Monday, November 02, 2009

9 Ball Review AKA Jeffy will now fly out of control and tell me to fuck myself.

Ok, so I've always been a fan of Jeff Allen's(AKA Jlaix, Jeffy) writing. I've been public about it. Before 9ball his writing always made me laugh,and think.

And that's precisely why 9ball was so disappointing.

Not only is the book basically a reprint of his freely available archive from ASF, but the sections that are added on are basically rehashing of things he's said on various products. Basically a big fuck you to people who have followed his writing for the last few years.

Now this would not have been such a big deal if not for the fact that Jeffy repeatedly talked about how he was slaving night and day on this book, as if it were a 1400 pages of new material. You know kinda exactly the same way TD has talked about working 16 hours a day on the Blueprint and his relationship book. Neither of which has been published despite numerous dates of this masterpiece being done.

But back to 9ball, after the first few chapters detailing the insanity of Jeffy's early life. Which was well written but felt a bit long especially as we got into the section about self mutilation and drug abuse. We get it, Jeffy didn't give a fuck.

Then we get into the section where for almost 200 pages we're treated to touched up field reports, as Jeffy vacillates between being dejected and enamoured of his new life as a PUA. The only problem is I've already read these LRs, like 2-3 yrs ago. And there's not really any new content or commentary from Jeffy looking back. To sum up how this felt, it's like the equivilent of being told you're going to get the director's cut of a movie with 15 minutes of extended footage, except it's there in 30 30 second shots of backgrounds. If there was new content in the LRs, I sure as hell didn't notice it.

There is a great couple of pages in a chapter as Jeffy sits and talks with a friend about why he's continuing and all he can come up with is self presevervation. Sadly it's the only part of the book that stands out.

The worst part of this, is that I know Jeffy could have done better, especially if he had ya know actually been working on this book for a decade as RSD would like you to believe. Though if there's one thing the RSD boys are good at it's exaggerating, a stroll through RSD nation sounds like listening to the kid in high school who is always talking about how much he parties with kids from this other high school where he has a girlfriend.

I'm disappointed.

Now I'll wait for an angry email or text for having an opinion Jeffy knows deep down is true.

JS-The King Of Content


  1. Anonymous6:09 PM

    I agree. I'm a big fan of RSD but this is awful. Nothing new. An insult to the fans!

  2. Anonymous7:36 PM

    Damn...wasnt expecting that especially since it seems like you guys are friends but props for being honest about your review seems like a lot of puas back other puas becuz its good biz becuz then theyll back each other to the students its like oh so and so said hes good so its good...but props for being truthful thats straight up noble in this bitch

  3. Anonymous11:32 PM

    I like your honesty Sinn, great to have that in this PU industry it is rare

  4. Anonymous1:09 AM

    Sinn Thanks. Your one of the few people that serve to remind me that there is some smart people in the world that see things like I do. Keep spreading the word :)

  5. Anonymous2:57 AM

    nice review...exactly my thoughts too.

    but of course u can't say this on rsd forum cos u re banned if u don t kiss their a**.

  6. Anonymous7:48 AM

    I like Jeffy because the guy is ballsy. The "I am a big douchebag, will you be my friend?" Opener is funnier than shit!

    The guy may not know how to write a good book but he makes me laugh and takes the edge off this PUA stuff.

    Too many people view this stuff too seriously and Jeffy is the comic relief.

  7. Anonymous8:05 AM

    Good to see Sinn calling out bad
    products. Wasn't sure after his
    List recommended that Gambler free
    report - which was brutal IMO.

  8. Anonymous8:16 AM

    sinns totally right...especially his pick up up advice ("i dont ask girls for their numbers cause i have abundance mentality") was lame as fuck..the book shows how big his fake-positiv ego is...ii just can't call RSD a happy ending

  9. Anonymous8:26 AM

    Sinn, It's good to see an honest review of a PUA product. Often it feels like ever review of one PUA by another is a puff piece -- quid pro quo -- for a positive review in return. I'm glad you have the integrity to tell us straight. It also give more weight to the positive reviews you give.

    On a related note, I really appreciated your comparison of popular methods in the beginning of the Game Acceleration Doctrine 2.0. From a beginner's perspective, it hard to put these products and systems in perspective. Thanks.

  10. Anonymous9:07 AM

    Jeffy Show was an awesome product, and established him as one of the most entertaining public speakers/story tellers in the pickup industry.

    But that does not make him a good writer. The book was basically a transcript of his story telling, and was not a compelling book experience. The writing style may have worked better as short-form field reports.

    It's almost the mirror opposite of Style, who is a pretty entertaining book writer whereas Jeffy would blow him away as a public speaker.

    Spot on about RSD exaggerations in general. The latest is TD bragging about how is infield footage is an order of magnitude better than what else is out there, while ignoring the fact that "what else" has the distinction of actually being available to help students.

    TD reminds me somewhat of Bill Gates, who would exaggerate and engage in smoke and mirrors marketing to position his "vaporware" against companies that actually developed stuff (buying Microsoft time to play catch-up).

    Around whatever innovations the community develops, you will find TD jumping on his forum bragging about how his stuff is the best. It's a classic case of trying to jump in front of the parade.

    I suspect that this is intentional, because TD and Papa have figured out that controversy is good for business. A lot of the traffic on RSD Nation is people titillated about TD's exaggerations and whether he's going to get called out on them.

    It would be great to hear you talk further about this on your podcast or maybe on BKRS.

  11. Anonymous9:31 AM

    And what did you expect? Jeffy isn't good at anything. He always braggs about his shitty bootcamps yet I bet they are really bad even for average community standards (which is bad enough). Jeffy's biggest accomplishment is to fuck a few fatties and going to the gym.

  12. Anonymous9:34 AM

    RSD is shit. Where is their infield footage?? They are the WORST in a community that is mostly fraudulent to begin with. RSD are a bunch of clowns who exaggerate all their accomplishments 100x, especially fat fuck Papa.

  13. Anonymous9:36 AM

    Sinn you should write review of the shitty Blueprint too and bash on it hardcore. Don't know if you watched that shit but it's 20h of mental masturbation, rehashed self help and Tylers fake laugh.

  14. Anonymous9:52 AM

    yeah!!!! fuck RSD!!!

  15. Anonymous2:33 PM

    For someone who hasn't been following RSD or Jeffy do you guys think the field reports in the book are worth reading?

  16. Anonymous3:48 PM

    When is Sinn's book coming out???

  17. Anonymous4:23 PM

    I found the book inspiring and helpful. I'm glad he put it out. More MPUA's should write their own books.

  18. Anonymous7:15 PM

    What material was Jeff supposed to use? I mean he already documented everything in those FRs/Lrs - If you go and read the archive, you're basically already looking at Jeff's source material so... what did you expect?

  19. Anonymous5:04 AM

    It's fair enough to give a negative review if it is honest, so I congratulate you on being honest. It does scream of double standards though... Sinn rejects any comment on his blog that is even slightly negative!

  20. Yeah, I've not read Jeffy's maybe I'd love the book?
    And seriously...WTF did Gambler offer you to get you to send out his Rejection Report?
    Maybe you are being unnecessarily critical of Jeffy's book to balance out with how much guilt you feel for recommending Gambler's PDF to us?
    It's not particularly bad or anything it's just totally contentless. In the mountains of marketing I got "Don't trigger her defenses".
    Brilliant. So by 'new' method yeah mean originated in '96. I wonder what the old method was.

  21. Anonymous8:55 AM

    Jeffy = FAIL!

  22. Anonymous10:03 AM

    duded, i totally respect your work but your anger andcriticism is sometimes really full of double standards.
    gambler is a big douche and has report literally had zero content. don't get lost in marketing bullshit.

    your reviews of other products are usually pretty good, but your 9ball review sounds basically like a dissapointed angry fanboy review. you don't come across like a guy on eye-level that tells real rookies what they can learn from the book. most of the guys here are not that addicted to community material as you were.

    so while i can understand that i did not offer a lot of new stuff for yu, for me the book was golden and had a lot of value.


  23. Anonymous11:50 AM

    Great job Sinn! It looks like you've stirred the pot with some RSD
    boys. Literally every product I've ever seen from RSD has been re-hashed material where they try to psychologically trick you into believing their crap works. The blueprint video i saw for free but was still disappointed.

    I don't expect Sinn to trash every product (Gambler Report), because that's unreasonabe. RSD needs to be taken down a peg because they have so much influence in the community.

  24. Anonymous8:46 PM

    I'm 125 pages into the book and I have to say it isn't the train wreck I was expecting. After the early life/fucked up dad stuff, the field reports start. They're not that detailed so it definitely isn't a how-to book. He basically is all about eye contact, state, and going caveman. I'm glad it works for him.

    Wish there was a little more PUA gossip and actual how-to details...hope there's lots in the Sinn book :)

  25. I actually got into looking for J show cause you mentioned him as your favorite PUA.

    I like the jeffy show and i noticed alot of your own material in your natural attraction DVD you use quotes and lines that jeffy used before either on transformation or on j show.

    you have to admit jlaix is a character .

    What is this rumour of Your new book JS?

    Anyway. you guys can bash something you guys dont know about? If you actually gone out and gamed...have to admit jeffy's style and what he says is out of experience and he s dead on.

    I dont think a jeffy bc would be for a beginner with poor inner game.

    but if you are mid level, I bet he can be of more help out of experience.

    I havent read MASF archives cause I havent looked into MASF at all but so far reading it as a book and not a technique book...the challenges he is faced with in his story is eye opening...the book isnt organized and its kind of confusing at first with timeline... ofcourse Im by pg 100 out of 429.

    Its not a PUA book, but someone who has gone through the journey.

    I've never been a fan of STyle aka neil strauss like many guys are and always talk about him.I listend to audiobook of "the game" but never really read it.IMO alot of useless dick crack and propaganda to cultivate a following.

    I think he is weird and wishy washy...I guess thats why JS doesnt like him.

    About 9ball book: So far I'm enjoying reading the book.


  26. ....I also get JS that you are upset that even thought he is one of your fav pua's or whatever.
    It would have been superbly done better.

    The commentary or looking back at LR's and FR's would have been GOLDEN.

    I agree with you JS 100%

    great review!!!!

  27. Anonymous11:25 AM

    I loved it. I laughed, I teared up. A great read. Very inspirational, especially the ending.

    Maybe if you went and dug up all of his ASF stuff and read it, you would be familiar with the plot lines, but... uh it's a chronicle about the guy's time during pickup. What did you expect? That's his story.

    In conclusion, it's a really fun and inspirational book. Highly recommended.

  28. Anonymous7:48 PM

    You posted this the same night you wrote it... not a good idea.

    Let it sit for a few days next time.

    Nothing against you or Jeffy, but this particular review was childish.

  29. Anonymous5:41 AM

    I dont know a lot about sinn, people tell me he talks a lot of shit about his students and doesnt give a fuck. If its not true sin those are the rumors ive heard from numerous directions. I just got done reading jeffys book. I thought it was the shit... However i never read his previous stuff... but for new readings to jeffys material... its def worth reading.