Thursday, December 03, 2009

Hilarious new Podcast!

Hey Guys,

Here's an brand new podcast with Cameron of

We talk about Female Dating Coaches, Straggler Game, and "Leaving her better than you found her."

You can listen here:


Or check it out on Itunes.

JS-The King Of Content


  1. hat if she did "bait & switch" on you jS ? "leave her better than you found her" I think is unrealistic as "be yourself" schnagg'.
    Theres always rules and exceptions to this, im not a hater, I love women :) but there are always some that will try to fuck you over to get it her would you "leave her better than you found her" ?

    Alot of seduction stuff is attracted her -sleep w her etc pfft...not that difficult really (thanks Sinn) but its thouse things that drive me crazy, like a double bind where if you stay quiet she sees you passive ,if you get upset you are reactive and of lower value. WTF?

    Jon can you please explain this in a podcast or a post?

    Since your SNL seminar, I now have this problem :)
    thank you


  2. Anonymous4:41 PM

    Yeah i agree with sandros, there's a lot of situation with double bind! A lot of those are the value thing that i think is community bullshit. But more info on thé subject'd be really interesting.

  3. Anonymous4:42 PM

    Yeah i agree with sandros, there's a lot of situation with double bind! A lot of those are the value thing that i think is community bullshit. But more info on thé subject'd be really interesting.

  4. Anonymous6:33 PM

    stop eating on podcasts! yuck!

  5. Anonymous7:50 PM

    anyone else having a hard time downloading this one?

  6. Anonymous8:18 PM

    Sinn the new podcast was crazy funny I heard you like the Tila Tequila show. There is a new realty show on MTV called the jersey Shore and just want to hear what you think about all the socially awkward moments. I think it would be a great subject for you to blog about or talk about.

  7. Anonymous9:19 PM

    sinn the itunes podcasts takes forever or is there something wrong with it?

    gotta say this cameron is deush even worse a self-righteous deush seems like all he does is bag on the community students

    cameron: oh you cant get laid and you need help from other guys? your fucking weird bro (thats not the annoying part) lemme give u some advice but ridicule you while i do it. u could cocky funny but then u'd be an insecure asshole or u could neg her but then you'll be a condescending prick just be fun and spontaneous with these club skanks...fucking skanks...

    student: how do i be fun and spontaneous

    cameron: dude...fucking skanks

    sinn i like your advice but next time could u interview someone whose cool and actually a nice guy and helps there students like cj or brad p

  8. Podcasts with you and Cameron are solid platinum man. You guys should have a satellite radio show.

  9. I think it was clear in the podcast that Jon and Cam were making fun of the community notion of "leave her better than you found her".

    Not sure how you would define "bait and switch" if somehow a woman "wronged" me or was inherently "evil" in the first place then I would call her out on it.

    By taking her to task, I am in my own way "leaving her better than I found her".

  10. Anonymous8:20 AM

    i can't seem to download any faster than 12 kb/s. i think you're server is slow.

  11. Anonymous8:26 AM

    I loved this podcast. The straggler game thing is right no. My father used to tell me that too and I think of all the money I wasted on going in around say 11pm to a club or bar.

    I with most of the podcast except for some of the insights on female instructors. Yeah I think there are alot of charlatans out there. I also agree that some of them are quite warped. However, I personally have never been insightful regarding female psychology. My work with a female instructor really helped me to learn more about their psyche. More than I have ever learned from the community.

    The Dr. Paul thing is spot on. I always thought this guy was creepy and what he says makes some sense on paper but has no real world value. Again, another academic living in an ivory tower.

    Again, great stuff and have Cameron back on.

    So, when will CJ be on? I though he was supposed to be on long ago?

  12. Anonymous10:16 AM

    cant download more than 199kb of the podcast - technical issues?

  13. my goodness. Download is slow

  14. Anonymous2:05 PM

    LMAO @ this podcast. Now you have left me better than you found me!

  15. Anonymous4:34 PM

    Yeah the podcast downloading is really slow and the first attempt gave up after 10% was downloaded. You need a better webhost!

  16. "A nice guy like Brad P?" haha Now, that's the funniest comment in recent times.... This is one of the reasons you suck in your social life, dude. (Lack of calibration!) You think Brad P. gives a shit about your success...

    (Disclaimer: The opinions above do not reflect Sinn's!)

    General tip for the easily offended: If I make fun of Community people, it's usually the INSTRUCTORS & DATING GURUS, (OK, and sometimes the Students who insist on making this some sort of a "Secret Underground Club" while idolizing PUAs.)

  17. Anonymous11:52 PM

    There did seem to be technical issues with the podcast, in that it took far too long to download,
    but I eventually managed to. It was good and the 60 – 75 minute format is much better than 30 minutes.

    Granted Sinn has unfortunately abandoned posting on his own discussion forum that's been rather dead in the last 4 months, I'd prefer it if Sinn only audio interviewed PUA guru – instructors who make themselves as accessible to students as he does, which leaves many guys out, like Brad P. His blog (that's rarely updated) is a fucking joke compared to Sinn's excellent one and he doesn't even show what he looks like. It's unfortunate Sinn doesn't do bootcamps outside North America, or assign other guys to do them on his behalf, as I've never pay to do a bootcamp by an instructor who demonstrates that sort of arrogance.

    A topic I'd like seeing covered in a future podcast (in terms of making fun of it) is the highly ridiculous practice of numerous PUA websites and bloggers naming at this time of the year, their
    'top 10' list of PUA gurus each year. All it does is foolishly put them on a pedestal and makes both new, mid level and advanced PUA students feel inferior. Sinn giving (preferably with a couple other people also discussing it in a podcast, so it didn't sound biased from 1 person) an annual list of the top 10 worst PUA charlatan instructors and/or businesses (and his saying why, for each one named), would be more helpful.

  18. Anonymous9:04 AM

    send me a gift basket

  19. Anonymous10:35 AM

    Shitty podcast

  20. Anonymous11:42 AM

    The stuff about the guys pretending to be pilots was gold. The sense of disgust was palpable.

    But may I remind you that with that sort of thing "it's not lying, it's flirting"!!!!

  21. Anonymous1:07 PM

    I think there is a sense of fear about women PUA instructors. Almost jealousy to a degree.

    It seems like almost every male PUA disses women instructors and yet does not give any real concrete reasons to diss them. Yes, I think they have a bit of clueless time with some attraction elements but they are women and they know how they think - do they not? I think its rather pompous to say that every woman instructor is a fraud, or just needs money or whatever. I think there is a place for them.

    Is someone really going to tell me that Savoy or Brad P or even you Sinn understand more about basic female psychology than a woman does? If so I am very curious to hear.

  22. Anonymous1:52 PM

    sinn does that top 10 list. i would like to see someone do a top 10 charlatan list now that would be fucking funny

  23. TightGame5:01 PM

    Very funny and entertaining show- you and Cam have some great synergy when ripping on the community. Less game advice and more bashing and negativity is a great direction for the show.

  24. PUA! at the Disco7:22 AM

    You know, I'm really glad you guys put these people on blast because I've thought this stuff for years and had to question my own sanity because of all the people licking the ass of every guru out there.

    You guys rock!

  25. Markus9:25 AM

    Eating while doing a podcast!?!? pro you...I just skipped past that, and there was a lot of it.

    128kps 44 stereo?? why?? If you're using garageband, there must be an option to encode at 64kps mono. It sounds FINE. BK does it just fine. 64 is half of 128, that means your file size will be half the size, good for those slow download days!! Ta Da!!

    I like the gift basket idea for leaving her better off than when you found her...hahaha!!

    Tightgame said "Less game advice and more bashing and negativity is a great direction for the show."


    Maybe address David de Angelos filler for his products..."I know you guys want lines" ( duh )"but that won't help you ( yes they will for someone with no vocabulary chops ) so I'm going to pad the shit out of this product by taking a short detour into fish egg hatching behavior off of the coast of Zimbabwe and it's relationship to handling the logistics of a 3 set at a private party, this'll only take 3 DVDs"

  26. Lol, CJ's dad the original pickup artist

  27. Anonymous7:37 PM

    While talking about the pilot suit I immediately thought of How I Met Your Mother and Niel Patrick Harris.

    Thanks for making me laugh,

  28. saxist10:27 PM

    Take what you can from the community improve,practize and get the F*** out! Best advice from Jon. It does you more harm than good.

    Thanks for the ramble guys and the basket laugh:)

    Who lies more- Bulls or Cows?

    Saxist, King of Cow Tent