Wednesday, December 09, 2009


Hey guys,

I vent about my own dating patterns, rave about the Jersey Shore and discuss 40 minute sets to nowhere.


We're working on the download speed issue.

JS- The King Of Content


  1. I'm posting in reference to one of the latest emails regarding willingness to walk away....

    While demonstrating willingness to walk away is a good thing, the person who wrote in - Eros - was experiencing a BUYING TEMPERATURE issue...

    I also agree there was probably some sloppy game in there because girls who are into you don't experience BT issues as much.

    I didn't see you mention BT so thought it was worth mentioning.


  2. Anonymous1:06 PM

    loaded up great - yay!

  3. Anonymous2:05 PM

    Sinn thats the situation right there

  4. Dude, Angelina was not the least attractive. The little one, Nicole/"Snookie" definitely takes that spot.

  5. Anonymous4:48 PM

    I hate that show the Jersey Shore. I have been harassed all week that I look like Mike "the situation". Fuck that show

  6. Anonymous5:19 PM

    Agreed J snooki snicker snicker doodle whatever the fuck was not attractive too much fake bake a cake face and well fat. Angelina I thought she was the hottest she didnt have a that burnt look all those girls seem pretty retarded
    Angelina said, "Im a bartender.....we do great things"

    Peace, The Retardation

  7. Anonymous5:43 PM

    Didn't know you were a Slayer fan!

  8. Anonymous5:49 PM


  9. Anonymous6:24 PM

    Cool Pod cast but you left out the part where Mike tells the girls they brought back from the club that his roommates just called them whores. I said oooooooooooo than LMAO.

  10. PUA! at the Disco7:59 PM

    Whoa, why the hatred for Farve?

    ps. I'm liking the variety of music. Mix that shit up playa.

  11. Anonymous11:12 PM

    So let me get this "punished" the girl by not putting out?

    That is as ridiculous as it is absurd.

  12. Anonymous4:02 AM

    what is this Podcast supposed to be? value or entertainment? YA HEAR ME

  13. excellent choice of intro/outro music!
    and excellent podcast as well. :-)

  14. Anonymous2:01 PM

    great podcast! keep it up

  15. Anonymous3:06 PM

    Some good points. One thing to note is if you do try and move a girl and she is with her friends; She may be attracted, but may not want to look bad by leaving her friends to move with you.

    So its a logistics issue and not always necessarily a attraction issue.

    Interesting stuff

  16. These are some of the bitchiest and trashiest girls i've seen. Not too different than your typical club chicks that i have no intention of ever having for a long term relationship.

  17. Anonymous4:49 AM

    MTV's US ratings for Jersey Shore are fairly terrible, so enjoy it while it lasts for probably only 1 season. I believe similarly crap ratings is why The Pickup Artist was cancelled by VH1 and why it didn't go to a 3rd seaosn.

  18. Frank9:48 AM

    Hi Sinn. I think your podcasts are great. If there's one thing I'd like for you to talk about in your next one, it would be how you have established social circles in all the cities you've moved to and lived in over the past few years. How have you, as someone in their early 20s, socially started from scratch? Do you sarge, make girlfriends, and have them and their friends become your new friends? Or do you have other PUAs as the base of your social circle?

    The reason why I'm asking this is because I might be living in another city for a job this summer (I live in Toronto, might work in Ottawa) and I'd like to go out and effectively establish a circle for that time period. As someone who has otherwise not been the most social person ever, I actually see this as a interesting challenge and learning experience.

    So yeah, I do hope you read this. Keep up the great work. Thanks a bunch.

  19. Markus11:58 AM

    Thanks for the lines. Seriously.

    I like these because the element of some kind of ultimatum isn't there.( unlike a "let's move", which is a big compliance test )

    so they were,

    “are you the jealous type of girl?”

    “are you a good cuddler?”

    “what’s the nicest thing you’ve done for a guy?”

    Couldn't a girl not be interested in you and still answer these questions? I think so. Then where are you left in terms of 'where you stand?'

    Anyways, good podcast, love the lines stuff.

  20. Anonymous5:06 PM

    If you love Jersey Shore. Check this out. A good character evaluation.

  21. This was a great podcast. Love the Jersey Shore rant! You truely are the king of content!