Tuesday, October 06, 2009

I crushed Savoy in Fantasy Part Four- Giving Savoy The Business...

This week there will be no apology for my fantasy performance.

Despite the fact that both of us started 3 of the same players, I was still able to viciously crush Savoy by the score of one hundred thirty something to less than that.

I still sat Tom Brady which worked out for the best as he had 1 less fantasy point than large Ben.

This brings me to a digression, why is Ben Rothlisberger "Big" Ben? He's 6'4 Peyton Manning is 6'5, as is Tom Brady, Joe Flacco is 6'6, Jamarcus Russell is 400lbs. Why does Ben get the moniker "Big"? So it is in this vein that I will be now calling all QBs over 6'4 "Big". I did this all weekend to the chagrin of my gambling friends in Vegas and Savoy. Examples texts looked like this.

Big Peyton leads another good drive.

Hopefully Big Tom Brady can make something happen here.

I thought this was hysterical and still do in print :)

I finally got some points out of Antonio Gates this weeked and I remembered to start Pierre Thomas.

Another funny sidenote, as I was getting ready to go to the airport Sunday I was watching the Jets- Saints game. This game featured the best pseudo sexual nicknames ever between "dirty" Mark Sanchez, and Lucky Pierre Thomas. If you don't get either of those, look them up.

Alas I fell back to Earth with my picks going 9-7 in the pick em league.

Overall I'm back at .500 and ready to make Savoy grow a silly beard.



  1. I'm guessing he's only called big ben because of the clock tower in London.

  2. purewin3:15 PM

    Who are your other backs? I have Pierre Thomas on my bench, but I'm really thinking about starting him in place of Clinton Portis, who has basically sucked so far.