Monday, October 05, 2009

The Game Acceleration Doctrine- Version 2.0 Is Available Now!


It gives me great pleasure to present you with The Game Acceleration Doctrine
– Version 2.0.

You can download the new Game Acceleration Doctrine here:

Game Acceleration 2.0

I strongly recommend that you print out a hard copy of it
right away and read through it with a highlighter.
There's ALOT of information in there and I don't want you to miss

When you're done reading it, come back here to my blog and leave
me a comment. I really want to hear what's on your mind:

talk to you soon,


P.S. In the next couple of weeks, I"m going to be releasing ALOT more
content by way of reports, videos, and audio. You’re going to love it. Stay


  1. Anonymous10:59 AM

    Nice effort but there's nothing in here that I haven't heard many times before. Although it is just a rehash of old ideas, I imagine it would be useful for newbies.

  2. Anonymous12:03 PM

    really great sinn!
    i just read it and its by far the best self-help-ebook i have now!!!

  3. Just downloaded it, gonna make a hard copy for sure.

    I was reading the first one, it was brilliant - Thank you for all the precious information JS!

  4. Anonymous1:26 PM

    I really liked it, very useful information. Thanks!

  5. Anonymous2:20 PM

    kicked ass like the first one.

    slight problem though - youtube link to your state management vid doesn't work!

  6. Therapsid3:21 PM

    Great e-book. What distinguishes your material from the gurus out there is your *back to basics* attitude. If I could make any criticism of the Game Acceleration Doctrine, it's that it almost assumes a familiarity with the pick-up community. But, maybe that's your real target audience: going after the guys who have been disillusioned by the community and are ready to put the time and investment into making real progress again.

  7. Anonymous3:46 PM

    The biggest lesson I learned to conquer this part of my life it is going to be difficult and long. This journey I need to keep at it and not stop. It's really hitting me in the head now.

    I have a new sense of confidence with this information though. It's like I got nothing to lose because it's a life-long process and I'm only going to learn and get smoother.

    "A thousand mile journey begins with one step"

    Mine begins tomorrow.

  8. Anonymous5:14 PM

    Great ebook and improvement on (the already good) v1. you obviously learnt some lessons from teaching the mastery program and they are in there.

    I especially liked the bit on tracking approaches and on learning styles.


  9. Anonymous5:28 PM

    way to douche out Mr. M

  10. Anonymous6:57 PM

    Not very useful

  11. Anonymous7:31 PM

    Jon - what I like about both 1.0 and 2.0 is that you are realistic and tell the honest truth. There is so much sugar coating from various "gurus" and though they may mean well, it just not apply to the average guy. Thank you!

  12. Joe B9:02 PM

    Awesome book thank you. Its tough for most guys like myself in the game trying to get good on our own. Alot of stuff is misleading. The game doctrine is easing to the mind and takes alot of pressure and frustration out of learning this stuff.

  13. From a quick look-over, its a good re-focus of dating fundamentals.

    still you gotta crawl before you walk

  14. Anonymous4:53 AM

    thxs sinn for this.

    however stop talking about rsd cos there s nothing but a bunch of frauds(so many years and no infield video of them).

  15. stefano5:35 AM

    Great ebook Sinn ! I think this is the information everyone needs to walk on the right track. I live in Italy and I'd like to subscribe to the 12 months mastery program, is it going to be possible ?

  16. Great little book that actually names names and cuts out (most of) the marketing hype. It's definitely a book I wish I had when I was a newbie but still serves as a useful reminder of how to play this game.

    You addressed all the criticisms I had with the other companies. Started off with David D and shot myself in the foot with cocky funny.

    Read "The Game" and wasted my money with Style's online school.

    Took my first bootcamp with nu-RSD and you address the criticism I have with them now. No real system...hell...they don't even teach you logistics.

    Then got lucky and hooked up with Pick Up Asia. Great teachers.

    And that's what can make a huge difference...find a teacher who can pass on his knowledge to his students for real results.

    From what I've seen from you, it sounds like you'd be a great teacher.

  17. Anonymous11:52 AM

    It's just great to finally be able to read material from the community that sounds normal. And I think the chapters dealing with Approach Anxiety are worth the price of admission. Oh wait, it's free.

    Great job!

  18. Anonymous12:51 PM

    Good stuff man! Props for the learning process info, a concrete explanation of most beginner mistakes, and for putting forth the need to track approaches and do sticking point analysis.

    I've definitely wasted my fair share of time (and money!) trying out systems that wouldn't cut it for me. I'd love to step back a year to when I first started reading material and give my younger self this, and tell him to keep the pickup info diet permanently set to low.

    One suggestion: you're focused on pointing the beginner in the right direction. You break down what you shouldn't do...but then you don't quite come out and say "OK, here's how to go about this right..." which I bet you can succinctly add to the document.

    You should include something like the "Where to start with pick-up" box you have on the right side of your blog, and give a few lines of steps within that. You've already got all the foundation info, and this would round it up.

    Thanks for the book!

  19. Anonymous6:49 PM

    It'd be great if The 12 Months to Mastery program was available to guys outside the US, but it's only being offered to US based residents and students will only be assisted properly, via face to face coaching (compared to talking via phone, EMail and Skype, that'll always be far less effective, with people who live overseas in different time zones).

    For Sinn to offer it to people overseas, he'd have to train instructors who'd be based in numerous overseas countries and I don't think he wants to get that big.

  20. I love love love your e-book. It's a great complement to whatever method one chooses to use in order to reach mastery.
    However, I disagree with your assessment of David D's stuff. I don't think there's a DYD method (like Mystery's). David D shares his techniques along with dozens of other guests in his programs (including Mystery and RSD). But what he really teaches is the most important thing of all to be successful in this: he teaches how to be a REAL man. His deeper programs (Deep Inner Game, On Being A Man, Man Transformation) don't even talk about his pickup method at all! That's why I think his teachings are the best.

  21. Good info. I enjoyed it very much. Unfortunately the two links provided don't work. Other than that I learned some great techniques.

  22. Hansel11:45 AM

    Ok, some real CONTRADICTION here:

    On the Physical Escalation and Kissing CD, Sinn openly advocated using "The Claw," without crediting RSD for it.

    Now in the Game Acceleration Doctrine 2.0, Sinn talks about "The Claw" in the RSD paragraphs, but says it's an awful technique that will get you kicked out of clubs. Can someone resolve this?