Sunday, September 02, 2007

BJR and LR: no real work

I was real tempted to just write 1 sentence, I got a BJ in the car fri night and laid sat night...

Then I decided that's a terrible blog post.

Fri night CJ and I hit Z bar East, we had actually been trying to do happy hour since 6ish, but we got there around 10 and nothing really happened until 12:30.

CJ and I started a new type of winging where as a girl walked by, I would make an observation and he would laugh. Some samples:

Sinn: You have a brown shirt
CJ: Hahaha
Girl: Yes i do.

Not particularly effective, but fun.

Then I opened a girl with HUGE knockers she was wearing a football jersey and her tits were UNREAL.

We talk a bit. I start to hit on her, she's confused as I'm also fucking with her. She even asks me if I'm hitting on her or just messing with her. I tell her I'm trying to fuck her.

I roll around and game some other girls, then I come back and I start to escalate. There is neck biting and me telling her about all the dirty things I'm going to do to her. She says what if I like that?

She decides that she wants to leave so I agree to walk her to her car. We get to the car and I tell her to drive me to my car. We pull up next to it and I start the make out. I go for her tits and she says we can't do this here. CJ is still inside and so we only have half an hour.

We pull into another parking lot and clothes fly off. I want to fuck her, but she says she has standards and can't fuck in her car. But she blows me. We finish and I tell her I'll call her in a few minutes to come over so we can finish. Then another hotter girl calls me and I try to pull her. That gets messed up though as CJ is gaming a girl and her friend who become the next night's lay.

Sat we hit the same venue, after we had met up with Printer and tried a second venue. I open a bunch of sets with " You guys are hot and I want to meet you". I get in set with a blonde wth large boobs ad her latin friend. I intro them to CJ and then I isolate the blonde. Strawberry Fields, framing, a little bit of breakthrough comfort. And we're making out. Then I roll around and number close the other girls I opened. They've both been texting back.

I set up the pull with the blonde, but she wants me to follow her to her house and then bring her to mine... No dice.

The girl that CJ gamed last night is here with her friend. I start talking to the friend and it's instantly on. I seed the bounce. It's on so we scoop up CJ's girl. She's being gamed and # closed by some mook and his friend, my girl pretends I'm her boyfriend and we make out.

I pull the girls away and we decide we're going to my place to hit the pool. We get in their car and they are supposed to take us to our car, but instead I tell them to just drive us as we could lose them in separate cars. We get back to my place and I start making out with the girl on the couch. CJ and his girl are in my room. I tell them my house my room, and then we switch places and I close. No LMR.

I try to get CJ to switch so we can complete the acrobatic monkey, but no dice.

Still going out tonight so hopefully it can be back to back to back...



  1. Murphy3:52 PM

    Am I reading this right?
    You text girls whose numbers you've got in the actual venue?
    Sounds ace!
    What kinds of stuff do you text?

  2. Anonymous10:09 PM

    I love how you and CJ both teach MM but throw in a bunch of direct stuff in too. Especially direct openers, sexual framing etc. The one thing I hated about MM was the indirect crap and all that.

  3. I'm getting tired of the fact that I never get sick of your blog. It is simply awesome!

    When you do direct openers like that, what do you usually transition with? I used similar openers in Sat and I transitioned with "hot... I usually don't care about looks since everybody in this place is fucking hot, so you better say one cool thing about yourselves that would want to make me stay, or I'll have to rejoin my friend now, instead of in 3 minutes". And it has worked quite well.

    Peace, Alex

  4. Anonymous11:13 AM


    I'd love to hear what your neighbors say about you, seeing all these diff chics in and out of your pad.