Saturday, September 08, 2007

LR: The mailman does deliver on bootcamp.

We roll into the venue and instantly Future is in set with an attractive curly haired red head... He hands her off to me in a Stockton to Malone esque bounce pass. I am spanking her, and pulling her hair while telling her she is such a little slut within 3 mins...

Her friends join us and I intro and find out they are all in chiropractor school, they bounce and I work the bootcamp for a few hours.

i run back into her and say hi then I'm off to BC again as I can't pull til 1:30.

1:30 hits and I happen to wander by her sitting with her friends... We chat I tell her that I am going to do dirty things to her if she doesn't stop me. She tells me that she thinks I'm all talk.

Her other friend jumps in to make sure she's ok. I comment on this. I go " Was that the everything is ok alert? She laughs and tells me it's cool that I understood that. I tell her we are going to smoke after the bar closes, she says we can go smoke now.

My new favorite line " Let's go for a walk." It's like secret society code for Let's go fuck or have you blow me.

We go we smoke and I fuck her on a couch in a parking lot behind the JCC...

I really owe Future for this, as it was as on with him as it was with me and she really was just looking to get fucked, but how many guys would do that for a friend?

So many PUAS lose focus of the idea that they can help their friends get laid. In fact i can think of more famous PUAs who are more likely to try to steal the girls, you are talking to or in the case of Mystery making out with...

I'm really grateful that I have a friend like Future and that he's got game. I know for a fact that CJ,Savoy, El Topo, Trance, Fader, Printer, Braddock, Geoff from RSD, and other guys I consider friends in the community would all do this kind of thing.

It's really cool that over 2 bcs, Future and I have assisted each other in getting laid. That's the power of the community, and of having friends who have game. Not having to fight for sets with so called friends.



  1. Can you please make an official claim about what you think about Mystery because dropping lines here and there just confuses people.

    I know you're not much for bad talking but actually openly writing your honest honest opinion about the guy (both good and bad) will make it more of what a man would have do then to drop comments here and there.

    Now you prolly know that I am a fan of you. I just want to know what you are up to.


  2. "Let's go for a walk."

    I'm about to test it out tonight.

    This is why I love your blog. Lots of wisdom here.


  3. Anonymous9:25 PM

    Yup... Printer is a stand up dude!

    I had 30 seconds of conversation with the guy, maybe less, before he was giving me an accomplishment intro to his FB and all her friends.

    One girl shook my hand and made out with me ;)

    I got mad respect for guys like that!


  4. paracal9:29 AM

    @ xtreeme:
    it's no secret that a few of mystery's former girlfriends were girls opened/attracted/isolated by other mm instructors like savoy or sinn first. he bent his own rule of "the one opening the set is the one owning it" by saying: what about meeting her again tomorrow? is she still exclusive to the person that opens her tonight?
    in my eyes that way of thinking is a little ballsy, because just of the pure fact that the mystery method itself suggests a day2.
    you can listen to him stating this in his own words on the annihilation method audio tapes where style and mystery are talking about game on the phone.


  5. Truth4:31 PM

    I second what xtreeme wrote: Anyone can type innuendo. This blog seems to go back and forth on where it stands, as well. Say it straight out, specific examples/reasons why, so that others could testify for or against your accusations. Paracal, you're citing something that Lovedrop himself said that he had spent nearly a week with the Target and had thrown in the towel, and suggested that they pawn her. You throw in the towel, and suggest you pawn her, I say she is now fair game.

    If you have a real problem with Mystery (and he probably has the emotional issues to make him really difficult to be friends with), it would be much more professional to keep it off the programs.

    At the end of the day, I don't believe that TMM can trump Mystery/VA via a popularity contest. Mystery has a book The Game and a TV show on his side, vs. a handful of blogs. That's just not enough. Just look at how Sean Messenger's post went over. Add to the fact that everyone at TMM is teaching Mystery's Method (or a derivation thereof) and the question comes up, when you were studying from and teaching his method, what does it say about you when you speak really derogatorily about the method? Why were you willing to follow it and teach it in the first place?

    I think Captain Jack strikes a really good tone of respect for the work, while looking at how it can be made better.

    If TMM wants to beat VA, since you all learned from Mystery, you need to separate the man from the method, give him his due, and make your case as to why the general public should believe that TMM gives better instruction than VA. His resume is available: . State your case, show us that you have better results with an improved method, and you have better instruction and customer service.

  6. Anonymous10:55 PM

    Stockton and Malone never won a championship.

  7. Anonymous10:09 AM

    "truth," you really need to get laid.

  8. Anonymous12:00 PM

    A look at the web traffic logs will quickly show who is winning the VA/TMM competition.