Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The # 1 PUA guest blog

Hey there,

I've been talking to a lot of guys about writing guest articles on the blog here and there, and today you're lucky to have a great article by the guy I named #2 PUA of the year Brad P.




Hi everyone.

It’s Brad P., writing a guest post here on Sinn’s blog. Thanks so much to Sinn for giving me the platform to express myself here.

After reading Sinn’s Top Ten list, I’ve thought about things quite a bit, and this is the conclusion that I’ve come to:

You are living in the Golden Age of Pickup.

You are living in an age where extremely talented, intelligent men are willing to spend years of their lives testing pickup ideas out, weeding out the stuff that doesn’t work, compiling the best stuff, and handing it to you for almost nothing.

You are living in an age where you can sign up for a pickup workshop, and a trained expert with years and years of experience will fly into your town, setup all the best places to meet women, tell you everything he knows, approach women right in front of you, and coach you with every ounce of energy he has, so you can get better at pickup.

You are living in an age where you can join a year long program using a tested and proven curriculum, and have experienced seducers from all over the world willing to guide your journey and keep you focused.

Ten years ago, none of this would have been possible.

Ten years from now, this could all be gone.

This is why I believe 2010 is the Golden Age of Pickup.

As I read through Sinn’s Top Ten list, I see some guys on there who have a lot of talent. For the good of the community as a whole, I’d like to see all of these guys stay in the game! Retaining the talented coaches is the main factor that will make the Golden Age last longer.

Ten years ago there were no talented coaches. That’s why 2000 was not the Golden Age. Now, in 2010, we have a lot more good coaches, but we also have seen a lot of “big names” become inactive.

When I say “inactive,” that can mean a few different things. Some of the big names no longer teach at all. Some of them teach, but they don’t actually pick up chicks any more. Obviously, this is not good news.

But at least they have left behind a body of literature that will endure long after they have left the game. Ten years ago, there was no body of literature.

I believe 2010 will have the highest level of “active” talented coaches ever. As a student, I urge you to take advantage of this. Do not let it pass you by! Now is the time to do that workshop, join that program, start your approaches. Don’t be a casual observer. Make an honest effort to learn pickup the right way, by going into the field and applying the ideas the masters have handed down to you.

Don’t be the guy who sits in his room alone when he’s 68 years old and says “Yeah, I could have learned pickup from the best in the world, during the golden age, but I slacked on it.”

Don’t be that guy!

Don’t take the talent level for granted. Me, Sinn, and all the other good coaches will not be here forever. Someday we’re gonna get bored of endless pussy and take up some other interest. Someday we might get sick of teaching the same things over and over. Some day we might want to just live our lives without constant combat with student negativity.

Now I’d like to focus on a few improvements that could made so that the Golden Age gets even better, and lasts even longer.

First Suggestion- Worldwide KJ Day

This Keyboard Jockey phenomenon has got to end. It’s gotten really out of control.

It’s at the point now where I don’t even want to write anything new, because I fear a lot of people are going to read it and do NOTHING with it.

When I wrote The Forbidden Truth (Forbidden Truth), I wrote a part in the end that I’m not sure people took seriously. So let’s revisit this:

Open Letter to a Keyboard Jockey
Dear KJ,
It's time I give you some tough love. You came into this as a nerd who couldn't get women. Now you're a nerd who still can't get women, but you're really well educated about social dynamics. Well-educated nerd. Not quite what you had in mind. If that's the path you're on, I hope this report scares the living shit out of you. Stop for a minute and think about all your friends. Think of a good friend that you trust. Go to his house. Give your friend your laptop charger. Tell him not to give it back until you've gotten laid.
Yours truly,
Brad P.

People, I was serious about the laptop charger thing! Not one single person has told me he gave away his laptop charger until getting laid. (If you’ve done it, please email me.)
Your laptop gives you information every day, that’s it. That’s less valuable than getting laid in my life. How about yours?

What’s more important to you? Information or pussy?
If you’re a KJ, maybe you can’t have both. You sit home reading instead of going out sarging. Obviously it’s one or the other.

I hereby designate Satuday, February 27th, to be a worldwide sarge-athon. I’m going to call it Worldwide KJ Day.

In memory of all the lost souls who sat there on their computer instead of fucking hot pussy, I require everyone to call up a wingman and sarge with him for a minimum of 3 hours (day or night).

Here’s the rules-

1- You exchange laptop chargers at the beginning of the outing.
2- You must do 10 approaches or get laid, whichever comes first, before getting your charger back.
3- You must last 3 hours in field without going home and without giving up.
4- No talking theory in field! If you mention any guru’s name or say one single acronym, your laptop charger gets tossed out of a moving car.

If you can make it through, that’s great news. You’re ready to graduate out of KJ-land and I’d love to see you in the 30/30 Club or Pickup Mansion. These are KJ-free zones. No KJ can run or hide in the 30/30 Club. In Pickup Mansion, we have a guard tower, and KJs are shot on site.

Next Suggestion- New Criteria for becoming a “Big Name”

Right now, the biggest names in seduction are the guys who have done mainstream media projects. Video, TV, movies, this is what business owners are using to claim credibility.

I argue that the criteria should be in-field performance and good reviews from students. How good are you at pickup, and how much value do you give the students? That’s all that matters.

Why? Because it’s so much more REAL. For example, check this out-

That book has every single review from 2005 to 2008. Now that’s real.
These pickup videos are creatively edited and they take you into a world of entertainment and illusions. There’s one well known guru who puts out tons and tons of videos, but everyone in the whole industry knows this guy never gets laid. If you chop up the video just right, anyone can look awesome at pickup.

You really think they put every set on video? No, they just do like 50 approaches and pick the best 3. Any dickhead can go 3 for 50.

In contrast, Glenn P has quietly being doing incredible workshops for the past 3 years, and not many people know about him. He could bury any of these “video superstars” with his amazing demos and insightful coaching. He’s focused on real results for students, not entertainment for web-surfers.

The biggest names should be the guys who are teaching regularly and have great reviews. Case closed.

That’s why I kind of liked Sinn’s Top Ten. It’s not based on mainstream media projects or deceptive video footage. There’s not a lot of “business guys” on there. Not a lot of “product only” guys on there. Most of the guys on Sinn’s list are people you can see in the field now or guys that spent years in the field before becoming inactive.

Lastly, I’d like to give props to Sinn for doing a colossal amount of research while putting together his Top Ten list and Top Ten Charlatans list. Sinn, we all thank you for putting in the time you put in, it’s helped so many people.

Sinn is in a unique position. He knows everyone in the business. He gets word when someone is great, he gets word when someone sucks.

The top ten lists are important for helping new guys find out where to study and who to trust. Without them, it would come down to who has the best marketing. The guy with the best marketing is usually not the best guru. The best gurus spend their time fucking and teaching, not doing marketing.

Thanks to Sinn! Congrats to everyone on the list.

Let’s have a great year in 2010, and enjoy the Golden Age, it won’t be here forever.

-Brad P.