Wednesday, September 12, 2007

LR: Pull mode plus the second appearence of Satan

So I woke up yesterday right before an important conference call, I had fallen asleep during the Cards-49ers game and then gone to bed for like 13 hours. I woke up still exhausted and with the proverbial haze that follows my awakening every morning.
I hate getting up. A lot.

I get on the conference call and simultaneously text HB Anna Ferris to come over for " lunch".

She comes by and we do whatever... Then we get beers at the bar across the street. She's a lot smarter than I thought she was. She's really into psychology and trying to get a research job. I'm of course anti her getting a job as I like the afternoon visits..

That's fun, then I get a haircut, some Qdoba, do some work stuff, and start to catch up on my TIVO. I know I'm leaving in less 24 hours so I feel no great urge to do anything but plant my ass on my couch and watch PTI and Around the Horn.

Then Twitchy texts me and i have to return his truck.. As my car is STILL fucked up... I go over there and drop the truck off. Props to Twitchy for letting me borrow his truck..

Then CJ calls me and says he's back in from Chi and wants to hit the hated venue.



He shows up and we mosy over... It's dead. We can never time this venue the right way, either we get there early and it's dead as fucking fried chicken, or it's late and too packed.

I start drinking. The drinks are having no effect as the tally climbs to 7...

I open a few sets here and there. I'm amking the mistake of being too entertaining and funny. I also messed up by using too much active disinterest on a hot blonde and end up with her friend liking me...

I open 5 or 6 more sets and while they all love me, for some reason I'm not isolating and escalating.

The night goes like this for awhile, but I do approach every hot girl I wanted to and that's a win as long as I'm stepping up to the hottest girls in the venue every night...

I finally open a set with a latin girl and a blonde with big boobs.

I wonder who my target was????

I run my standard spiel about how awful a person I am and how I will ruin them for men and sex forever. I talk about my sexual addiction and how I'm bad in bed... I tell her to run away or things are going to get bad for her. I warn her about how I'm going to do really dirty things to her and... the bar closes.

I go into pull mode and oversell the hot tub at my walking distance away apt... We go.

CJ's girl is freaking the fuck out. I mean she steals his ID and won't give it back. She's curled in the fetal position on a lounge chair when we finally do get to the hot tub... She won't relax, it's annoying. My girl whips her bra off and shows us her very nice rack while in the pool...

We play truth or dare as suggested by the girls. It's not as cool as it sounds as they don't allow dual person dares ending much of the suspense...

I get bored with the friend and decide to go back to the apt... I am drunk as hell at this point and stumble up change into dry clothes and watch some scrubs when they break in and I pull the girl into my room and close after some token " I'm not sleeping with you tonight" LMR. I then pass out and wkae up to my alarm and a flight to Boston...



  1. $matteo10:25 PM

    Dude, where are the cold threesome pulls???

    You're so ready..


  2. Anonymous8:32 AM

    Man when I read that title I thought you were talking about Satan I from Austin!

    Why does CJ always get the Satan incarnates? That's another easy lay you owe CJ for being a true wing ;)


  3. Anonymous11:00 AM

    even in this lr is so much wisdom...

    thanks, sinn!

  4. so cool lifestyle...

  5. Hi sinn. I read your blog all the time because it's fun :). I think that we have a lot of common... Do you want to be my friend? :p

    In the last 6 months or so i've grown a lot as man... thanks to people like you. You are an inspiration in your passion for the game.

    I've started my own blog... so i thought "why not make a little publicity in Sinn's blog?!" :))