Tuesday, October 06, 2009

I'm Now A Jacksonville Jaguars Fan.

Yesterday I realized that I CANNOT root for Brett Favre, this means I'm out on the Vikings this year even if they win the SuperBowl.

I texted that to Savoy and he suggested that he needed a new team as well. We decided to become hardcore fans of a perplexing team. We wanted a team with no real fans, no history, no record of success, and to have a stadium far enough away that we won't have to go to games. We picked Jacksonville.

I'm throwing myself into this head long by buying a Mark Brunell jersey off of Ebay and loudly getting in arguments defending David Garrard. I will also make fun of Byron Leftwich, talk about the glory days of our 14-2 team, and reminisce about the run that beat the Steelers. Plus I will mention that in the late summer the heat gives us a homefield advantage.

Go Jaguars!!!



  1. HAHAHAHA! Great choice. Did the Texans have to much potential for you? Ha!

  2. Just don't buy into the so-called campaign to land Tim Tebow in the draft next year.

  3. let me throw this out there, since you play fantasy too. Mike Sims Walker (the Jags main receiver). He has a touchdown in each of the last 3 games.

    and also, even tho it seems like a huge effort (i know how you feel), if you just get up and go to the game (maybe you can wait until the jags play san francisco or wherever you are), you will have a really fun experience.