Thursday, December 10, 2009

Ross Jeffires and FJM... A match made in Heaven

Welcome back,

After a two week hiatus where I was thank full and spent time with a variety of people I care about, it's time to get back into the shit talking.

Lately a lot of you guys have been sending in stupid articles for FJMing and I truly appreciate this. If you want to send something in yourself send it with the title FJM article to Sinn at

So our subject this week will be responding in the comments section I'm sure, as he doesn't appear to have much of a life besides sitting behind the computer waiting for someone to write about him.

So to make Ross Jeffries' life that much brighter and make him less of the Chevy Chase of Pickup teachers ( relevant 20 years ago but hasn't done much since) I present you with FJM: RJ.

Thanks to RR for sending in this article for consideration, it's a gem.

As always my comments appear in brackets:


Dear Speed Seduction(R) Student,

[ I left in the R trademark for legal reasons, god forbid the day when anyone ever uttered the words speed and seduction together without RJ getting credit. For the record Speed Seduction was created by RJ, as well as the internet, the English language and Pez. This message was brought to you by Ross Jeffries who I'm not sure if you knew this or not created Speed Seduction (R))]

Today, I’ve been in a pretty playful, “don’t give a fuck” state, so naturally I’ve been sarging.

[ RJ created the word sarging for his cat who died. So the process of going to search for pussy made him think of his cat and voila a creepy lexicon is born. It should also be noted that one of the main methods of cult control involves creating a separate language and dialogue. I read a book called "Cult Control" right around the time I found the SUISC and the parallels between cults and the way RJ and RSD run their businesses are unbelievable. TD is definitely the evolutionary less angry RJ]

(I’ve found that the “I don’t give a fuck what happens” attitude is often a key component of my best discoveries, breakthroughs and lays!)

So I was in the local lunch spot, joking around with Jennifer, the counter-girl/waitress.

Her nerdy girl glasses were falling far down on her nose. So I said, “Can you please push those back up? The Mr. Monk/obsessive compulsive in me is going crazy wanting to push them back up”.

[ That's not creepy or weird to talk about the obsessive compulsive side of yourself right away to a waitress. That won't just invoke sympathy or her wanting to get a tip. That's a free ride to attraction city baby! In fact I'm gonna start conversations with girls by talking by my insane need for new pussy. I'll be like " Hey, I really like that skirt but the horny part of me wants to bend you over and pound it out Jersey shore style. Right RJ? Just say anything you want....]

Anyway, after some joking around, it occurred to ask a screening question about her.

I did this because:

A. Screening girls shows you have standards

B. Screening girls in LA is important. This is land overflowing with nutcases, burn-outs and “get a refund for all that therapy that didn’t work” chicks.

[ I'd like to nominate the previous statement for the bitter, and misogynistic award 2009. Maybe if RJ got laid more than 3 times a year he'd be less cranky. Maybe I'll send him a DVD.]

I especially want to screen for women with great communication skills, and for me, that means, in part, a woman who can be open to feedback and admit when she’s been wrong.

[ Yes, because you can learn a ton about a girl's overall personal tendencies in a few short minutes by asking her about them. She won't be swayed to answer with something generic or blow off the question at all because after all you're RJ and you created Speed Seduction God damnit!]

So I said to Jennifer, “I want to ask you a more serious, personal question. When you’ve done something wrong, and you get called on it, do you cover it up? Or excuse it? Or do you come clean with what you did, and really listen to the other person?”

[ That's completely situationally relevant and doesn't at all sound like something a therapist would ask a patient.]

She said, “I do my best to hear people and admit it if I fuck up”.

I said, “I consider it an intellectual strength to be open to feedback. Especially if you have a strong mind, you can easily get trapped in your own viewpoint. So I like people who can tell me their truth and hear mine.”

[ " Tell me their truth and hear mine" ? Really? That's one of the corniest things I've ever heard in my entire life. If I said some sound of music-britney spears shit like that I would hope she laughed in my face.]

Then I said something that wound up making us both blush as I realized the sexual innuendo.

I said, “I’d rather have it on the table or in my face, then behind my back”.

There was a brief pause…we both turned red..and burst out laughing

[ I'm glad you didn't purposely try to use sexual innuendo or anything like that, it's cool to read that the best thing you did in this interaction was an ACCIDENT. RJ meet suck and life. Oh you already know each other... How awkward and embarrassing]

Now, this was a good exchange.

But Jennifer flunked my test, and do you want to know why?

Because one of my standards for women is that they show curiosity and ask questions about me.

[ So she flunked your test by failing to qualify herself after you didn't do anything to build attraction besides talking about your obsessive compulsive side and comparing yourself to noted sex symbol Tony Shalhoub. No I'm sorry you flunked her test of being attractive enough to be interested in. This is classic RJ backwards rationalization in full effect. RJ has ALWAYS ( I'm talking his 1992 book) talked about how if a woman isn;t interested when you try to use SS on her it's because something is wrong with her, when in reality it's because SS is creepy as fuck and only works on certain types of overly self helpy/spiritual chicks. NLP and patterning has a place in the seduction phase, but none of this kind of stuff works up front ESPECIALLY on hot girls. Lame, lame, lame. That's what girls think it is, that's what this waitress(and I) think RJ is.]

Jennifer, for all of her playfulness and openness to sexual innuendo(and there was more between us, including talking about hypnotic bondage and slavery!) didn’t show any curiousity about me and did nothing to initiate any of the conversation.

[ Because she wasn't interested in you in "that" way. She's a waitress it's her job to talk to you, and girls enjoy talking about sexual subjects. On the bright side she probably wants to be friends in the sense that she works at a restaurant you come in to and she wants you to tip her]

So Jennifer, big boobies, sexy glasses( I told her they looked great but I was imagining her do something to me that might make them fall right off her head) and innuendo receptivity aside, gets nothing further from me.

Screening. It’s whats for lunch at Jennifer’s restaurant.

Peace and piece,

[ So classy it's beyond words. Calling pussy "piece" and going out "sarging" show why RJ is really the true class act in the SUISC]


[ Not getting laid and rationalizing it's the girl's fault, it's what's been going on in RJ's head for 48 years.]

JS- The King Of Content


  1. Anonymous1:56 PM

    Just goes to show how far the community has come. Or how far RJ hasn't

  2. Anonymous3:44 PM

    Yeah he is a dinosaur but he was cutting edge at one time however much of his stick is like say comparing Coleco's Pong (wow a video game! - gee whiz Captain Kirk) in 1976 compared to the Beatles Rock Band in 2009....

    But I have to say this - his new 3.0 program actually has some good demo videos in it. He does go thru some basic stuff that is pretty cool. You can see a bunch of it on youtube. Food for thought.

    Good night Jennifer!

  3. Anonymous5:36 PM

    You said it sinn

  4. Anonymous5:59 PM

    Jon, you need to write about something hat has been burning in my mind. The community and just about every dating coach tells one that you need leadership with women. If that is true then why are women dating such losers? Take all those Judd Apatow movies and just about every hot celebrity chick with the exception of Ivanka Trump under the age of 30.

    If women are truly out to date "higher value" guys then what is the deal with all the slackers?

    Can you write something and give your insights on this?

  5. Markus6:02 PM

    Rust Dickfreeze, Speed Rejection (S)

    Just giving back : )

    Anyways...poor old dude, he's so delusional in this story. I kinda feel sorry for him.

  6. Anonymous10:43 PM

    Can someone tell me what SUISC means or however its spelled can anyone tell me what that means? Also Jon I thought you were friends with TD?

  7. Anonymous9:05 AM

    It means - Secret Underground Internet Seduction Community (SUISC) Hope that helps!

  8. Anonymous5:23 PM

    Secret underground internet seduction community? fucking retarded wow...can't it be called something like dating self help. Girls date loser guys well Judd Apatow movies are lies its a movie. I can somewhat see it I see it on thedirty all the time. Well who knows what those guys are doing. They probably get a lot of attraction from there presence or there lifestyle as far a networking. Warm game is much easier than cold approach and the quality is better as well not saying one cant bang hot chicks in cold approach but its a lot harder. Who knows maybe there naturals? Probably not tho those guys are hard to find. Naturals are very few and far between kinda annoying how the seduction community gives tips like befriend a natural. Like theres a factory that builds naturals or something i try to befriend dudes with chicks but there lame and there just the friend, orbiter, one of the girls bf. Befriend a natural? Befriend a drug dealer will probably get u to the chicks and there easier to find. Sorry just had to let that out

  9. Anonymous10:29 AM

    ross jefries gets laid three times a year. thats loads more than me fuck.


  10. Jon,

    I never thought I'd say this, but we may have just found a common interest ...

    Oh, the emails I received. And I got blocked on Facebook. Fancy that ;-)

    Here I thought PUAs were spozed to be so unreactive ...


  11. Anonymous11:10 AM

    Sounds liek someone is a little cranky

  12. Anonymous11:32 AM


    if someone is blocking you on facebook probably means they don't want you stalking or talking to them. and that should be ok. not everyone is going to like you.