Thursday, September 06, 2007

My day...

I wake up around 2, I text HB anna Ferris to come over for a mid day session..

She shows up while I'm in the shower after I spend 40 mins chatting with Future about nothing...

I get her naked in 3.46 seconds and we have amazing sex...

We go to lunch( chinese) she tells me she wants me to be meaner to her... I compy and call her a variety of horrible things and say every thing I think...

We come home and fuck again. She's soo much hotter when she is naked. It's unreal. In clothes she's a 6. naked she's an 8 at least... I don't get it How hard is it to show off your boobs...

Then she tells me we should just be freinds, to which I respond, Of course, I'm still going to try to fuck you every time we hang out, but I like you and would love to be friends... She calls me later to say hi...

I then head 30 mins out of the way to have sushi with HB Puerto rico.. Great conversation, she's super hot and I want to fuck the life out of her...

She's real uncomfortable so I don't kiss her. This leads to this text exchange:

HBPR: Aww no good night kiss?
Sinn: I figured we could build anticipation for a makeout session next time..
HBPR: Awww your a tease.
Sinn: Wait til clothes start coming off...
HBPR: I'm supposed to be the tease not you. So I guess we'lll have to play rock paper scissior to see who wins:)
Sinn: No, no no I fully plan n making you say please and beg... A lot.
HBPR: Oh so was that before or after you put me to bed at 11. I'm still laughing about that:)
Sinn: We'll have to be done having sex by 10:30... When that happens, we'll have to start meeting up at like 5:30. Cuz we're going to melt the paint off the walls..( Credit Savoy for the paint off the walls thing)
HBPR: Huh well I wonder what i'll be thinking about before I go to sleep :)
Sinn: Your distracting me from my friends, you naughty girl...
HBPR: Goodnight :)
Sinn: Sweet dreams, doll.

HB fumbled pen comes over and we hit the date.. The same ate I always use which always gets the girl into my bed..

We hit it off, she says I'm SOOO interesting, we make out and hit all the venues. We watch some Larry David show. We make out and I get stopped in the pants. We smoke then hit my room to make out on my bed.. her pants come off and so do mine.. I am rubbing my cock on her pussy, but she tells me she's not ready. No problem. We cuddle and make ou for a few minutes and I solidify our plans for when I get back from Toronto tell her to text me when I get home and walk her out.

Once a girl makes a decision not to fuck you that night, pull back and it will be easy the next time... Comfort can sometimes just be created by time.

Fun day, now that I've decided that I'm doing day time dates as well as going out trying to pull, I've met some fun girls and I'm enjoying having some slow boils as well as my SNLs...This feels like the right lifestyle, but I;ve felt that before and i missed my work out today, which is bad...

Toronto should bring clarity as well as give me a chance to hang out with community guru Johnny Soprono, he definetly has some unique things to say about women that i don't disagree with...

I'm real excited to hang with future and teach some more students...And knowing I have HB Puerto Rico and fumbled pen waiting for me to get home.

My life doesn't suck...

And I learned it all on the internet. Craziness.

My life is the ultimate ad for bootcamps.



  1. Mr Bigshot8:09 AM

    You are living my dream.

  2. Hey Sinn,

    you say you learned this all on the internet. What were you like before? Were you an AFC or a natural?

    Also, you mention that one needs to workout. I've seen you on video. Were you built before finding the community or after?


  3. Sinn, what is 'the same date I always use which always gets the girl into my bed...'

  4. Sinn, what is 'The same date I always use which always gets the girl into my bed...'