Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Typical LA girl Uniform Routine

Hey guys,

Here's a quick little piece of material you can use when you're talking to girls. I know I didn't come up with this but I forget who did.

This is a good example of an observation, mixed with an open loop and demonstrating some social intuition and knowledge of fashion.

After you've started a conversation with a girl you can say

" Well at least you're not wearing typical LA girl uniform."

At which point she'll ask you what that means and you can describe any current fashion trend be it the riding style boots that are popular now or uggs or black tank tops and true religions.

IDIOT DISCLAIMER: Obviously if you don't live in LA then you want to use the city you live in...

This little short routine is a great way to transition or change the subject once you've started talking to a girl and leads as a great bridge into who she is and what she's trying to express with her clothing.


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