Monday, February 22, 2010

Alex On State

Here's an article by Alex, he'll be writing guest articles every so often on the blog as will other guys I'm working with/ training as I build my Marlo Stansfieldesque team of "Semper Fi Muthafuckas" so stay tuned for that... Inside joke explained below

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Alright guys here's my first article its on state. ***credit TD and Sinn for a lot of this.

So what is state?

State is the emotions that you're in at the time. If you're leaning against the wall with a drink to your chest, not approaching, your state is bad. If you're in your head second guessing yourself, you're state is bad. You need to do things that push your comfort zone in order to gain state. Having a good emotional state while you are out socializing with women is very important.

Limitations -

There are limitations to state, it isn't the magic pill to get you laid. You need to practice pushing your interactions, qualifying, and the other checkpoints along the pickup. With that said, state is very important and can play a major part in how your interactions go. If your state is bad, the girls will pick up on it and you will most likely be blown out. Unless your hitting on Ugly girls, they dont usually mind haha :).

Here's My Personal State checklist -

-Say hi to everyone on the way to the bar/club

-If I see something I like on someone I will compliment them, man or woman

-pushups on the dance floor (very good for newbies)

-singing to yourself

-smile, high fives


-funny labels/ self amusement

-people watching, making references to people. *example - was at bar and my friend was talking to a guy who looked like cat stevens with long beard and hair, so his nickname was cat stevens the rest of the night.

note - a lot of the most absurd things you can do to gain state should be done away from the area/venue that you will be talking to girls in.

Things that mess with your state (what people that are unhappy do)

- thinking of what can go wrong/negative thinking

-not having goals or a sense of purpose

-taking drugs

-eating shitty

- Being a couch potato

There are 4 ways your state is moving

positive moving towards negative

positive going positive

negative going negative

positive going negative

We always want to aim to be heading toward the positive as it's the most useful state for meeting women!

*Consistency is key, do your warmups, do your state drills*

Things in the club that can create a negative state and should thus be ignored:

-not opening- Obvious but the longer you wait, the worse your approach anxiety and state become.

-talking game- Another obvious one, the time to strategize and reflect is later.

-phone addiction- Avoid texting fbs, friends, checking your email compulsively etc..

-laps of doom- Wandering around the club aimlessly "Looking for sets."

-hovering- Getting close to the girls you want to talk to but not opening.

-asking friend for permission to open sets- Attempting to draw state from others or get permission for your behavior.

Every time that you see a opportunity to get in state and you don't, you will lose state. You need to consciously practice trying to get out of your head and keeping a good state at the bar. Because state is 100% under our control, and has a huge positive benefit, you are only hurting yourself by not getting into state EVERY time you go out.

Alex-Junior Instructor Sinns Of Attraction


  1. Anonymous2:06 PM

    Alex this is well and good stuff but I have a question - what if you are not the greatest looking guy? You can do all this but if you cannot get attraction, then what do you do then?

  2. Anonymous5:40 PM

    OI OI OI OI OI OI etc.

  3. Anonymous5:31 AM

    ahm ganna do pushups on tha dance flough and attract all tha honi mingas, oiiiiiiii!

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    good article, thanks!