Friday, September 21, 2007


I have absolutely nothing to write about...

I have been staying at home and banging the church girl and Anna Ferris girl, I went out Tuesday night after I had flown home earlier that day, but I got exhausted really fast and went home. I happened to run into the girl from the fumbled the pen fuck up and was supposed to get her out last night, but she flaked(shockingly she's a huge flake) and I ended up going out with a woman I met Tuesday.

She's actually just a friend, but we had a fun night of meeting people in bars and being mean to everyone.

I'm back to working out everyday and I feel like the horrid cough I was developing is getting better. Hopefully it will be gone before I head to NY on Wed. The schedule is about to get hectic as I'm in NY for 5 days next week to teach a BC with Future and a SNL program and Breakthrough comfort, 5 programs in 5 days.

Then I get home for a day and a half at which point I'll see Anna Ferris girl again and then I leave for Vegas that Wednesday. That Vegas program will be really fun as it's my Bday weekend and Saturday night we don't have workshop so we're gonna do a big bash at some club with bottle service etc... Then we're hitting a strip club for another party.

Then we go to Miami for another program.

I'm excited.



  1. ware_ru2:48 PM

    Nothing to write about? You should make a thread on the forum like "what do you guys want to read about?" or something like that ;-)

    I'm assuming you don't talk about Fight Club with your girls. Do they ask why you're always traveling - how do you handle it?

  2. Marco_Polo3:50 PM

    I'm really looking forward to the Breaktheough Comfort program - I'm coming from Germany solely for this (actually, I intended to take Future's New York BC as well, but my agenda got messed up, so that's what I'm gonna miss as well).

  3. Anonymous7:33 PM

    you are living a faaast life man. you're making a lot of money and getting a lot of girls and having a lot of fun, and that's awesome, i wish i could be that. but also don't fall down the path of all these celebrities who strive for money/power/sex and end up with drug addictions/stds/shortened lives due to liver/kidney/lung damage...just look out for your future a bit too. all the best man.

  4. Welsh Dragon4:06 PM


    Much respect to you for your this blog and putting together a SNL lay program. Are you planning to extend the seminar to more cities soon? My game is entirely focused on SNL - phone/text game is extremely rare for me. You can never have enough tools in your a*senal for this game.

  5. Sinn. if you will allow me some ideas

    -write about daygame. FRs from daygame?

    -preventing flakes. all these flakes make me pull my hair out.

    -talk about self discipline and getting good.