Thursday, November 13, 2008

And the Winner is...


First of all thanks for all the entries into the Caption contest. We got almost 70 different comments(not including the guys who put 2 or 3 in there) but ironically the first comment we got ended up being the winner.

Pure Win's comment about getting the scissors to cut his sleeves off is the winner.

So Pure Win email me at Sinnstravel at and I will send you a free copy of the LR book today.

Thanks again guys, this was great!



  1. WTF? I TOOK THAT PICTURE! Don't I win anything?

    -miaddict [From TAF]

    P.S I have got a second picture where Matador and Cajun are both pointing at the camera (It's probably a male bonding thing called mirroring). In case you are interested, send me an email. lol

  2. Anonymous6:26 AM

    can we get a shot of the picture and caption together so that this post doesn't seem quite as random? thanks

  3. Anonymous6:27 AM

    wait, i'm a dumbass... i should have just scrolled down more. Just delete both of these comments