Monday, March 02, 2009

Free Lifestyle Tele-Seminar This Thursday

Hey guys,

On Thursday, March 5 at 5:00 p.m. Pacific Time (8:00 p.m. Eastern), I am hosting a free tele-seminar and you are invited. The topic is:

“Five Keys For Designing the Ultimate Lifestyle In 2009!”

As a very special treat, the legendary Scotty from On the Mat will be joining me on the call! He’s going to be sharing his inside secrets of for living a lifestyle that even most “Master PUAs” envy.

Here’s some of what we’ll cover:

• How to meet and seduce stunningly beautiful women without ever doing a “cold approach” ever again!

• How to easily get “VIP treatment” wherever you go!

• A step-by-step system for attracting beautiful women that eliminate any “fear of rejection” you might have!

• “How to design your life so you’re automatically meeting the type of women that YOU really want!

• How to build a life that gives you TRUE satisfaction and enjoyment no matter what you’re into!

Want to be part of this FREE teleseminar? Go here:



P.S. I only have 400 lines held for the teleseminar so if you want to be part of it, you must register right away.


  1. Gaelic11:27 AM

    Hi !

    Very interesting. I'd like to know if there is to be a transcription for those who can't attend the teleseminar ? Or at least a résumé ?

    Just like the seminar is free, the transcript should be available for everyone who read your blog :)


  2. Gaelic11:30 AM

    Hi there !

    Very interesting. I'd like to know if there is to be a transcription of the seminar ? Or at least a résumé ?

    As the seminar is free, it should be accesible to those who read the blog too :)


  3. Hey Sinn,

    your plans for the seminar sound awesome.
    could you please be so kind to record it and post it on your blog afterwards?



  4. dude, u r the shit! nobody comes even close to the content on your blog!

  5. Ok, Sinnster, but what we really want are more LRs ;-)

  6. I'll be calling all the way from germany! thanx for the seminar bro!

  7. Damn Sinnn!! its definitely good stuff and you're by far one of the most educated person in pick up!!! but man, can you record the seminar and post it on your blog too please cuz i have an important meeting during the exact time, and its going to be very difficult for me to call. Thanks a lot big guy! Have a good day