Monday, November 17, 2008

Episode 6: Two creepy guys for the price of one or learning to wing

We start with them talking about the final 4, before Rian heads back into the room. Simion calls it the fantastic four and they all pontificate on why the game now matters. Whether they don't care about finishing 2nd or 8th because they want to just win. Or some other such standard reality show fare.

Rian comes in.

Simion is wearing an affliction shirt proving only douche bags wear affliction. And rapists.

They go to meet Mystery at a grocery store to try some day game.

Mystery talks about making day time approaches as indirect as possible, this is patently wrong. Day game needs to be more direct as there are legitimate time constraints. Also since you don't have much time you need to use your opener to build attraction. Very few things build attraction as quickly as demonstrating balls. I don't even do indirect during the day anymore as it usually just devolves into small talk or you have to make it direct with a statement of intent quickly.

Matt- makes sure that he brings a hand cart with him to look like he’s shopping that’s a good idea. He starts a conversation with some small talk and never cuts in to start a real conversation. Now he starts actually food shopping while Mystery and Tara tool him. Matt has never been forced to deal with his approach anxiety. One of my problems with the way Mystery teaches is that he doesn';t give strategies to deal with approach anxiety, other than a bunch of rhetoric about how it never goes away and you have to use the 3 second rule. How are you going to approach in 3 seconds when you're terrified. You need strategies for dealing with AA. I personally teach a combo of mental reframes and physical actions to snap you out of your head. Matt has no strategy and has to try to force himself to approach with sheer force of will. Not the best idea.

Rian -comes in and opens, then does the trust test. It’s a little weird but it’s getting accepted and the girl seems to be into it. Rian gets a number after a short time. The girl makes a super weirded out face after he walks away. He was now wearing the douchebag affliction shirt. Further proving my point.

Simion opens with an opinion opner and doesn’t look at the girl, he doesn’t even notice when THE GIRL WALKS AWAY WHILE HE'S STILL TALKING! He opens another girl and almost instantly tries to get her #. She tells him she doesn’t even know his name, he very needily says " what is yoru name" persists a bit, gets a flaky if not fake # and then kisses her on the cheek and freaks her out.

Greg- He stares at a girl and then tries to open her while she’s walking away. Needy. Then he asks her where a good bar or club is. She walks away. He then opens and stands there until the girl leaves. Now he’s hovering like a fruit fly. Eventually this girl feeling like she's being stalked by psycho clown killer John Wayne Gacy walks away and he retreats into Matador's safe arms...

Rian wins the reward challenge and then says he feels a little bit like a pimp. These guys hold themselves to really low standards because they never focused on inner game in the beginning. I'm all for taking credit for your successes but these were not successes, they were very forced. All that was proven here was that it's not that hard to get a girl's phone #. But that doesn;t mean she'll pick up the phone or meet up. I'm shocked as it seems they haven't covered qualification at all. I'm sure Mystery taught a few routines but like MOST students the guys can't remember them when they're out because of their social anxiety.

Now the guys learn about being wings. Mystery says that true masters work with wings. I disagree. To me the crucible of pickup is going out alone and coming home with a girl. I also find it funny that Mystery doesn't mention his own personal winging style of tooling you by using an "accomplishment intro" about how you do things for him and are like his personal assistant." He also doesn;t mention how he steals his wings' sets and impregnates them. Guess it just slipped his mind. They start talking about accomplishment intros. A.Is are really OBVIOUS. We used to try to use these all the time when I worked for TMM, but they look lame. The best way to help your friend is simply to be more interested in him than in the girls, and to make it obvious that you guys have a good time together and are actually...(gasp) friends.

Mystery is still trying to get these guys to get makeouts. They are not ready especially when two of the 4 guys are still struggling with approach anxiety. Rian gets to pick his wing because he won the challenge, and he picks Greg.

Simion wants to make bets and Matt compares them to mel brooks and carl reiner… Dated reference much? I like that there’s actually an element of compeititon between the 4 guys now. I don't think these guys get along as well as the guys last season, and I dig it. I want some trash talking to happen. Mostly cause I love trash talk. I'm like the Gary Payton of game.

And for once the guys look like their having fun in the car on the way there! This is a step in the right direction.

I guess they had a small budget for clothing on this show cause now Mystery is wearing Matador’s white pants while Matador is rocking the wifebeater and camo pants. All he’s missing is the CAMARO!

Rian goes in first and opens a girl by herself until it turns into a group of 3 girls. Greg obviously wants Rian to open because of his AA. Greg isolates the girl to the table proving that it is easier to come in as a wing than actually opening a set. And that having a table allows you to instantly go into movement. Again i have to mention the table thing, it's cheating. The guys have done nothing to establish value, there's an awkward silence and they throw the table out there and get the girls to move. Tables subcommunicate the right things for you, but unless your rich you won;t have them every night you go out. I really think it's a disservice to these guys to have them here, as their bad habits get reinforced. Had they tried to move those girls to anywhere but a table it would not have worked.

Greg isolates his girl and leaves Rian with two girls and no clue how to handle it. He then goes for the kiss and gets it. This is fucked up because as a wing your main job is to help the guy who OPENED the set isolate, not to isolate yourself.

Rian is still not touching the girls and they are throwing the triple kiss opportunity at him. Rian is racked with sexual anxiety and leaves the set after the girls basically ask him to kiss both of them. Including the blonde leaning into him. This is textbook sexual anxiety. At one point he pecked the brunette on the lips but they talked about kissing for what felt like an hour and he could not take the hint. I'm pretty sure he's a virgin but we've uncovered a major issue. He's uncomfortable with touching and escalation. That goes back to one of the two main problems guys have sexual anxiety and social anxiety.

Simion goes in with the creepy opener and then Matt comes in and talks about the caper… Again nothing demonstrated and the move to the table happens. You can open girls by asking them to come to your table and it works, this is not pick up. Matt is now telling a stupid DHV story about MR T, and not touching at all. Simion the rapist gets the kiss.

Matt is still not touching the girl at all, even when she’s giving him all the green lights. Simion is trying to use an accomplishment intro but it seems forced as he’s talking Matt up in front of him. It's obvious what's going on. Matt Finally goes for the kiss and gets it as well.

Matt says he had no approach anxiety, that could be because he didn’t approach. Simion approached.

Now Matt and Simion do a great confession scene as Simion again removes his shirt... He looks like Skeletor from He-man except way scarier.

Rian is pissed at Greg for dropping the ball. Greg is near tears in his confessional.

It’s elimination time, which means we get medallions bitches!

Matador and Mystery start asking Rian why he didn’t kiss the girl and he says that he doesn’t kiss his family. “ Hi my name is intimacy issues.” Instead of talking about that or working on that the guys just tell him that pickup artists kiss and that’s the way it is. Great teaching. Tools.

They also tell Greg he left Rian hanging. Which is partially true.

They ask them to tell them why they should both be there and Greg throws Rian under the bus by telling them that he thinks he’ll reach his potential faster than Rian. Sure if your potential is not opening and then leaving your friend high and dry, I agree whole heartedly.

Greg gets the final medallion and Rian the crier heads home.

I love the flickering candles they have in the elimination room. Spooky.

Rian mentions that he legitimately kissed a woman on the lips in his final confessional. He’s a little bitter. Thank god him and his tears are gone,

Honestly this show gets harder and harder to watch every week. I wish I still smoked weed with two episodes to go.



  1. Every time Matt shows up to the club wearing a sportcoat with running shoes or using that abysmal "caper" line, I have the overwhelming urge to punch him in the taint.

  2. Anonymous12:40 PM

    I haven't been watching this season, but your description of Simeon was funny enough that I Googled him to see if he looked like a serial killer.

    Turns out if you do a Google Image search of "Simeon Moses" you get a series photos of graves. That's pretty fucked up, but I laughed.

  3. dude when simion was talking to the vegetables I was laughing so day I will do that to self amuse soo funny.

  4. Anonymous12:45 PM

    Simion should do movies about being a rapist or a child molester.
    He definately is socially unaware of what is creepy and what is not.

    That image of him talking to the groceries made nearly made me throw up.

  5. Anonymous12:46 PM

    The club routines are so brutal that I have to almost close my eyes to ease the pain. "Hey, lets talk about nothingness and then go to a table and make out." Oh, and thanks Simeon - I got to give you kudos. You are reason that there's hope for us all. Keep up the good fight. Why the man-crush on Matador, Sinn??

  6. joker1:11 PM

    i love your reviews, sinn!

    always spot on!

    the show is pretty disappointing. no improvement on one side, no ability to teach on the other side. weirdos vs weirdos.

    those guys completely lack standing and walking skills while constantly being pushed to run and jump. by taking part in that show they increased their development span from usually 2 years in this game to at least 5. because they are learning all the wrongs things in the wrong order and now have to unwire that stuff, if they are willing to keep working on themselves at all.

    what a pity.


  7. Anonymous1:27 PM

    Is Greg Fellows a plant? You be the judge:

    Not only has the guy been an actor for years, no one with that much dance class is bad around girls becuase he is constantly with them.

    Want more proof? Look at this comment:

    “I turned this on last night and lo and behold, this kid I went to acting school with is on it. Greg Fellows. This kid doesn’t need a pick up artist. He used to pull chicks all the time. And the “make-over”, he always looked like that. It makes it hard to watch when it’s so fake.”

    (from a female poster, comment #10 here: oncourt34 )

  8. MM RSD LIES1:49 PM

    MYSTERY AND RSD dont know shit
    about day game, it's just
    more marketing lies.

    Yeah, get good at CLUB, then youll
    kill in the day time.

    fuck that.

    I'd like to see pasty ass Tyler
    run a day set.

    Yeah lets see a video! Mystery

    MYSTERY: whats your first impression of black nails?

    HB Huh? [Looking for security]

    talk about creepy!

  9. Dude, while I see what everybody is saying, I was super stoked to see all of these guys do well. I think that night will do so much for all of them.

  10. Anonymous4:24 PM

    greg looks like mad magazine's mascot, Alfred E. Neuman lol

  11. Anonymous6:40 PM

    I actually watched this weeks and was in shock of what these guys were actually doing. WOW. I was disgusted, and I only watched 15 minutes of it... I had to turn it off.

  12. Anonymous7:25 PM

    Does anyone notice Greg's giant nostrils that happen to flare up with every word he says

  13. Anonymous7:41 PM

    To "MM/RSD lies" -- nice to know you are still alive, Tribulus.

    Now go find a therapist and get some help with those anger issues.

  14. Anonymous9:41 PM

    Thank God I can DVR my way through these episodes, it is like watching a car crash.

    That caper shit has got to go.

    Sinn's reviews are fucking great. I might even take a boot camp because Sinn actually seems to know WTF he is doing.

  15. I think Sinn's write-up are the main reason why I'm still watching. Hysterical stuff, man.

  16. @crac: "When simion was talking to the vegetables I was laughing so hard..." Hey, the show was unfair to Simeon there. I read that they cut out some footage where he scored a pretty hot makeout with a cabbage.

  17. nouvelle3:59 AM

    Could the whole show be a fake?

    Check this out..

  18. I think all the guys verbal game has improved way more than we'd give them credit before.

    Just learning to flirt has made a HUGE difference for all the guys. I think that if Mystery actually taught normal physical escalation, instead of kino escalation routines, the guys could start to do some damage.

  19. Anonymous7:42 AM

    There it a comment above that quotes a female that knew him and said he used to "pull chicks all the time"

    What women use the phrase "pull chicks"?

    I wonder

  20. My girlfriend and I watch the show all the time and laugh hard. However, it's the Sinn review that I personally look forward to every week. It'll be a shame when the show is over because I won't know which way the damn beach is.

  21. Anonymous2:51 PM

    Anybody else think there was a huge discontinuity in the middle of the show... like mystery freaked out, realized the guys hadn't learned anything, and gave them four weeks of tutoring or hypnosis before resuming production?

    I have this image of him calling up hypnotica, "hey, you been watching the show? I know they suck! Help!"

  22. Simpler and more to the point:

  23. Great to get a legitimate PUA's reaction to the show. Honestly, I love coming back to the blog to read these reviews.

  24. Damn Sinn...

    You're fucking blogs are hilarious about the PICK UP ARTIST. I'm cracking up here at 6 in the morning! hahaha!

  25. This elimination was hard on mystery. He must've had a high fever since he chose to keep the actor again(...yeah Cosmo, I do mean you). And by some twist of fate i think that the actor will win again...but hey...what do i know...

  26. The scene of Matt and Simeon at the end of the night.......were Simeon is shirtless and wearing a bowa and Matt lying beside him, was FUNNY AS SH#T!
    Sinn I thik that your comments are spot on.
    Although slightly miscalibrated on whats going on with Rian.
    Check out RianTurnerPUA.

  27. This is retarded, when Greg is a FUCKING PLANT.

    Jeez, I'm entertained by this show but I also use it as what NOT to do. Sometimes it's cringeworthy!

    And to think, the first season was one of the first things to get me interested in this whole dating/attraction/pickup deal.

  28. I just saw the show for the first time this week, so I'm not up to speed on current events, but for what it's worth, I thought Matador looked kinda cute with no sleeves ;-)

    Aside from that, the biggest thing I notice in the real world is that even confident guys need to do a lot more of two things: kino and sexy imagery (as in, let me tell you, little girlie, all the sexy things I'm going to be doing to you later this evening). But maybe that's just me. Without those two things, it just all feels very platonic to me.