in the community and in real life.

  11. Anonymous1:04 AM

    to add to what I said about naturals...i dont wana make it seem as though its wrong to be like most guys who arent as good with women as naturals are. Most guys can't work a room and bang a random chick and theres nothing with that...theres more to life than chicks i dont wanna make it seem as though these natural guys are gods because these guys have problems and get blown out and creep out chicks and get flaked on like the rest of us. They just know what there doing but just cant explain it very well

  12. Anonymous5:58 AM

    Very excited for these articles. Can't wait to read them


  13. Anonymous6:34 AM

    Nice! Can't wait to read those articles!

  14. Anonymous11:53 AM

    Where is State management in this list? -sonic

  15. It's a fair point. "Game" not becoming one's life is a good point but it's sort of outside the scope of the above article.

    I think Sinn's definition was "What are we actually doing and working with to compel strangers to have sex with us in the shortest time frame possible. "

    To me, the key phrase in there is "The Shortest time frame possible." If you didn't really care about that part of it, then you wouldn't need to be to concerned with logistics, escalating quickly and so forth.

    People meet, and date all of the time, but if you're trying to move things along quickly, then you're playing a different ball game in some ways.

    And then some of the check points are just good life-skills for everyone. You may not be the most charismatic person but being able to create some social comfort with strangers is an important skill in life, not just in meeting women.


  16. TommyMo2:42 AM

    You have to "work a room" to "bang a … chick"? Hm. Personally, I prefer just to walk up to her… But I guess this is because I have no pressure from "the shortest time frame possible."

    I have "to compel strangers to have sex with" me? And I always thought girls are in need of love and affection and looking for some one to fulfil their emotional and sexual desires… Ts, ts, ts… I must say…

  17. Yo TommyMo, we're all really impressed by how flawless your game is, but if you haven't realized yet, you are posting on a forum that guys read to improve their sex lives.

    And by your pretentious tone you don't sound like you're here to learn anything or contribute anything either... I must say.

  18. Looking forward to the posts! Still, I'm surprised your definition of game refers to "the shortest time frame possible." By that definition, a same-night lay is inherently superior to any other way of starting a relationship. Personally, I don't see it that way. I hope you allow for guys having different sexual/romantic goals. Surely game is about giving yourself the maxiumum chance with the girl(s) you want, but the time frame involved, and nature of the relationship, is up to each guy.