Thursday, February 11, 2010

"I like girls who"

Here's another little tactic/line/routine whatever you wanna call it.

This one is a great way to test a woman's interest level.

Again all credit goes to CJ for this as well...

So you're talking to a girl, and you think she might, kinda, almost be attracted to you. But you're not sure, and you don't want to get rejected too badly by making too big of a move. If only there was some way to test a girl's level of interest without giving away too much of your power or looking too desperate..

Well now you can with " I like girls who" Statements. These are simply statements where you express a preference for girls with a certain something.

Some examples I've used

" I like girls who like to cuddle."

" I like girls who have really good grammar."

" I like girls who cook."

" I like girls who take really good care of me."

Now if a girl isn't attracted to you, she'll either say that she ISN'T like that, ignore the statement altogether and change the subject or just acknowledge it and move on. At which point you know she's attracted to you but not enough yet to make any big move like trying to kiss her or get her phone number.

But if a girl qualifies herself as a girl like that, then you know for a fact that she's attracted enough to you to continue this qualification process and start escalating more. Overall the more in depth you can explain why you like something, the better this whole process works. It's not a bad idea to even have a story to explain why you like each thing.

Hope that helps,

JS- The King Of Content.