Sunday, October 11, 2009

Video From The GAD on State...

Hey guys,

Here's the Video from Page 48 of The GAD, I know a few people have been asking for it.



  1. Anonymous5:22 AM

    my ritual is going to the gym first for two hours then take a shower afterward.

    Also called my best friend and bullshit with funny banter.

  2. Wow, I pretty much do all the "do nots" on Sinn's list. The worst is I constantly check play with my phone if I arrive earlier than my friends at a venue.

    What I like to do before going out is workout. It releases so much stress and anxiety.

    Once at a bar or club, for me to be in state, the key is to start talking early. I try to do this with making banter with anyone, including guys and ugly girls. Last week when I went to an event alone, I chatted up this couple that were in their 70s. I hate to admit it, but I teased/flirted with the woman. But as the interaction was going, it was easy to use my positive energy to roll into the pair of hot girls that rolled next to me at the bar five minutes later.

  3. Anonymous6:42 PM

    Cool vid sinn,

    so 20 minutes is all it takes of workout, dope. I am a lazy ass mutherfucker, I never go to the gym and never workout, but if its gonna pump my state and release endorphins, now im doing it...

    thanks again

  4. A good state is the key to having a successful night at the club.

    One of the things I do is have a short, fun conversation with the bartenders and bouncers. Its a good way to warm up.

  5. Anonymous8:47 PM

    My ritual is to smoke a bowl, have lunch at my favourite all-you-can-eat sushi buffet Shinju, then smoke another bowl. Great times.

  6. Anonymous9:26 PM

    Open wide!

  7. PUA! at the Disco8:11 AM

    Jon are you rockin a v-neck?

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