Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Alex The Drunk Idiot Aussie From RSD may not have Nimbus but he does have FJM

Welcome back to the blog that started it all...

Today I have another FJM special ready for you guys. This time I didn't even really have to do that much to make this guy look bad.

Funny side story about Alex from RSD, last year when I was in OZ a friend of mine wanted to introduce the two of us. I was not interested. Then Alex said he would only meet up if I promised not to tool him. I still didn't want to meet the guy,so obviously it didn't happen. But it's a funny idea that he was so afraid of getting tooled.

Unfortunately for him, he didn't end up escaping the tooling.

Let's get into Alex's article on state!

As always my comments appear in brackets []

Get into state. Because getting into state is good. When you are in state, you aren’t not out of state. And while this doesn’t necessarily make you attractive to girls, it certainly doesn’t make you unattractive. But, that depends.

[ Huh? Right off the bat you're starting with something that vaguely resembles English. Then you contradict yourself with a that depends. Honestly I hope someone kills you :)]

Honestly, and if you ask my closest friends in the company, I’m not really motivated by girls. One time I drunk dialed a friend’s ex girlfriend and exposed her to some verbal obscenities. But, as I was always shining through, she must have been attracted to my nimbus. When I asked her what her address was she was shocked. She must have thought it was for outer game purposes. Nope. The corner vendor has ceased to serve alcohol.

[ Just because you write formally or use more complicated words, it doesn't actually make what you're saying sound smart. It just makes you sound pretentious. This is basically a story about you making a drunk ass of yourself. Awesome for guys who want to learn to get better with women!]

I wanted to visit her house for inner game purposes.

Point is, when I asked her what her address was she was shocked, paused for a moment considering the oral lashing I had given her, and asked “why do you want my address?!”

‘For invitational purposes.’


She then volunteers her address. You beauty.

[ So basically you were trying to bang a friend's ex and then yelled at her before asking her for her address... We up to speed here people? It's like trying to read Dickens it takes 4 pavges to go up a flight of stairs.]

But, in my quest to get more state, I got distracted by the hermit crabs in the water fountain and I forget all about the Santa Claus style drop in she was expecting. No presents for her. State reigned supreme in my priorities.

[ I'm Alex and I like to be vague to make it seem like I wasn't just too drunk to know where I was or what I was trying to do. As they say in the program Alex, admitting you have a problem is the first step to recovery.]

When I rubbed my eyes and figured out where I was the next day, I came to the conclusion that she was attracted to me because I was more inspired by getting some state then I was inspired to give her a statement of outer game. This lead to the extrapolated conclusion that I should do more things like that, but be mindful to capitalise on my outer game inspiring state and share the love.

[ When he woke up the next morning he remembered that he invited himself to a friend's ex gf's house and was annoyed he was too drunk to capitalize on his friend's sloppy seconds. For shame Alex, for shame.]

Results have been positive and medicinally compromising since.
For you, the budding glory monger, you may actually have your priorities out of order. Do you go out to ‘sarge’ or do you go out to irritate the bouncers of the establishment?

[ Irritating Bouncers is not a good idea and can lead to getting choked. I'm friends with a bunch of bouncers so I know first hand from watching socially awkward idiots like Alex.]

I see a lot of guys who go out for reasons other than themselves. To put anyone or anything in front of your cause is to assume that you are lower value than them, and hence, be unattractive. No girl will tell you her address.

The club is my office. But, I have no boss, only the agent Smiths. I can’t drink because I am at ‘work,’ so I just get into state and then say ‘whoa’ a lot.

[ I'm not sure you're smart enough to be making Keanu Reeves jokes.]

Technically, state is default, and is what happens when you perceive that nothing stands in your way. When there is nothing in your head to prevent it from coming to you, you are in state. You can’t force it, though. Like so many other things, if you let go, it will come straight to you. But, not like money in the casino, that’s an exception.

[ Gibberish alert, Gibberish Alert. Alex can you write a coherent paragraph? Just four little sentences that make sense to the average reader. You know make that second 40 pages of your post just fly by.]

More technically, self esteem based state is proportionate to your ability to influence others. If you subscribe to natural game, state comes from within. The more people you have to influence, the more you call upon your resources from within, and like a siphon it just begins to flow. Slow at first, but it can build momentum.

Technically, if you do something positive, dominant or simply take action, you will move more towards state then you were previously. You want your cognitive traffic to cause the people around you to do matrix style limbo to avoid falling under your spell. But, they are only human. Bring more state and they will succumb to your presence.

[ You want your cognitive traffic to cause people to limbo... God this is such bullshit. Basically you have nothing to say and think that if you fruit up your post with strange metaphors and analogies it will seem deep. Just because you don't understand something, doesn't make it profound. ASSHAT.]

What are the well know state building techniques? If you’re a bit of a beginner and want to get a bit of a smile up in the club, try talking to a few sets, singing, shouting, high fiving, or clapping your hands.

Try it now. Sing this song... and follow the lyrics. Clap your hands, stand up, bob your knees and give someone a high five. Sing loud, break the shackles. You don’t have bad intentions, why would you limit yourself?

OK.. hit the song and sample some beginner state. Remember, whatever you feel she feels.

We rocked this song in France while intermittently screaming the mispronounced name of the scandalous French President: “SAR-COW-ZEE, FUCK YEAH!”

[ Singing is a good way to get in state. Wow we're only halfway through and we got one piece of useful information. This is AWESOME!]

But, that stuff is for the faint of heart. There is a whole new range of self entertainment, state inspiring, and sanity obliterating pastimes that will induce seizures of laughter. They follow the same principles of taking action, creativity and positive dominance, only amplified.

I warn you. Do these wrong and you will end up in jail, an altercation or maybe knighted. Use at your own risk.

[ Oh good we finally get to the part where Alex suggests socially awkward borderline illegal behaviors! No wonder so many RSD guys get kicked out of clubs and the mall..]

The ‘Lime in the eye’.

One of the best in the business: juice for tough guys. Anecdotally, only Australians can handle lime to the eyeball.

[ Really you just recommended guys squirt lime into there eye for state. Really? I feel like Amy and Seth from weekend update should spring up and do a whole impromptu bit about this one. Really you go into a bar and squirt Lime into your eye? Why not just pull out a belt hang yourself and engage in some full on auto-erotic asypxiation?]

The ‘corporate elbow’.
Take your left hand and scratch the back of your head. In doing so, out stretch your left elbow outwards and to head level. Now you have a limbo stick for others in the club to negotiate.

[ Stick your elbow out so people have to walk around you. This is called being an asshole. This would lead to what I call a "big shoulder" when you walk by an asshole such as this and channeling your best Ray Lewis circa 2001 slam your shoulder into said asshole. Not great for state but very satisfying :)]

The ‘umbilical cord’.
Join several bendy straws together by pinching one straw so it is smaller in diameter than the other straw and insert inside. It must be an air tight connection. Now, you can drink for free, ninja style.

[ I'd love to see you try to stick your straw into my drink at a bar. Or anyone's. Instead of talking to girls, you can find Alex playing with straws, limes and sticking out his elbow in bars. Awesome]

The ‘I lost my contact lens’.
When a hot girl or girls (known as a ‘mingerwarren’) waltz by wearing short skirts exclaim loudly “I lost my contact lens!” in a manner that will draw attention to yourself. Drop to your hands and knees and lower you head as low as possible to the ground. From this angle, you can pose an opinion opener to the girl such as “can I get a quick female opinion on something. [female interlude] Have you seen my contact lens. With your head on the ground and their short skirts it makes for good angle of conversation.

[ This could actually be funny provided your not actually trying to look up their skirts. If you are actually trying to catch a peek, they should send you back to Australia with the rest of your convict ancestors.]

The ‘legless drunk’.
If you can put a wobble on your bipedal progressions and roll your eyes into anti-co-ordinated magic eight balls, then you can pass as a convincing drunk. In this pseudo-condition, you can knock cock blocking chodes over, motor boat cleavage capture girls in your arms as you try to regain your balance. This one is fun.

[ Pretend to be Drunk! That's great advice, we all know that drunk idiots who can barely move get all the PUSSY! Damn bro you've really revealed some next level secrets. I can't wait for Alex's next post Rohypnol- how to pull!]

The ‘oceans one’.
Somewhere in the venue there will be a security door with a numeric code required for access. Keep an eye on it. Usually the code won’t be longer than five or six figures. Note it or film it with your camera, and BOOM you’re in the Bellagio vault. Go in, find a uniform, suit up, then tend the bar, yet prioritizing your companions. Use said companions to bring girls to the free drink and watch them paw at your neck line as you tell them of your whiles.

[ This never happened except in Alex's mind. To further expand on the movies into fantasy fictional pick up moves let's look at the " The Mr and Mrs Smith'" where in your mind you imagine an elaborate relationship with a girl then imagine she's trying to kill you. Before you say hi you hit her in the face with a garbage can and then take her back to your place for makeup sex.]

And for mayhem purposes (prepare to be immediately ejected)...

The ‘Grand Prix Podium’.
This is much like a wet t-shirt contest, but the contestants aren’t aware of their involvement. So it’s kinda like Halloween. Buy a sultry three count of Pabst Blue Ribbon or other such shittery in bottle form. Cover the top with your thumb. Start a ruckus as though there is a bit of a shoving fight in the vicinity. In the commotion violently shake the beer at waist level. And voila...we have Spring Break. This is both an effective means for state, opening the girl and extracting the girl as they will probably get booted from the bar when Agent Smiths come at you talking of sociological prophecies.

[ Yes I'm sure a girl who you just sprayed beer on is going to be ready to get it on. Shit why did I waste 6 years learning game and social skills when all you need to do is act like a drunk idiot and spray beer on girls. Damn it all]

Don’t let these maneuvers limit you. There are many more, far more creative, far less professional means by which to get into state. It’s the thrill of going against the norm, the thrill of immediate venue-removal and heightened sense of self from the attention that you will draw that makes these things and others so good for amping the state and fun. Make you and your fun the first priority of your night.

[ The thrill of immediate venue removal leads to not getting laid. You can have fun without getting kicked out. Most people do.]

More often than not, the girls will think of you as silly and immature. This is, of course, the goal. Blend-Tec their congruence tests and establish A = HV + E. You have fun – they have fun. Everybody wins.

State like this will have the girls circling you as if you had your period in shark infested waters.


[Obviously no one knows more about getting kicked out of places and going home alone than Alex}

JS-The King Of Content


  1. Anonymous11:21 AM

    Dude, thank you for this. I just found this community and as a natural I didn't think people actually fell for this shit.

    Good stuff ripping that douche apart, I'm still angry I even wasted time reading his nonsense.

  2. Anonymous11:27 AM

    HAHAHAHA!!!!! Best article EVER in the seduction community. I hate that little aussie FUCK!

  3. Anonymous12:04 PM

    :D Good all those people on the web claming to be naturals like the fool above x)

    I totally loved the article , it was great.

  4. Savoy's gay boyfriend12:43 PM

    Sinn, this was a lay up - way too easy. I can't believe anyone with a modicum of common sense would believe this RSD garbage.

    You and Savoy seem to have hatched a daring plan to destroy the heads of the other five pickup families like Michael Corleone in the Godfather. You just shot Alex through the eye Mo Green style.

    Can we get a full list of the people you have had feuds/verbally attacked in the past:

    Johnny Soporno
    El Topo
    Dmitri the Lover
    David Wygant
    David DeAngelo
    Ross Jeffries
    Tyler Durden [not 100% sure about this]

    Interesting list - not surprisingly there isn't one Love Systems person on there. If you had integrity you would call out the biggest homo in the community, a.k.a. Fader.

  5. Sinn,

    I agree Alex talking out of his ass. Psych made parody out of it last year. (Psych is awesome)anyway
    I wouldnt pay to get any training from a guy like ALEX. most of these new guys are a basic clone of jeffy and added a weird element and calling it natural.
    I would exclude Tim cause even though Tim is delusional, the mindset does click bro.

    I enjoyed this breakdown man...

    I know you are busy with the 12 month guys...but dude you are the KinG of content.


    PS: You could have just said yeah and fuckin' tool him with "my Cock" jokes and have psych record it.lol.

  6. QUOTE:
    JS-The King Of Content
    Bullshit Community Drama Free since 10/7/09

    You can stay away from the drama bro, can ya?

    I know, I know..they keep bringin you back in.

    I have to say this.... I like your style like watching Dennis Rodman kick ass on the basketball court playing Defense for the bulls.



  7. Anonymous1:19 PM

    I agree that Alex is a fucking tool, but this article has to be satire... this couldn't possibly be serious right?

  8. Anonymous4:22 PM

    "I'd love to see you try to stick your straw into my drink at a bar. Or anyone's. Instead of talking to girls, you can find Alex playing with straws, limes and sticking out his elbow in bars. Awesome"

    Not sure how using an extended straw to "drink from other people's beverages ninja style" is supposed to help your game, might be kind of funny if you did it to your girlfriend but to a random person? RSD lacks a lot of practical advice that you can immediately implement into your game. Way too much bullshit, not enough content.

  9. Anonymous5:10 PM

    you da man sinn

  10. Anonymous5:20 PM

    What the hell does this say? I'm so confused. 1000+ words of nothing. Are we supposed to be confused into thinking this is deep?

  11. Anonymous5:28 PM

    how is Fader a homo???

  12. I could barely read half of it.

    If someone is dumb enough to pay that guy to help him with women, they probably shouldnt be reproducing in the first place.

    Why does he have a job, even? The club is his work environment? I can claim to be nonjudgemental, but that is seriously dumb as hell

  13. Anonymous6:12 PM

    i can't believe i fucking wasted my time reading that shit. i knew rsd sucks. wow seriously they're just riding on td's fame (who rode on mystery's..).

    I still can't believe i wasted that much of my life but i was curious to see what this shit was about. Glad you wrote this sinn.

  14. Anonymous6:36 PM

    LOL Awesome post dude!

    Keep em coming, baby, keep em coming.

  15. Kimball8:34 PM


    I actually know Alex very, very well and I can tell you (1) that he didn't write much of this particular article and (2) the person that did was actually taking the piss more than anything else.

    You've been had, Mister Sinn... but I don't expect you to believe that.

    Somewhere over in Euroland Alex is immensely enjoying this kind of community drama.

  16. Wow.

    EPIC Burn!

    Barry's right, who needs comedy writers when you have some of these guys around.

    I miss you on his show...


  17. Anonymous11:59 PM

    yeah but you cant say shit about Tim

  18. Anonymous6:56 AM

    Fuck Seduction I target it!
    I will dis Hitch Jeffy Erik
    and every one of
    you Charlatans!! :)]

    I'm Cuckoo!! I dont' need
    a hook for this one!

  19. I find it hard to believe that original post was serious.

    If it was, then that's just deeply disturbing. The guy's a total retard.

    If it wasn't, it wasn't very funny really. Probably shouldn't have bothered. Humour obviously isn't his strong point.

    Either way, the guy comes across as a cretin.

  20. nice one!!!!!!!

    so much bs in one article and when u think about it that 90% of all rsd it s the same...makes u wanna puke.

    keep em coming sinn.

  21. If king of content's the adjective
    RSD's the antonym. Enuff said.

  22. Anonymous10:02 AM

    Most pua's are comedy gold
    just like their boyfriends
    sodomy hole-their full
    of shit!

  23. Anonymous10:38 AM

    this must be one of the best post ever on the community

    i cant believe this guy alex is for real, like, he couldnt be more of a douchebag cause he doesnt have the time.

  24. Anonymous11:25 AM

    Hey sinn glad your writing this please write more and expose all these posers that think they have game but cant help anyone. I mean seriously you'd be helping a lot of guys. All these coaches wasting our time with psycho babble bs just give me what works.

  25. Haha!

    I love it!! :-)

  26. HAHAHA! I laughed my ass off at the Keanu Reeves line, but then "Rohypnol- how to pull!" was even better! HAHAHA!

    Having never read any of Alex's material before, I have to assume he was high as a kite while writing this. No one would hire some one who genuinely thinks like this... right?

  27. Anonymous1:56 PM

    Alex is too easy of a target - its like giving you props for picking the ravens over the browns on monday night or something.

  28. Anonymous5:14 PM

    I think even Alex would agree that his article was obviously not meant to be taken seriously. Even if he is full of shit you could have at least picked one of his slightly more coherent articles and made it a bit more of a challenge :)

  29. Openheimer8:53 PM

    Hilarious pwnage.

    My suspicious is the RSD Cult doesn't actually care in the least about helping dudes get girls, that's just their cover... their real goal from the get-go is to inspire antisocial behavior. That's why they say "state is more important than girls" and then "the way to get state is to be antisocial" - it's a chain of justifications to reach their end goal.

    "Getting girls" is just a way for them to suck guys in...

    Creepy, creepy fucking Cult. Even by community standards... and that's saying something.

  30. Sinn,

    Could you please link to the original article? I think it's only fair to show it in it's true context.

    By the way, while what you've quoted (which I can't find anywhere else on RSDN), does look like a shitty article.

    However, Alex's articles that I've read on RSDNation have been really really good, so whatever is posted here is NOT representative of his value.


  31. Found the original link:


    Anyway, yeah, bad article. I still recommend the recent series he has written.


  32. Anonymous2:00 AM

    Jesus christ, thanks alex for making us aussies look like douchebags
    Can someone give me his address so I can go and punch his stupid head in?

  33. Anonymous2:00 AM

    Hey Sinn who is a bigger douchebag?
    Alex, Jaylaxative or kid44?


  34. Anonymous9:54 AM

    Oh nice.. "Comment will be visible after blog owner approval" No wonder all the comments are sucking ur nuts.

  35. Anonymous7:50 PM

    the problem is you have a bunch of RSD fans saying things like "great post man" in the comments under the post and it makes people that are new to the community think it's good advice.

  36. Anonymous11:36 PM

    How is bashing other guys improving your dating lives?

    Just becoming internet trolls.

  37. Rohypnol = GHB = Get Horny Bitch

  38. I don't see how bashing this dude helps.

    He really does make students squirt lime juice in their eyes before approaches. His new article series has improved. You should check it out.

  39. Dude, how the fuck does his new article helps anyone? It's basically 10 articles of complete mental masturbation bullshits!

  40. Anonymous7:58 PM

    holy shit.... I thought I wrote some random stuff back when I was in uni but seriosuly Alex's writing takes the cake.... wtf??

    Speechless. Just speechless.

  41. How is that in one paragraph, your admonishing Alex with a warning to us about how doing socially awkward shit can get us choked out of a bar...

    ..and then in the next paragraph, you're suggesting we shoulder shove the shit out of socially awkward idiots like this dude?


    Sounds to me that you have a lot of experience with bouncers yourself Sinn.

    Terrible article.

  42. Anonymous2:43 AM

    I know Barry Kirkey has no writing to FJM, but I think you should take him down in the same spirit.

    You are the best and most cutting writer out there commenting on this scene, bar none. You also have a unique ability to pinpoint exactly how people are behaving at one level of abstraction above it, like a bird's-eye-viewpoint. Barry Kirkey does it well at times, you do it better and are way smarter. I hope you'll consider putting him in his place while he and his show are limping, the timing seems right. He's no untouchable, and there can only be one king.

    Although I do know that his show is desperate for drama, and you'd be pouring him a cup of gasoline...I guess only you know whether it's worth it at a professional level.

    Regardless, thanks for the lucid musings, and keeping things supremely real.

  43. Anonymous8:13 AM

    Sooo Sinn do you actualy respect RSD but just dont like alex or do you hate them all together?

  44. Anonymous12:02 PM

    The information here is great. I will invite my friends here.


  45. Anonymous4:56 AM

    what do you get out of tooling this guy? Why not post stuff that's constructive? Disecting an entire post by some one else equals GAY!! anyone can take a piece of writing and find fault with it.I have personally met alex. He gets RESULTS. Not to mention is a normal, good guy.Why do you have such an interest in Alex any way?? fucker.

  46. Anonymous8:13 AM

    I have been reading and looking for Alex The Drunk Idiot Aussie From RSD may not have Nimbus but he does have FJM and is amazing and disturbing how many blogs related to generic viagra are in the web. But anyways, thanks for sharing your inputs, they are really useful and helpful.
    Have a nice day

  47. Anonymous12:01 PM

    Cool story bro

  48. Anonymous2:36 AM

    As an Australian, i'm sorry.

  49. Paige5:12 AM

    I know of RSD teaching style at their bootcamps from male friend of mine who took one. He said they had now structure for beginners. They just threw him out there and told him to approach. But I still don't think I would be wasting all this time bashing RSD on this blog. I'm sure they will have better quality as their company grows.

  50. Anonymous5:54 PM

    I find Alex' articles way more profound and insightful than this negative piece of bullocks.
    The fact the he rips Alex as a "drunk idiot" and calls himself the "2nd best PUA in the world" (how do you measure that??) already disqualifies this Sinn dude.
    But judging from this article I am sure he is self confident, which possibly leads to success with woman.
    But personally I would rather be insecure than confident for the wrong reasons.