Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The Same Night Lay Seminar

Hey guys,

You may have noticed that we have put up a new seminar called One night stands/Same night lays.

It's going to be 5 hours of seminar where CJ and I will break down ALL of our newest SNL tech including how to pick SNL venues, seual framing, new ways of showing sexual dominance in set, and more...

So in the spirit of the SNL( Which I think is the only true test of your game) here's some guidelines CJ came up with...

To sign up for the SNL seminar go to

SNL Seminar

Same Night Lay Guidelines
Hola PUAs,

As promised, my insights on SNL's.

The first major attitude shift is this: Women don't go to clubs/bars only to listen to music, drink or talk to friends. They can do all of those at home or at a friends house. They go because they want/need sex and they want to be picked up.

Debriefing shows they would have sex the same night more often were the feelings there. Your job, fellow pirate, is to create the feelings, create the opportunity and do so in a manner that seems so natural and easy that it seems like it all just fell into place.

Sinn referred to this when he said, "Captain Jack Method: Hang out till sex happens."

First I want to tell you that there IS a difference between Same-Night-Lays (SNL) and One Night Stands (ONS).

ONS skips comfort which usually results in buyer's remorse. For all the 4-5 hours of precious time you invested you get one lay. Even worse, if you mismanage the escalation and trigger asd/lmr that you can't get through, you'll get zero lays.

I've never had any problems seeing/dating a girl who I laid the same night because I qualify and build comfort.

I'll take this from the top...

You need to get there early (in Tejas, that means no later than 10:00) because some of your sets will fail the SNL screening statements (more on that later) and you'll need to close out with a TimeBridge, stay the obligatory 5-10 minutes to solidify and move on.

You should focus on mixed sets. This may seem counter-intuitive but experience has shown me this is true. Here's why: In all girl sets they often pile into one car. But, in mixed sets you have a greater chance of girls taking their own car and/or meeting the group later.

Do a little thought experiment: How many times have you witnessed a girl walking into the bar alone...she's looking for someone...she finds them and before you know it she is seated with a 4-5 mixed set.

You open the group in the standard way, do all the normal things you'd do until you hit the "How do you guys know each other?" waypoint. If she's not there with someone, then isolate (or atleast get mini-isolation.)

Now that you are in isolation it's time to start with the sexual framing. I use my version of Strawberry fields and "Rings on Fingers" to frame things sexually and I start seeding the TB.

It is supremely important that you don't convey any "judgmentalism" regarding sex, sexual preferences or lifestyles in any way, shape or form.

You also don't want to place too much importance on sex by talking about it or calling it a "special thing between two people" or any silly shit like that. The underlying attitude is sex is normal, healthy, fun and about to happen soon.

At the begining of C1 I start to screen for logistics issues...I listen for answers to these questions or ask them outright.

* Who did she ride with. (Best answer is, of course, alone in her car.)
* What time does she need to get up in the morning. (Best answer, later the better.)

(These things just make it easier. The better you get the more willing girls are to ignore things like riding home with guys she just met or getting up early. I know it's hard to believe but experience proves it true.)

If the vibe is sexual and I feel like there are no obvious excuses for her not to come home with me (have to work early is the main one) I'll stay around. If not, then I'm looking for a new set. This needs to be run super-tight. I'm talking 20 minutes in you're making this decision because you need to be solidly in comfort by 12:30 (for venues that close at 2:00). This 1.5 hours is the MAIN (but not only) factor which distinguishes this from ONS (the other being non-sexual qualification and peer befriending.) I call 12:30 to 2:00 "Putting my time in..."

Always TimeBridge, it makes the SNL easier because it lessens asd and lmr.

As it gets closer to closing time 1:20-1:30 I start saying things like, "I don't want the night to end, I'm really enjoying myself."

If she agrees or says nothing you can say, "Let's hang out at my place. I have xyz alcoholic drinks and we can watch that show I was telling you about."

Or, you can say, "I'm kinda hungry."

You're saying this to see what kind of reaction you get. She may go ahead and propose eating somewhere. (Though, I've stopped doing this almost a year ago because I lost a few "sure" lays as the sexual tension lessened, the tiredness set in and the alcohol (and fun mode) wore off.)

The after hours club is also a good proposal. I've used this one quite a few times. It's perfect because you have to swing past your place to get alcohol before heading out. And, oh by the way, the club doesn't even open til 3am so we got 45 minutes to burn. Let's see, how are we gonna kill 45 minutes? I know, we'll have sex! Ha ha.

But, one of my favorite tactics (if she drove) is to get her to give me a ride home. Then, while in the parking lot you can say "Come in for a bit. You can use the restroom and have some water before you head home." Then, grab her keys, turn off the car and get out.

(What's that? Do I hear you worrying about your car? Don't worry about it dude, you're going to get laid! Have a friend take you back to your car if need be. Or, better yet, have the girl do it that night.)

Logistics separate the men from the boys (or the mPUAs)

The best mental image I can give you here is "Baby Steps."

I rarely tell them where/how far away I live. Some of the places I go to are a good 35-40 minutes away. Sinn and I have pulled 2 or 3 times SNL's from those locations so he can attest to my skill in that area.

Fidelio, KinoMaster, and Tribulus have all witnessed with their own eyes me doing this, multiple times, as well.

The goal is to get her to the seduction location and make it look like it sorta just happened. This is why the "gimme a ride home" and the "after hours venue, oh wait, gotta go home and get alcohol" tactics work so well.

Hopefully, you started a good kino progression early in the sarge. Because once she's in your place it's time to amp it up a little bit.

Hot/cold is the order of the day. Make out, pull back, continue with your comfort material. Tease her mercilessly.

Have your LMR skills honed because you'll almost surely have to use them.

The good news is: If you don't get the lay, the day2 is almost assuredly going to be her coming straight over to have sex with you and that's my kinda date.

~ Captain Jack ~

Thanks, CJ... If you want to learn how you too can get all the SNLs you can handle go to

SNL Seminar



  1. what's "seual framing"? Sounds interesting ;)

  2. Anonymous2:23 PM

    I'd like to hear about the ring thingy.. but good post

  3. Anonymous4:42 PM

    can you explain what triggering asd or LMR could possibly mean in the amount of times you used the acronym?