Saturday, October 10, 2009

How Do Guys REALLY Get Good At Pickup?

Hey guys,

Today I have a special treat for you!

I'm going to take you inside the world of 12 Months To Mastery, and show you how I worked with guys just like you to fix some of their biggest sticking points and help them achieve the type of success with women they've always dreamed of!

Check it out now at:

An Insider's Look




  1. Anonymous12:13 PM

    loved it, thanks

  2. Yeah man, you've been on fire this last week...great update of the GAD, cool video of the pickup learning curve (I've watched it twice and picked up even more the second round), and the 12m2m peeks have been helpful.

    I tried using a tracking sheet setup like your students use this past weekend, and I can already see some of these sticking points in my sets. Conveniently, you've even given the fixes for them. Thank you for putting this out!

  3. borris8:15 PM

    Awesome, awesome stuff Jon! Thanks for putting this out there for all to see, and for free! crazy! Everyone can get something out of these PDFs.

  4. Anonymous1:21 AM

    The PDF isn't working! I've been coming back to this post for a few days but no dice. Is there anywhere else I can get it from?? Anyone? Thanks guys