Friday, October 02, 2009

The Revolution is here Monday...

Hey Guys,

Thought I’d let you know that I just put the finishing touches
on the Game Acceleration Doctrine – Version 2.0. It’s going
to be ready for you to download next MONDAY, October 5, 2009.

The Game Acceleration Doctrine – Version 2.0 is over 60 pages of
information on the RIGHT WAY to get good at pick-up that
ACTUALLY WORKS in the real world. In it, you'll learn why
over 90% of guys who enter the community ultimately fail, and
what to do about this.

It contains tons of practical information that you can apply
immediately to improve your game. In addition, it contains
ALL NEW information that I’ve discovered in the past year
that makes getting good at pick-up faster and easier than
ever before.

The Game Acceleration Doctrine – Version 2.0 is 100% free.
And trust me when I tell you that you’ll get a lot more out of this
FREE resource than you will out of most of the other crap that
other “gurus” are charging you money for these days.

So this Monday be on the lookout for email that says
"The Game Acceleration Doctrine – Version 2.0 is Available!"

talk to you then,



  1. Anonymous1:54 PM

    yess!!!!! this sounds really cool, i'm up for it

  2. Anonymous2:13 PM

    c'mon Sinn

    How about an epic Sinn in cities podcast where you spin the fun webs, and then sell the soap. Improvements, changes, stories of fun!

    The Amazing SinnMan!!

  3. Anonymous5:24 PM

    thank you so much for this stuff that you are giving away for free

  4. thanks John Excited to read it, you always give great advise that helps me, keep doing your thing. ...

    is your breakthrough comfort DVD also coming this year??

  5. Anonymous8:43 AM

    Thanks man, this is awesome!

  6. Anonymous8:46 AM

    Btw Sinn, will you ever record more infield footage of yourself? I'd love to see more of your night game.

  7. Anonymous5:28 PM

    Hey Sinn, ur products and information is great! You teach us how to use our own personality in the pick up game.

  8. Anonymous6:45 PM

    hey sinn I know you wrote about befriending bartenders but how do you befriend naturals?

  9. Gumtree11:28 AM

    Saw you on Mehows 10ssa super conference, and thought you know exactly whats going on, I need to learn from him. So it is a shame I will proberly never get the opportunity to learn first hand but I just stumbled across this and only half way in and looks like its the awnsers to all my questions. Thanks mate I have played the arm chair game for long enough, you have really given me some good tecniques to over come problems and to get out of the house. 9 months hey, see if I can do it in 8 lol.