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David Wygant is NOT the real hitch but is getting FJM'D


Welcome back to another episode of Fire Joe Morgan the Secret Underground Seduction Community Edition.

If this is your first time seeing this feature it's a weekly ( or so) thing where I take articles written by douchebags, Charlatans, Liars, Frauds, and outright kooks and give my personal commentary on them. This helps me channel my frustration with the quality of teaching in the community as well as amuses me to no end.

This week we have a douchetastic post by the originator of douche, the charlatan that's been alledgedly coaching for 20 years, though you wouldn't know it by his content just the condition of his face. It's called Sunscreen David, and it's your friend :)

Without further ado let's listen to the Rigidly anti-routine David Wygant talk about what sounds a lot like practicing your routines.

As always my comments appear in brackets.

Do you know what “the magic of a story” is? The magic of the story is remembering that while you might be telling a story for the hundredth time, the woman you’re talking to is hearing it for the very first time . . . and being able to tell it like you’re telling it for the first time.

[ Yes cause as I'm going about my day and reading various blogs on the internet I often meditate on things like " What is the magic of a story?" " Who Killed JFK" and " What happens if you mix pop rocks and soda." Who talks like that? Oh that's right over the top self righteous wannabe self help guru pricks. His paragraph makes sense now when considering the writer. And Cause I know he'll read this David, you still remind me of TJ Macky from Magnolia. "RESPECT THE COCK!"]

Recently while I was with some clients, I told a woman a story I’ve told probably at least a thousand times (that’s why the story is so good!). The clients who were with me were shocked when they found this out, and said it seemed like I was telling the story for the first time.

[ Oh, so having stories you've already told ready to tell to women you're meeting is a good thing? Sounds suspiciously like a routine to me. The clients were probably shocked because you constantly push your psychobabble hippie bullshit about observing and being in the moment to guys, while you were using routines that you condemn. Or the fact that they paid 10 grand to follow you around a Brentwood Whole Foods for a few hours. Either or.]

I have such enthusiasm for my stories because I like them. I also know how people will react to them because I’ve told them before.

[ You tell stories that you like over and over again because you know people will react to them positively. Can someone explain how this is different from running routines? If you can, please email me because you can probably solve other conundrums like the meaning of life, why Michael Jordan really "retired" for 18 months, and why Mystery and Matador haven't ODed on coke since moving to LA.]

So how do you tell a great story; how do you tell a story like you’re telling it for the first time? Well, you have to start somewhere in order to learn how to do it.

[ You start by moving your mouth while pushing oxygen out of your lungs and using something called your vocal cords to produce sounds. This moment of biology was brought to you by your friends at Sinns Of Attraction]

Pick five or six things that come up over and over again in conversations, and then think of stories that relate to those things. It doesn’t matter what they are about, so long as you enjoy telling them and can do so with passion.

[ So you pre-script and plan your routines then simply lie to people about what you do when talking to girls. God, you're a douchebag. I sincerely hope the fleas of a million Camels infect your pubic region]

Practice your stories, so they are natural and easy for you to tell. I would suggest that you record all your stories, and then listen to yourself tell them.

[ Again there wouldn't be a problem here except for the fact that you got your panties in a bunch last year when after your " you shouldn't use routines speech at the PUA summit I spoke about why routines can be helpful. Then you flipped out and said I couldn't make eye contact with you and I challenged you to a fight that you backed out of. Now you're talking about routines. That's called flip flopping and on the mean streets of Woodland Hills where I come from, that makes you a bitch. Or for more emphasis a BEEEYOTCHH. David Wygant you're a Bitch. And a liar too.]

As you listen, ask yourself whether you are interesting enough as you tell each story. If you are not, then go back and record them again. Keep listening to those stories over and over again, because those are the stories that are going to come out when you meet people.

[ Be aware of how you sound telling your story that you can have good delivery. Good advice, if it didn't fly in the face of the entire way that you market yourself. Proving that you can tell David Wygant is lying when his lips are moving.]

Those amazing stories will be what attract women when you talk to them. They love to hear them.

[ Yeah this would be good advice, except I do a story-telling workshop on bootcamps and most stories are like this:

Student: "One time I had a layover going to Japan and I got to wear a Kimono."

There's a lot more to story-telling than just telling them over and over again. trust me I've been stuck listening to a lot of guys made up stories, and a bad story practiced a million times is still a bad story. If you actually want to learn to get better at story-telling search this blog(or google) for a reprint of an article by Wilder on Story-telling. It's the best thing I've ever read on Story-telling for attraction and it's free.]

A man who can tell a great story is very intriguing to women. It will show you as a man who is passionate about who he is. A woman will think that if you’re that passionate about yourself and your life, then you will be equally as passionate about her if you start hanging out together.

If you’re passionate about everything that you do – even down to little things like sniffing fruit passionately at the farmer’s market — then women are going to realize how passionate you are about all sorts of things. It’s about living with passion, and it all starts with your stories!

[ Ok this is actually good advice, but in classic charlatan fashion he doesn't talk about how to demonstrate your passions in a way where you don't come off like the scary intense guy. Though to be fair it's most likely because he doesn't know, not because he's trying to confuse people. Plus I think he blatently stole this paragraph from some Tony Robbins book or Newsletter. Remember folks Live with PASSION!!!!! Insert 8 foot tall Tony Robbins booming laugh here.]

David Wygant in the words of my favorite show on you're just a tool and you've been FJM'd.


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  1. Anonymous12:08 PM

    got to be honest i love pua drama.


  2. Anonymous12:22 PM

    owned lol

  3. Anonymous3:49 PM

    Believe, I am really no David Wygant fan but I really do not find his post that bad...actually if you think about it, its very similar to what you have been teaching about story telling and such...seriously...

  4. Anonymous5:51 PM

    Almost all PUA guru instructors definitely have their faults,some moreso than others. I like how Wygant makes himself accessible via his You Tube page that's regularly updated. You don't see that sort of accessibility and humbleness (to the common person) with gurus as arrogant as BradP (same with his blog,that's a total joke compared to the Sinn one) and Mystery for example.

  5. David Wygant never sat right with me but honestly I don't know his stuff well enough to judge it's worth either way.

  6. I think you are being a little harsh. I can see why his advice would not be helpful to everyone (especially guys that need a lot of work), but I don't think he is coming from a bad place. Everyone learns differently. The way he teaches and gets his point across helps some people but obviously it's not gonna resonate with everyone.

  7. Anonymous2:04 AM

    To anyone who didn't fully read Sinn's post.

    The main point is that David Wygant disliked routines but now he is writing articles about using routines such as story-telling. So what does that say about him?

  8. Anonymous8:36 AM

    I agree Brad P is arrogant. Very. David Wygant is arrogant too but he is more comical. I took a Brad P bootcamp and he is doing psychiatric evaluations - this man is not a Doctor - what the hell is going on here? I worked with Wygant and he never went near there.

    I have worked with both Brad P and Captain Jack (who you rated as both your top PUA picks) and I have to say CJ is really a great down to earth dude. What a difference and a classy guy as well. No arrogance there and his intellect runs circles around anyone I have met in this community (only exceptions being possibly TD and maybe Mystery - afterall he did come up with the basis for all this - take that Savoy).

    Speaking of CJ, whatever happened to that idea for an interview? We need to hear more from him.

  9. Anonymous9:02 AM


  10. Anonymous9:04 AM

    Obviously hes not as good as you, but he does have his followers. Stop being too harsh.

  11. Anonymous9:13 AM

    Wygant = cocksucking faggot who flirts with old women in whole foods

  12. Sinn now thats a cool name.
    How long did it take you to think that one up?
    Anyway of course I read this I get my google alerts and as a novice marketer you keyworded very well.

    But really why the juvenile hostility?

    You and I have never had a conversation longer than 5 seconds.

    You have this hate for someone you do not even know.

    You challenge me to a fight like we are 11 years old.

    Do you know what is really disturbing?

    You are out teaching men how to be men and connect with women yet you handle yourself like a jealous school boy who hates someone for no reason at all.

    You want to debate me fine do it as man but be a man and form an opinion based on actual real life face to face interaction.

    Lets see if you have the guts to post this.

  13. Anonymous10:25 AM

    Jon, I hate to say it but I agree with David here. This is quite a disturbing post....

  14. I get where u are coming from but I also think you are being a bit harsh..

    david has some good stuff on his blog/youtube..

    its not everyone's business however..

    you do approches (I do as well) david talks the whole day and hits from time to time

    According the hitch stuff...

    @david if you are the real aspiration as you talked about in pickup podcast.. why dont you interview the guys who found you, you talked with etc...

    you are a smart marketer.. when the movie came out would have been the perfect moment for that.. sales would skyrocket... thats what makes it suspisious from your part..

    from john's part would be great to give details or just let it be... john you knwo its your blog.. you got the sympaty and credibility.. and also a lot of braindead people who believe shit right away only cuz someone is charismatic.. (not saying that all are that way or that you are lying.. but i think you got the point)

  15. Jerry Jerry Jerry!!!!

  16. Anonymous7:27 PM

    I myself am a Brad P student being part of his program and what not...I am biased I will not deny that but he does a lot for members of the 3030 club and students in general he gives us huge discounts on bc which I doubt many gurus would do, the stuff he teaches actually work as sinn will tell you as far as him being arrogant sure maybe he is but hes the first guy to pass up on a girl and hand her over to a student so he can get laid also who gives a fuck if hes arrogant? As long as hes getting me laid then he can be the biggest asshole I've ever met I think what you guys have to realize is that yeah these teachers are normal human beings with flaws...Brad happens to be very good with girls and guess what? Most guys who are good with girls are arrogant. I am biased I won't lie but the things I said are true.

  17. Anonymous9:19 PM

    All PUA 'gurus' have to be successful marketers to make a living and some are much better at it than others. I think Mr. Wygant's material and his workshops (since he offers ones to women as well) serves a useful function for some guys who are probably totally turned off by the PUA concept and equate it with being a manipulative, superficial sleazebag, so feel more comfortable with the concept of using a dating coach. I haven't taken any Wygant workshop, but I'd say he's very wise to position himself that way.

    I know he's fairly quiet these days, but as he's probably the biggest fraud and is more of a marketer than anything else with all his overpriced AFC products, the person I'd like seeing Sinn bust on is Eben Pagan (or whatever his real name is, as that sounds totally fake as well), better known as David DeAngelo.

  18. Anonymous10:31 PM

    Wygant goes down hard...1...2..3..4,
    stumbles back to his feet....

    DW: Ummm yea nice name....Sinn...that name's stupid... and you're only a novice marketer..hehe.. Why do you wanna fight me you're so juvenile!
    Show me you're a real man and look
    in to my eyes. I save my intimate eye contact for real men only.

    Sinn: Why did we have to meet in Whole Foods at 6:30 sharp, and why are you smelling that fruit so passionately?

    DW: Look you jealous little school boy, you've failed to meet my gaze, so let's see if you have the guts to post this awesome comeback.

    Sinn laughs, clicks his mouse,

  19. I agree with Derrick in that David is trying to do right (if he's not totally trying to make money, which he is), but at the same time Sinn is absolutely right.

    I've met David, talked with him for a while, hung out with him, gone to his seminar after I talked to him and defended him from the irate college girls he was preaching to, and ultimately lost faith in what he says (I was brand new to the community).

    He talks a good "non-game" spiel, but ultimately, honestly, the dude relies totally on routine and his routines are terrible. It's like someone with a 5th grade reading level read The Game and decided to make money reiterating it and pretending like it never existed.

    Get with Sinn (most of you already are), Lovesystems, or Captain Jack if that fool ever posted.

  20. man i agree totally with this post!!! wygant sux man...he constantly contradicts himself...he's an average pua with no real master skills at all. He gets by on the lamest shit. everyone has their own style bbut he's all preachy with his as though he is gangster or something...all i can say is sinn if you are out pulling same night 3 somes like i saw u mention you go for sometimes then you are the fukn LORD!! even though u talk about seppo sport too much on your blog.

  21. Warped Mindless12:50 PM

    I'm willing to bet that David Wygant pulls more ass than 99% of the guys here that's hating on him.

  22. Anonymous7:00 PM

    I heard that the set with the blond girl on David Wygant's Infield Insider is fake. And that's only number he got.

    I have a friend who knows her and she said she's known David for a while and he didn't actually pick her up that day.

  23. Sinn, I agree with Wygant that you come off worse for the ranting. I respect you a lot, but when you go into ranting mode you lose me. If you were going to skewer Wygant, you should have used humor, as you did in your hilarious commentary on Mystery's VH1 show. As for Wygant using routines, yup, he does. That's obvious. Juggler is also anti-routines, but he uses them. As Mehow says, all the natural gamers use routines. Geez, only a nut totally avoids using what's been proven to work in the past.

  24. I saw a speech by Wygant at the 2007 PUA Summit and it was definitely anti-routine. Then I saw him in Mehow's Infield Insider and most of the clips are just him doing small talk with people working in stores. I wasn't impressed, there's not one thing that learned from him doing 5 or 6 "small talk" sets besides that he thinks it gets you in a talkative state. But other PUA's give you that same advice, and advice on how to structure interactions.

  25. I usually hate negative/bashing posts like this in blogs and forums, but I can't stand David Wygant so I make an exception here. I would have paid to see you too brawl too (though challenging someone to a fight doesn't help your case). Honestly, it's probably a unfair and uninformed opinion, but there's something about his writing and his appearances on that just really bothers me. I think a large part of it is his entitled attitude, but the complete lack of useful content has something to do with it too.

    For all I knew, Wygant might be a saint who feeds starving children on his time off from saving puppies from fires, but I don't know him that well. What I do know is that something about him and his writing irks me. A lot.

    I should also point out that I had this opinion long before I knew my favorite PUA/blogger shared my disdain for David. (I'm not just another idol worshipper backing his his favorite guru blindly.)

    - Al

    P.S. More importantly than guru wars; when are you going to post on King James trying to get MJ's number retired nationwide? This has me all torn up between my appreciation for MJ, and the fact that a Jackie Robinson like tribute should be reserved for those who defeated epic adversity. He does deserve something though, maybe the season MVP name, via Russel and the Finals MVP? (Kareem would probably be furious though, wouldn't he?)

  26. Anonymous10:46 AM

    also, (assuming that was the real wygant posting) how can he hate on sinn for his nickname? doesn't he go by Jon most of the time nowadays? can you really hate on a guy for what he went by as a kid?!?
    oh well, i guess that's just much more mature than challenging some one to a fight like "an 11 year old".

  27. You're giving all your power to complaints you have about someone. That's certainly a way to function in life, but it doesn't attract me as a potential client of yours. Why dedicate an entire blog posting to a guy who is really doing nothing directly to you? Why is it so important to you to make him wrong?