Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Joys of Dating

What's up guys ?

I'm sick as hell today...

I was super sick yesterday too, but I had my first date lined up down here and she had agreed to come over in a skirt and bring a camera... So I couldn't miss that.

So I downed a half bottle of dayquil, 6 excederin's and went out on the date.

Right after we had sex, the Dayquil wore off and I became a hacking gagging mess that couldn't sleep... So today I'm paying for my sins.

But all of that got me thinking...

I've basically quit doing night game over the last month or so. I got pretty sick of always being drunk or hung over, dealing with getting in places, annoying club people etc...

So I switched to Day Game, which also means going back to doing dates.

Don't get me wrong you can get Same Day Lays from a day time approach ( In fact I talked about it at Mehow's 10ssa program last weekend) but for the most part you're going to have go on a date from daytime approaches.

Now I used to really dislike dates, but after having taken a big break from them, I'm really into them.

First of all the extra phone and text time makes framing and teasing SOOO much easier. In fact when you add in little compliance hoops like making her wear a skirt(Credit Savoy) or bring a camera, or any number of other random things, it makes not getting laid really hard.

Second, you actually get a chance to progressively control logistics, last night I took the girl to two photography exhibits, a hookah lounge and then back to my place. By knowing where you're going and when, you can constantly know where you are.

Third you can completely avoid the surprises of SNLs and logistics.

And lastly you can start the date at your place so you're SURE to get a chance to try to escalate in a private location.


I'm off to bed,




  1. fader1:22 PM

    Good to hear you live

  2. I love dates too.

    Btw I wanted to give you props for you Natural Attraction system, I got it yesterday.
    It is the best dating program I have ever watched. The price is ridiculously low and the amount of value per minute you give there is nothing short of amazing.

  3. Anonymous10:14 PM

    Hey sinn, im in brad p's 30/30 club and arent dates super erratic and isnt it harder considering the attraction may still not be there considering the girls arent in state dont they become more logical? well...i know your game is super tight but still

  4. hey man, get well soon,

    I think you're gonna get bored of dating fast.

    I'm not a proffesional PUA, but I got massive success in day game + day2 lays, and eventually I just lost interest.. its too easy.

    You'll get a ton of girls, and then wake up one day and think "This is boring, I didn't get into this for my high score, I got into it for fun"

    You can just... go to a bar, and slow down on the tequila, man.

  5. jason5:45 AM

    day game and dating is on some level more time consuming than night game, clubs and snls.

    but: it's way healthier and you get more easily a higher class of girls. i'm favoring it, too.

    keep it up,


  6. Can't wait for you to come out with your day game program. I think that will become your best selling product!

  7. Sinnster, are you ok?

  8. instadates seem old hat

    is anyone working on daygame instafucks yet?

  9. Props to daygame mate, for I am making the switch myself. The advantages of daygame are: I get to keep my hearing, girls are sober, hotter girls are easiest to approach, etc, etc. You are the man.