Monday, March 23, 2009

Cool Blog

I can't sleep... again.

So I'm stumbling and I came across a really cool blog.

It's called the positivity blog.

Check it out here:

I'm gonna add it to the sidebar too, mostly so I can check it regularly...



  1. Anonymous12:09 AM


  2. I found this blog by using stumbleupon

    I've actually found lots of usefull stuff this way ;)

  3. fader8:33 AM

    Can't sleep? Is it the beats?

    By Thursday you might move back to dallas at this rate :)

  4. Nice find. Thanks!

  5. Anonymous11:22 AM

    good find

  6. Anonymous1:02 PM

    Sinn- you're the most negative person in the community so yea you need the website! :)

  7. I have question.
    I had girlfriend we split up few times, during split first two times we hung out did whatever i mean hang out, we got back together split up happened like two three more times still continued to hang out, but problem now is that she says lets just be friends other times she did not say this now she does, like for two weeks she has looked for me on yahoo messenger before only text, i told her today she would look fucking sexy with a tattoo on her lower back or but cheek, she didnt say nothing but after that i tried again by telling her that I want you to wax my back and stomach, she said i know of a lady who can do that.I said Patty I want you to wax me she said sorry. This conversation was today on yahoo messenger beggning went like this, she said how are you? WHAT ARE YOU DOING i SAID NOTHING MUCH, ABOUT WORK, I SAID GOOD SHE SAID GOOD i SAID are you dating going out she said not dating but just going out, conversation ended like this, after tattoo i told her you don't wanna get with me or I would totally be hitting on you right now. Last I said to her was, You don't want to be with me again so get away from me, She replied back after I turned and said if that is what you want ok. Did I do wrong by saying last part, or?


  8. Anonymous5:22 AM

    Im upset at you dude!

    if you cant sleep, work dude!

    call me

  9. not sinn2:46 PM

    @ michael

    get over it. GFTOW

  10. Anonymous5:45 PM

    @ have o pay sinn to give you advice man.

    ...even if you pay him he wont read the goddamn shit.

    his posts are EXCELLENTly written and free ...

    his advice isn't...sorry bro :(

    he talks alto about douchbags....and Im starting to think he is the biggest douchebag.

  11. TightGame7:48 AM

    Sinn- the blog post you link to raises an interesting question, namely why doesn't school teach us mindsets consistent with success and self-actualization?

    Here's one answer, which blew my mind the first 10 times I read it.

    I continue to enjoy the podcast, btw.