Wednesday, March 04, 2009

P.S about The Tele-Seminar!

Hey guys,

About a hundred guys have emailed me, telling me that the have gotten an error notice when they tried to sign up for the Tele-Seminar registration page.

This is normal.

All it means is that you are ALREADY on my list.

You can still call in to the number that has been both emailed and posted several times.

Just in case, here it is again...

Phone #: 419-400-0202 (be sure to call in 5 minutes early!)

Access Code: 577602# (remember to press the #!)

See ya guys on there!



  1. I couldn't buy the skype credits yesterday in the evening (the call was at 2AM here) because my credit card expired on 2009/02.

    I was really annoyed. I should have seen that coming :(

  2. Ooops, It's tonight at 2:00 AM (I know there is something wrong in that sentence). I have my new credit card now, so I'll be able to attend the call.