Friday, October 16, 2009

Quick Update

Hey guys,

First of all, THANKS to everyone who was on the special
teleseminar I did last night. I truly think it was one of
The best call I’ve ever done and appreciate all of the sent
to me after the call.

It seems that my recent “pulling back the curtain” and
showing you how guy REALLY get outrageously
successful with women has really hit a nerve.

I’ve had quite a few people asking me to post a replay of the call.
If that’s you, I have some bad news and good news.

The bad news is that I’m not going to post a replay of last nights
call anytime soon. Sorry about that.

But the GOOD news is that next week I’m going to be doing yet
another ALL NEW call which I promise will be the most amazing,
revolutionary call on pick-up and seduction you’ve ever heard.

We’re still finalizing the details about the call. But I promise you
that information revealed on it is going to be a true “game changer.”
Keep your eye on your email box and on my blog for details.

Here’s some more good news for you. I have four BRAND NEW audio
case studies from some of my successful 12 Months to Mastery Students
for you. The first one will be released tomorrow.

If you liked the “Inside 12 Months to Mastery” pdfs I recently put out,
you’re going to LOVE these audio case studies!

The first one is about the experiences of a guy who goes by the name
of “Rooster”.

So tomorrow, be on the lookout for an email titled “Audio Case Study:
Retur of the Rooster.” When you see it, just open and enjoy!

Talk to you tomorrow!

JS-The King Of Content.


  1. Your tele-seminar was the shit,that piece on escalation was great.You've been working your ass off man.The GAD 2.0, inside 12M2m, It's crazy how you give this stuff for free. Thanks!

  2. bobone8:47 AM

    hey sinn.
    is there a possibility to join your teleseminar from europe,or ist it connected with any costs when i call your teleseminar from europe?