Friday, February 19, 2010

Introducing a New Instructor for SOA: Alex


Today I wanted to introduce one of the new guys working with us at SOA; Alex. Alex took the 12M2M program last year and after a slow start slept with over 27 women in 9 months.

Here's his bio:

Hey guys, I’m Alex and up until Dec 2008 I was very incompetent with women. I joined Sinn’s 12MtM program in Dec 2008 and started to consciously go out a lot and get this area of my life fixed. Through a lot of sets and receiving coaching from Sinn I now consistently get good results.

When I entered high school I was shy and introverted. When I was in high school I didn’t have a girlfriend at all and didn’t even attend prom. I went into the Marine Corps after high school. After I deployed to Iraq I came back and I couldn’t understand that after being in a combat zone I still had anxiety talking to girls, and even if I could get in a conversation I was lost on what to do to move forward.

After I joined Sinn’s program only five months in I was getting really good results. There was a 15 day period in May where I got 7 SNL lays. I had other rolls last summer, one of which I had a week where I had 2 nights in a week where I had a in-venue and a SNL in the same night. (outdoor bathroom, then pulled another chick after back to my place, the other one I took a girl at a beach bar and went to beach and closed, then pulled another girl from same bar back to my place)

As of right now I am approach coaching for Sinn’s of Attraction and as for my personal life. On my rotation now I have 7 girls and 2 of them are in other states. I had 3 new lays last week, two were SNL, one was on valentines day so that may not count J . I will be posting articles soon so stay tuned…


Monday I'll post an article from Alex on state.

Have a great weekend :)

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