Friday, March 20, 2009

Sinns Of Attraction Forum is now open!

Hey guys,

We have a forum, I will be posting there personally on a 3 x a week basis as well as doing Q and As and chats.

Be sure to sign up for it!

See ya on there...



  1. Anonymous12:44 PM

    Cool! It looks really good

  2. Anonymous2:58 PM

    Do the people who took a bc with you at lovesystems get access to the Inner Circle Lounge?

  3. Anonymous4:03 PM

    No they Dont

  4. Anonymous5:44 AM

    Do people get access to the Inner Circle Lounge as well with they took a bootcamp with you after you left lovesystem?

  5. Anonymous9:13 AM

    Sinn, aren't you supposed to be at the complete toolbox seminar right now? I hear you flaked, so Tyler took your spot and showed infield footage (yeah, we finally have infield from rsd!!!).

    Can you tell us more?

  6. Anonymous8:09 PM

    Love the forum!

  7. Anonymous8:10 PM

    Since the release of your Natural Attraction DVD have you gone out in field and just done that with a FR of it? I read your 6min seduction FR and now I realize that sounded like all you did was your Natural Attraction stuff definite props!

  8. Anonymous9:25 PM

    forum is down

  9. Anonymous9:18 PM

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  10. Anonymous4:30 AM

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