Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Psychology Behing GF Stealing

Hey there,

Today I wanted to dive into a rough outline of the psychology behind wanting to steal another guy's girl. Something I see very regularly in students and then in guys when they first become instructors or start having a decent amount of success with women.

But before I delve into that, I want to first acknowledge that I have been guilty of this before and may currently be sleeping with girls who have BFs I don't know about.

This is not some soapbox post about how you should only sleep with girls who are 1000% single. Nor some diatribe against sleeping with a girl in a relationship. Or girls who cheat on their BFs. I acknowledge that in reality these things sometimes happen whether or not you want them to.

Instead I want to look at what these kinds of actions say about the guy doing them...

It's become quite common in the community for guys to brag about how they can steal girls from guys. It's almost like they are some sort of bad-ass mercenary of game. They come rolling around and you better grab on to your girlfriend's hand or she'll be blowing MR new PUA guy in the bathroom like he's Bon Jovi. And it's not limited to the Secret Underground Internet Seduction Community as during his introduction on the first episode of The Jersey Shore Mike "The Situation" talked about how if he saw himself coming into a club he'd take his girlfriend and leave. He also later pulls " The robbery" on housemate Vinny by making out with a girl after Vinny made out with her. The situation is an awesome blend of overconfidence and insecurity hence the girl stealing...

In fact there is one guru who goes so far as to even claim he can steal ANYONE'S GF in under 90 seconds...

Again, whether or not those claims are true ( And let's face it most of them aren't) what does it say about a guy (guru or not) who brags about taking another guy's GF as if that somehow makes him cooler? Furthermore what does it say about you as a person that you buy products and bootcamps based on guys bragging about stealing other guy's GFs?

Let's look at the evolution of most of these guys ( And I won't name names but I think you can all figure it out). Most of them were unpopular or even picked on during their school years ( No judgment, I was picked on too). But instead of doing what I did and looking for ways to fit in with the people who were cooler than me and get their acceptance, these guys got angry and wanted to "show" the other people how wrong they were about them.

Then they went about their lives, always wanting to get back at those mean football players and cool kids in High School. But they never really consciously saw a way to do it until...

They find The Secret Underground Internet Seduction Community, and they learn all sorts of tactics and techniques. They're exposed to posts like Tyler Durden's "Secret Society" which details how all girls cheat and you just have to show them you're in the club of guys they will cheat with. Maybe you read some books like " My Secret Garden" or " Sperm Wars" which document all sorts of crazy female sexual behavior and now you believe that with your tight game you can STEAL any girl from ANY guy, because YOU know THE SECRET!!!

Insert maniacal nerd laugh here...

I should say something here; all of this really does depend on your goals. If your goal is to have a bunch of dudes on the internet think you're cool then talking about all the GFS you steal is a good way to go about it. If you want to have a bunch of meaningless one night stands, girls in relationships are a good way to go. If you want to start a relationship with a girl who has made it obvious she cheats on her Bfs again a good way to go. If that's what you want more power to you. I just think you're a loser :)

In my experience the best way to get back at people who were mean to you or show people you are valuable, is to create an AWESOME life for yourself while letting all that stuff remain in the past. I was a nerd in high school who got rejected by every girl I asked out all 4 years... I spent almost two years with a girl who cheated on me, and I had a horrible group of friends that made me the butt of their jokes causing majorly low self esteem. But I moved on, I figured out what I wanted in my life and I moved towards that. You can do the same. You don't need to take girls away from other guys in order to validate yourself as cooler or better than anyone else.

The whole community in general would be better without this kind of stuff as would locker rooms and anywhere else guys brag about this shit..

JS- The King Of Content