Sunday, September 23, 2007

I love watching football..

Even though the games were horrible today> Couple of my thoughts as I sit on my couch and blow off brunch with a girl I met earlier this week...

Gotta be impressed with Matt Schaub even though I never had any doubt the Colts would win that game.

Mcnabb's not back, the Lions are still the lions.

Favre may or may not be back this year, but the Chargers For sure have issues.

LDT is the whiniest player ever... Why doesn't anyone mention this? He's almost T.O like in his whining. Shut up and play football.

The Patriots are scary because they aren't playing down to the level of their compeitition at all.... They haven't had a lapse game... Indy week 9 seems like the must see game of this season. It's funny because Brady if he continures this pace(he won't) but if he did he'd be threatening to break Manning's TD record. And if Indy keeps winning close games where Manning has to be clutch, they'd meet week 9 with reversed story lines... Also Manning is good against everyone except 99-2006 Pats. Is it because Belicheck figured Manning out or just had the stolen videotaped signals and the Pats D literally knew what Manning was going to do next??? We'll find out week 9...



  1. Anonymous5:11 PM

    LT's whining is getting annoying, but to compare it to TO makes no sense. TO whined about completely different and selfish things. LT just wants to win.

  2. Anonymous5:21 PM

    Don't you have a blog specifically for sports?

  3. Welsh_Dragon7:36 PM

    Chicago Dallas tonight is a beautiful game. My favourite city in America vs my current adopted home.

    American Football is your country's best sport. No other game are you in that zone as much. There are similarities to pick up.

  4. Welsh_Dragon8:27 PM

    Don't forget New England comes to Dallas Oct 14th. I will be at that game.