Monday, December 28, 2009

Top 10 PUAs of 2009!

Hey guys,

Welcome to the annual list that makes my close friends tell me I'm an asshole :)

As always this list will represent the "Pick Up Artists" I feel had the best impact on 2009, as well as the guys that I really think have game. There's a lot of charlatans out there ( as you'll see on my list tomor) but today is all about giving props to the guys who deserve them. As always I will exclude myself from this list as that would be a little too douchey :)

Let's get into it.

10. Richard"Gambler"La Ruina- I've known Rich for a long time, but never really got a sense of how he actually gamed until recently. Richard's stealth attraction ideas are really cutting edge as well as being extremely helpful for guys who are scared of rejection. Furthermore Richard shows a great understanding of how to blend other people's tactics and techniques into a new system.

9. Speer. He's out of the game now to focus strictly on teaching, but NOBODY, and I mean NOBODY has bigger balls than Speer. The unquestioned master of talking his way into places as well as the king of persistence, Speer gets a spot this year based on the fact that he actually got hot girls when he was still active and his unrivaled abilities to network in a really hard city to network in (Miami). Furthermore Speer's attitude should be adopted by every guy who is serious about getting better.

8. Fader - Fader gets on to the list for his great hired gun game, his incredible ability to infiltrate NYC social circles and for being the first guy to teach a live workshop in strip clubs. His reviews are second to none and I personally have never seen a teacher who cares more for his students.

7. Doc Holliday - Doc took a little break for a bit to get his life together, but remains the best guy I've seen at day game other than myself. Furthermore Doc's understanding of the learning process of pickup as well as the issues guys will encounter along the way makes him a great teacher. His ability to codify day game even helped me in the production of the Day Game from A to Z Mastery course.

6. Cameron Teone - One of the most down to Earth guys out there also has great real world game. While he's mostly focused on approaching woman during the day, Cameron has demonstrated numerous times that he not only has no approach anxiety, but that he has the skills to charm all people regardless of gender, age, or ethnicity. Cameron excels at getting really bitchy girls to open up and be normal.

5. Mystery - Though it seems like he's lost his fastball a little bit, Erik makes this list on reputation as well as history. No one can take his influence on the game away as well as his very well documented abilities with certain girls. Obviously Mystery Method is NOT for everyone and is a validation based pick up method as opposed to a sex based one, but that doesn't hurt Erik here. It's not his fault he's become dogmatic and the game has passed him by.

4. Savoy - Still the most underrated PUA in the game, despite having a "girlfriend" in the technical sense. Still very active, still gets laid more than almost every other guy out there by new hot girls.

3. AFC Adam Lyons - Despite being married Adam continues to innovate and push the envelope. Adam is an example of how you can get what you want out of the community. Adam also was instrumental in helping me develop my own method as he pointed out many things to me, including the idea that comfort comes before attraction. As well known as he is Adam is still not given the credit he deserves for his breakthroughs.

2. Brad P - Last year's # 1 falls a bit this year and it has nothing to do with his game. Brad P built on a strong 2008 by masterminding the idea of the pick up mansion, continuing his 30/30 club and more. Brad is awesome because not only does he himself have maxed out game, but he focuses on simple actions that anyone can do to help themselves get laid more. No muss no bullshit that's Brad P.

1. Captain Jack - The only reason he had to share this title last year with Mr P was that he wasn't going out. This year that changed. Not much, but it changed in the sense that EVERY night he went out he got laid. Almost literally, I can think of a handful of situations where the pirate king tore himself away from his meditation actually went out to talk to girls and ended up getting laid back to back to back. Multiple times. It makes me jealous and I still don't know exactly what he does but he's the best point blank period and probably will be until he decides to give it up. Long Live the Pirate King 2009's best Pick Up Artist.

JS- The King Of Content


  1. Thanks for doing this Sinn. It lets us retired guys know who is still on top these days. Hope all is well with you.

    Talk with you soon,


  2. Anonymous10:06 AM

    You forget one thing mate...I'm Captain Jack Sparrow! Long live the pirate king... Well deserved #1 and I'm always glad to see Doc Holiday on the list as well. He works hard and is very good at what he does!

    I'm suprised you didn't include El Topo somewhere, he's definitely made some strides in changing up his website and starting to teach more.

  3. Anonymous10:09 AM

    What about El Topo?

  4. No Mehow?

    I don't know half of these guys though! And of course, you oughta be number one, bro!

  5. Dude,

    I think Braddock should also be on this list. His stuff is sick!

  6. Anonymous10:20 AM

    where's El Topo?

  7. Anonymous10:22 AM

    what about entropy, mehow, hypnotica (just kidding ;)), moxie,

  8. Mike R10:26 AM

    Cool I really think gambler is better but great list you got it narrowed down

  9. What about Adonis his SNL system is sick, Ratisse is insane, and Mystery should not make it.

  10. I don't know some of the guys. But I believe Mehow deserves a very HOT spot in the list. He has got tons of innovations. 10SSA is a break through. He has got group attraction manifesto and other ground breaking stuff. The 10SSA by itself and how he explains all techniques you can work on to become natural in game. Cheers to Mehow!

  11. Could you say why you didn't put some of them in the list?

    - Hypnotica because you don't see him game and he doesn't contribute a lot, I guess.
    - ...

    Mehow still innovates and releases in-field footage, so it's weird he's not on the list.

  12. Anonymous11:31 AM

    lol fader

  13. Top 10 pua's but no El Topo? I don't know spanish but that shit's muy loco!! C'mon Jon.

  14. Scottyboy11:38 AM

    Thanks for the list!
    Captain Jack has been rated huge by you for ages but where can i find info on the guy? where can i see video? theories? pictures? whatever! lol
    The guy sounds insane and anyone you rate so massive, is obviouslly great, so be a dear and point him out ;)
    Thanks Scottyboy :P

  15. Anonymous11:43 AM

    I realy thing Gambler is a questionable inclution. Did you see the bit he did on pussy and boob kino. Pua traiing (ex- afc adam) have the worst reviews I have seen.

    He just ses of all my charloten alarm bells


  16. Anonymous11:45 AM

    How dare you not put Matador at #1 you sick fuck!

  17. Anonymous11:59 AM

    Can you break down why Mystery's is based on validation and not sex?

  18. Anonymous12:13 PM


    Topo Loco

    Saffron (before he left PU)

    Glad to see "The ONE" there ;)

    PSYCH is missing there,maybe next year.

  19. Pauly D12:14 PM

    F*king criminal Braddock doesn't make the list.

  20. This comment has been removed by the author.

  21. Anonymous12:21 PM

    Obviously you can't keep track of every "PUA" out there, or hang with them enough to see their game etc. But judging from my radar of cool guys, I think Lovesystem got a bunch of "new", young, good looking, very skilled instructors (no homo). I'm mostly thinking about Braddock, some of the shit i've seen with him is sick. I'm sure a dude like that gets laid way more with way hotter chicks than fucking GAMBLER?!

    And yeah, what about ElTopo?

    Also, judging (again) from my radar, Gambler is a charlatan. I mean come on, "stealth attraction"?, haven't we evolved passed shit like that?

    I mean, a method to pick up hot chicks for men that are scared of rejection, isn't that a oxymoron?

    Sinn, as much as I respect you and your opinion, and as much as lists like these are doomed to form controversies, you still have some explination to do buddy!

  22. Anonymous12:24 PM

    Please do 5 Worst PUAs List
    based on unrealistic theories of pu or fakes.Or take a toll on your blog for us to vote for the worst.




    art of chode

    toolife acmdy

    Venus on SNLs


    Alesh from xyd


  23. Anonymous12:47 PM

    julian foxx?

  24. Anonymous12:51 PM

    lol, where's Paul Janka, the 'real' day game guru? Is there some animosity towards him?

  25. Anonymous1:22 PM

    Fader? Haha!
    Glad that Mehow the faggot and el Topo the scammer aren't there though, those guys are SHIT!

  26. Anonymous1:25 PM


    I understand JS is trying to be diplomatic and does clearly state Mystery is #1 in terms of validation game aka "value" game.
    Alot of guys have copied Mystery, and I ve heard some funny stories of him.lmao.He has mentord alot of guys as well.So he gets to be there for that and for the funny stories "Mr.10 out of 10".lol.

    Its like saying "Rakim" or "LL cool J" is one of the greatest MC's as 2pac and biggie are but they are totally different.

    I getcha.

    sadly,Mystery clearly hasnt evolved...

  27. Anonymous1:33 PM

    You only rate CJ #1 because he is your friend. Sure I bet he gets laid, but how hot are the girls he gets with? I bet not that hot. Also is there any INFIELD FOOTAGE of him? Your day game sucked in the videos (too "routiney") and you call yourself #1 so it makes me wonder if CJ really has game or not. The same goes for Savoy or Cam. No infield footage, no proof.

  28. Anonymous1:44 PM

    Dude I hope you put "Erika Awakening" on your list for tomorrow. She gives the absolute worst "pick-up" advice I've ever read in my life, even worse than stuff I was doing when I was still an AFC.

    She gets my nomination for the worst PUA, or worst PUA groupie slut of the year.

  29. Anonymous2:35 PM

    Yeah, what about Entropy?

    Does Speer have bigger balls than Moxie?

  30. Anonymous3:59 PM

    If Matador doesn't make your Top Ten Toupee list, I'm gonna be really upset...

  31. Anonymous4:57 PM

    Where is Master Kirkey?

  32. Anonymous4:58 PM

    Mehow's 10ssa is cool. The infield insider vid's are good too.

  33. Anonymous5:00 PM

    All the comments on this post are retarded except mine

  34. Anonymous5:29 PM

    What about El Topo, i personally think he has really great game.

  35. Anonymous5:47 PM


    You belong on the LIST.

    evolved from MM old days to being trainer's trainer...

    "Routineish" guy to social intelligent savy guy.

    Watching you grow and mature from "gamey " to just freakin cool guy who gets it and can help others.

    This year defintely you've made a mark with your company.

    Through the podcasts and your posts and your sense of reality on what pick up is ...

    a HUGE thank you

    Keep Bringin' it ;)

    (I kindah stole that

  36. Well deserved list of people - awesome!.

    What are the (measurable) criteria for getting on the list in the first place?

    I really admire Sinn, Adam + Gambler = their 'Natural' approach, building attraction + comfort is totally nuclear. I'm totally buzzing when executing my game based on their proven systems (this is Gen NOW!!). Also Alex and T(from Australia) Street dating Revealed systems are tops too.

    All the best lads,
    keep the dream alive,
    Fat Albert

  37. Anonymous6:15 PM

    Don't forget about that Joseph Went South charlatan who made a fake profile on mASF to give himself good You called him a charlatan on Barry's show. I believe that was the genesis of this term in the community.

  38. Anonymous7:16 PM

    hey sinn.. do you have beef with entropy or what??

  39. Anonymous7:17 PM

    im glad mehow isnt on the you guys have a flame battle again?

  40. Anonymous7:19 PM

    i think its he funniest thing to read comments where guys complain that matador isnt on the list.. but what about entropy? i mean ..i get the el topo thing..but..

  41. Anonymous8:29 PM

    Africans or “Nubians” are not originally brown in complexion but green. The Earth’s atmosphere has “rusted” their complexion because because the magnesium in their melanin has been replaced by iron.

  42. Anonymous8:44 PM

    Please continue this discussion in your next podcast if possible, with Cameron on it again (and maybe even a 3rd person) and please make it at least 2 full hours long.

    I'd nominate Sinn as the best PUA, although I think these bullshit top PUA lists are somewhat pointless, since many of these guys do what's called 'affiliated marketing' with each another and these lists tend to put any named
    'gurus' up on a pedestal that makes PUA students feel inferior, whereas Sinn's biggest charlatan list of 2009 - I think I'll correctly guess some names on it - Erika, Soporno, Wygant (I personally don't mind him), David DeAngelo, Thundercat, the ugly midget Sean Stephenson, Ross Jefferies, to name a few), will be much more interesting to read, even it has more than 10 names on it and should be an annual end of year blog fixture.

    It was admirable for Sinn to put day game footage of himself failing with one lady approached in his day game product and admitting it, as it demonstrates how much tougher day game is, with the rejection factor being much higher - with moving women, women under real and false time constraints and women getting weirded out a lot more, even if a guy has nothing wrong with his game.

    Gambler I consider to be far too good looking to take seriously and he pulled a bit of scam with his Stealth Attraction offer, saying it'd be free, then asking for your credit card details before you can get it. Same with Zan Perrion, Paul Janka and Sean Messenger (all far too good looking to take
    seriously. Messenger I have time for, as he's one of the smartest PUA gurus).

    I'm surprised Savoy does pick up hot women, considering how overweight and out of shape he usually is.

    He's not on the list, but I'd have put Soul above BradP and Mystery (Lovesystems' day game expert) on the list. He's excellent and there's plenty of free footage to see of him out in the field.

    AFC Adam. He's extremely good, but I don't think one can be
    'eligible' anymore, if they're married, not unless they have an open marriage.

    Mystery, BradP I consider both far too arrogant and inferior to Sinn, who makes himself much more accessible than both. There's footage on Sinn in the field, but I haven't seen any of BradP. Unless I do or can, I'd refuse to pay a 4 figure sum of money to any guru, to attend a bootcamp they're offering. BradP also doesn't teach day game.

    Doc Holliday. I thought he had left, but if he's come back and can restart his blog, please include a link to it.

  43. Anonymous8:54 PM

    I'd put Sinn at the top spot, as I was pleased with what he offered in 2009 and want to say thanks so much. The only disappointment is in 2 areas :

    1) Not making the SOA 12 Months To Mastery 1 year coaching program available to guys who reside outside of North America and can't travel to and live in the US for 1 year to do it. Obviously this would need appointed - fully certified SOA guys being based in a few overseas countries, to work effectively, as nothing beats getting face to face, in person instruction.

    2) Sinn starting his own discussion forum, that was a great idea and then abandoning it unfortunately a few months ago, hence why it's currently totally dead.

  44. Anonymous9:29 PM

    Podcast that list, c'moe !! Make it official

    1. Anyone seen the Leprechaun horror movies ? = Sean Stevenson's look. For him to teach is Nucking Futz.

    Sin ought to note his business ties to the list of pros, where they exist.

    I demand the use of the term 'wigger' at -LUST- once in any and all lists.

    Zan - "Hi I never have any practical advice, just awesome looks, happy vibes and a man-bimbo airy way of talking !!" STOP THE PRESS - ex-male model gets tail - wowzee!!!

    Xuma who was preaching Mystery stuff, then with all the others said 'my stuff is natural' = mr. sleepy voice

    A list of NO INFO/UNKNOWN guruz
    -Rion Williams, Brent, Julian Foxxx

    A list of top marketers (ringing -huge- alarm bells) thunderkitty, xuma, Mehow, DYD, wygant = wy-bother, Lance -boring- Mason

    Maybe a most boring monotone speakers list !

    Dumbest name = Mehow

    Always a kind word,


  45. Anonymous4:51 AM

    How could it be that you still don't know what CJ does after moving to Texas to learn directly from him?

  46. Hey dude,
    Sorry I ain't wrote on this blog in eons been busy with my new site.

    Anyway, surprised your not on the list and a little surprised some people made it on.

    I do agree on CJ being number 1 the dude has got good info. Though I still think Brad shoulda been number 1 again.

    Okay people that should be there in my opinion that truly deserve it are....

    Adonis from SNL - Cos he does work hard and his methods work pretty dam well.

    Julian Foxx - His method actually got me a girlfriend.

    You (Sinn) - Your Day Game Course got me to be one of the best in day game in my city, and I know have guys asking me to show them how I got awesome at day game. My answer is studying your stuff. In all you are the f**king king of day game.

    Besides those three, I honestly think you did a good job with the rankings.

    Speak soon.

  47. Anonymous5:42 AM


    is it your lover that's why u promote him or what?

  48. Anonymous6:58 AM

    what about Future ??

  49. Anonymous7:21 AM

    I fucking hate braddock as a person but he should be there only because of his skillls.

    SINN would be awesome but he promised to release breakthrough comfort and SNL but he still has YET!!!!! to do this...... 2009 was the worst year for PUAs....

    SINN day game videos.. he showed no instant dates or moving girls.. or any footage that he actually did meet the girls on a day 2. I'm soooo angry 2009 sucked maybe 2010 wil shed some light.

    Vindicarlo has some tight shit though

  50. Anonymous7:32 AM

    I agree. Richard is too good looking to be taken seriously. Same can be said of Zan, Brent and Paul Janka.

    Also any guy over 6'2" who has some decent presence and can have a modest conversation. Lets just get real here. When was the last time you saw say a decent looking guy over 6'2"in a bar with an ugly chick? It does not happen. That in itself is a major natural advantage.

    So, I cannot take seriously Savoy, Brad P, Zan, Brent, Paul Janka...

    I can take Mystery serious. Why? Well he is the major innovator of all this groudwork so give kudos to the mad scientist of seduction.

    Other than that, great job again Sin and thank you for your help and candidness. Happy New Year to you!

  51. My case for Gunwitch being the biggest charlatan:

    1) Arrested and imprisoned for being a con man

    2) In his 30's and still lives with his mother

    3) Doesn't do bootcamps or attend summits, etc

    4) Actually whined to Barry that too many people were "picking on him" on Barry's old forum and had threads deleted

    5) His pickup "theories" are questionable at best, never evolving, and derivative of basic evolutionary pyschology

    6) Last but not least: claims that everyone rips him off, inc. Tyler, who he says he "trained"

    Gunwitch is a total pussy who picks fights with guys he can intimidate but backs down to Hypnotica and others. Call his shit out, Jon. You've never shied away from telling it like it is.

  52. Anonymous12:06 PM

    Sinn - what about DocLove, he is 75 and a PUA !! he is on

    Any age limits on gurus?

    Should we put him on a diet of dogfood now or wait a few days for a sale at the 99 cent store?

    Maybe read a column and ready the blaster!

  53. Anonymous12:25 PM

    I would like to nominate Tyler from RSD for the biggest charlatans of 2009 list.

    The guy has been in the scene since 2001 and there is no footage of him interacting with women in any context whatsoever.

    While supposedly being a social dynamics expert, he doesn't do any interviews or put out any content where he isn't fully in guru/lecture mode. Leads me to suspect that it's the only way that he knows how to interact with people. Stip away the guru persona and you are left with a social freak show.

    To this last point, props for putting Cameron on the best of 2009 list, because he is willing to shoot the shit and have a normal conversation with his listeners, instead of hiding behind a "Tyleresque" guru-shell.

    Tyler's bragging and exaggerations have been well documented elsewhere, but this year got pretty ridiculous with his claims of awesome infield footage- so much better that what is already out there in the community.

    Mehow and others step up and put out clips, and Tyler thinks that just keyboard jockeying about it in his forum is an adequate response. Maybe the highly indoctrinated RSD sheep are satisfied, but discerning minds can spot a charlatan like this a mile away.

  54. Tim RSD, Sinn, Braddock. Top 3 by far.

    I've seen all 3 of these guys in field and they were all damn good. They are also great presenters and break down game like scientists.

    Not sure how Sinn missed Tim and Braddock.

  55. Anonymous3:22 PM

    As I notice no one has mentioned Speer, can any readers offer appraisal of his methods (as in they've met him and consider him either average or very good looking, done a bootcamp he's taught, bought a product of his and/or seen him out in the field). He has footage of himself out in the field and what I saw of him using kino, was fairly cheesy.

  56. Anonymous3:29 PM

    Sinn you should check out 60yearsofchallenge! His mASF archive and his book are the best seduction material I have ever read! That guy is awesome

  57. Anonymous4:26 PM

    60yearsofchallenge? Maybe for stupidest community nickname. That tard just copies and pastes other gurus ideas and renames them as his own. Comes off as a total KJ but who doesn't on mASF....

  58. Anonymous10:05 PM

    For the Record, Brad P does indeed teach daygame. And for very obvious reasons not everybody can post footage of themselves talking to strangers, it's technically illegal. I really don't understand why that would be the prerequisite.

  59. Anonymous2:22 AM

    braddock should def be ahead of fader (met both)

  60. Anonymous2:31 AM

    fader ?...did you pay you or what?
    replace him with a guy like entropy..
    it's ignorant to rate savoy higher than mystery
    who still the better one i guess

  61. Anonymous8:06 AM

    Unbelievable that this dishonest fuck, Sinn, is criticizing anyone.

    Look guys: this is the douche who stole the name and reputation of the "Sinn" featured in "The Game" and continues to deceive the public into believing that HE is that guy.

    That kind of business practice is borderline, to say the least, and could get him prosecuted in some places.

    Sinn will delete this comment, the fucktard coward.

    Sinn: come out and admit it. You are NOT the guy from the Game.


  62. Anonymous8:38 AM

    speer is cheesy..and kinda dumb. ..straggler gamer I think. what about entropy? or are you jealous that he banged erika first.?;)

  63. Anonymous12:12 PM


    Sinn NEVER claimed to be the guy from the game. It's not Jon's fault that "Sin" from the game is bad at promoting himself, creepy, and has bad game.


  64. Anonymous12:42 PM

    What kind of douche puts his pic in these, the losers who teach this shit

  65. Anonymous3:41 PM

    If Captain Jack is as brilliant as Sinn says, that's great to know, but how come he doesn't have a regularly updated blog, so I can read about his entire writings, his game methods and what type of day and night game openers he's used. It'd also be helpful to know what he looks like. If any advanced PUA students have saved all of his writings (if he's discontinued doing a blog and doesn't teach bootcamps), please post any links.

    With respect to posting day game footage of yourself to show that your methods you teach genuinely work, Sinn, Soul (Lovesystems day game expert) and Alex Colson (the Aus day game expert) all have done and do this, so issues of legal problems is bullshit.

  66. Anonymous2:46 AM

    RJ why don't you go eat a cock you old fuck!

  67. Captain Jack does have a blog - , but it hasn't been updated since September but it is a regular blog.

    it's hard to say who CJ looks kind of like, I'm trying to think of a film star who does but I can't think of one. He doesn't look like John Travolta, but moving in that kind of direction (but brown hair rather than black)

    As for infield, I agree that people without it can raise suspicions, but the great thing about CJ is that pickup is a secondary hobby, and he makes a bit on the side giving advice. It is not his career or full time occupation, which I respect. So maybe he doesn't feel the need as he doesn't have a business that depends on his reputation.

    But his stuff has been awesome for me infield, both framing and innergame exercises. If he uses this stuff, I could imagine him being very successful. His advice is solid.

  68. I don't really understand why everyone needs infield footage to get a certain ranking. To me, the infield footage is probably inaccurate about pick-up skills and teaching ability. Yes its great that guys are coming out with videos that show you "how" and some guys are know posting open->lay videos, but to me, its not that impressive. The reason being, the videos that some guys are putting up are cool and all but the quality of the pick-up isn't that great. It seems like guys are playing it safe. Where's the touching, like real touching? Where's the sexual innuendos? All the videos end with a number. A number is an easy way out. "Here take my number, see ya..." It doesn't really prove anything. And the guys that just talk about how to do this and that, you can read on the internet. Nothing new there.

    As for the videos with lays, that's great, but how many approaches does it take and guys getting laid in an hour isn't that impressive when there are guys that can seduce in 10 minutes or less out there. We have to remember, guys have been getting laid for years!! So for you to think wow a guy put a video of himself pulling a girl, he must be a PUAGOD, is a bit silly. It could mean you're really good, it could mean you got lucky, or it could mean you're a regular guy that gets laid. Does it make you a "Guru" or PUAGod"? I don't think so. What it does is boost your own ego and get followers that don't know any better aspiring to be like you.

    Remember, when you're rich, you don't talk about it. Same goes with pick-up I think. Most of us that read these blogs and top 10 rankings aren't there yet. We came in below average with women, so when we see someone succeed at any level greater than our own we believe he's amazing. But you have to wonder why certain guys don't care to put out videos. We have to question whether or not what he did was really all that amazing. Man, I've seen videos of guys stuttering...guys with horrible body language...guys acting like dancing monkeys...guys not going for the kill...a year and a half ago, all these videos would have made me say "OMG!! THIS IS CRAZY!! HE JUST CALLED HER ADORABLE IN THE DAY TIME!!..." But now that I've seen real guys in action and I've experienced some of my own success, what these guys film is average.
    Guys that are out there putting videos and putting out new products are just marketing themselves. Cheers to them. It obviously worked because now they are on the radar and moving up in the rankings. However, I think there really are only a few guys out there that have been innovative and tested things out to see what works and can pass that knowledge on to us.

    I think Sinns rankings are great - only cause I think shitting on people makes you more legit since you're telling both sides of the story. But there are some out there that have no credibility. At the end of the day, these rankings are a bit silly. But for students (like me), its useful. Just take it with a grain of salt and do some research of your own (i.e. read reviews of students) to find out who is really legit.

    For you guys that wonder why Brad P. doesn't have video rankings, its probably cause its for the sake of the community. He did a little survey awhile back that didn't get too much attention:

  69. Anonymous2:13 PM

    #1 PUA of the year should be 60yearsofchallenge instead, his book alone is better than any stuff any of the clowns that are on your list have ever come up with.