Thursday, February 25, 2010

Ugh soo swamped today. Real Housewive blog coming tomor!

Sooo busy today and tomor too but I will find time to finish my new post on Alexis or Jesus Barbie as she is sometimes called by awesome blogs on the internet.

I'm like halfway done but there's some really good stuff I want to get to, and I have a date in a little bit and some videos to finish recording...

Tomor, tomor, I'll post it tomor.

JS- The King Of Content

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  1. Shenanigan10:51 AM

    Liked your post on Vicki pretty much dead on..can't stand how she always says crap about people but can't take any criticism herself. Like they say, if you can't take it, don't dish it.

    Altho I'm not sure if I agree with you about the trip to FT Lauderdale..if she let it be known up front that is was a girls only trip, then it should have stayed that way. You gotta respect pppl's wishes and not disrespect by going against what they sometimes if I'm hangin with friends gettin some eat or whatev, they'll bring in their friends (who I know from acquaintance, but still..) to join us without telling me, don't like it...but I'm the type that accepts everyone really, if they're your friend then they can come, whatever, but at least let me know, I think it's really just about respect..and when the husbands came without anyone telling Vicky, that's just a lack of respect, not cool. Altho just bein outta college there's a gray area with that I think with younger ppl, especially with facebook now and how events on there say friends are allowed to bring friends to this party or whatever, but you catch my drift ha.

    Anyway, you see the episode last night? I liked Tamra's cold read on Lynne lol that was crazy! Ah wow, we're guys why are we watching this crap again??