Tuesday, February 09, 2010

You're not the X type are you?

Here's another great little tactic that can be explained in a few minutes and used the next time you're talking to a girl you're interested in.

This one comes again from the genius of CJ. Forever, I'd always started my date set up with the following;

" You're not the jealous type are you?"

Which if done once a girl is attracted to you almost always gets the girl to say she isn't (Even if she really is).

Well a few months ago when I said this to a girl I was gaming girl by the pool at my apartment complex in Miami. When I asked her if she was the jealous type she responded by saying something like " Well it's different because I'm gay." Which made me realize that asking a girl if she's the jealous type demonstrates a considerable amount of interest and assumes that there is going to be some type of relationship between you and the girl.

That's why the question, you're not the X type is a great one to subtly demonstrate interest, qualify a girl and start a story in which you can demonstrate any one of a number of attractive qualities about yourself while stimulating the girl emotionally. This is something you can use anytime you think a girl is attracted to you but aren't sure as well.

If you don't want to use jealous you can plug in any characteristic or quality you don't like in girls.

Hope that helps,

JS- The King Of Content