Sunday, March 15, 2009

Another lame post about a girl I have my latest crush on...

I'm sure you're all getting as sick of reading these type of posts as I am of writing them...

But I met another really awesome girl...

For some reason I'm really dialed in right now on which girls I'm going to click with right away...

And I'm meeting a lot of really really awesome girls.

I think part of that can be ascribed to a big switch to day game, but I've met some pretty awesome girls at night recently too...

And I wonder why?

What changed?

What made everything soo much easier and better all of a sudden?

I think leaving Dallas definitely helped, but I honestly think the biggest difference comes from just not thinking about game as much. I've been soo busy looking for places to live, and planning stuff, and watching Dwayne Wade's month for the ages, I haven't been thinking or talking game much at all. And my results got better, because all the other stuff I was spending energy on were things women could relate to, help out with, and suggest things for. I could actually talk about my life with girls and have them intrigued. And yes I still consistently talk to girls about sports and explain individual accomplishments... No, I won't teach you how to for free.

But this new girl is pretty amazing, She's really hot and right on the border of too tall (5-8) she's really smart and articulate and not only keeps up with me but has made me laugh out loud through text a few times... She did get me sick already though, so that's not cool.

I'm definitely thinking about her way too much(Not to mention the mutual calling/texting) which is not good when I'm only here temporarily.

It's actually somewhat disturbing to me that I keep having these really deep connections with girls where I'm not actually DOING anything specifically. I tell them what I like abou them and that I want to have sex with them... Sounds simple, but I keep creating reactions I used to have to implement Breakthrough Comfort to get...

This is starting to feel like a rambling post... So I'm gonna go take some more Dayquil and go back to bed.



  1. Uh, happy for you man, but I am pretty baffled to hear you use the word Crush. I guess because I've got it so ingrained in me (from my painful AFC days) that if you chase after a girl, you'll scare her off and get hurt.

    So off the top of my head, wow, yea I can list some pretty hot, cool chicks that I'm dating, but I'm not crushing on them. They're just cool. More importantly, they're just chicks. Not as important as work. As your friends. Not as important as the lastest Laker game (speaking of Dallas).

    But hey, maybe you're feeling some real emotions, props man, that's cool.

  2. Gaelic2:46 AM

    Hey !

    Why is this lame ? What is the matter of game if you can't let yourself live a cool vibe with some hot and smart girl ?

    Just enjoy your time ;)

  3. Lies on the temporarily

  4. Maybe you're just evolving and growing up. I think it's a good thing that you're actually connecting with women on a mental level! I say Good For you! Congrats :)

    I think more people who are involved in teaching pickup should be as candid and honest as this post was.

  5. Parker7:27 PM

    Nah Mike you're just pretty weird most likely

  6. Awesome, dude, awesome.

    Just telling girls what you like about them and that you want to have sex with them? Sounds like Qualifying and Projecting a Sexual Vibe to me, which is basically the only things I've been thinking about in-field for a while, that, and managing logistics.

    Keep up the "shit talking" blog! Truly entertaining.