Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Podcast Season 2 # 2

Hey Guys,

Here's the link for the aforementioned podcast.

In it I slam David Wygant, talk about Tool Academy, and teach you how to brag in the right way.

Check it out:


JS-The King Of Content


  1. Question: How do you modify your game in the autumn and winter, when it's cold outside? I guess street approaches are out of the question, since it's fuckin freezing. Also there's little "day game" since it's dark outside during the day time. For me, the cold period is a dead period, so any advices on this particular topic would be really helpful. Thanks.

  2. Anonymous1:00 AM

    so who is a bigger tool? david gaygnat, kid44, or savory savoy (who just has this weird look in his eye and comes across like a serial killer hahah)

    seriously, we wanna know...


  3. Anonymous8:50 AM

    I was sniffing fruit passionatey today. I got carried away and hyperventillated and passed out. It was magical.

  4. Anonymous9:01 AM

    Much better music on the podcast. I don't really care for the rap.

  5. Dude, Tool Academy was phenomenal. I lost interest as it got down to the final 4, but the early episodes were AMAZING. (sigh) goood.

    I think you and Cam/Savoy/CJ/any- other-of-your-PU-friend should have a bet where the loser has to apply to be on some lame-ass MTV dating show. Since you like to make bets...just saying.

  6. Anonymous12:15 PM

    Hey sinn quick question is Captain Jack dead?

  7. Anonymous12:27 PM

    To Leo:
    Day game does not have to be outside.
    Go to a Mall, Book Store, Coffee House ect...
    Any place that it open during the day can be a place for day game.

  8. Anonymous11:21 PM

    SinN! Tonight I did the balliest thing... (for me, sadly)

    went up to a girl, who I thought was the hottest girl, small talk with her, sexual hug in under 30 seconds, talk/flirt for 2 min... (I'm pretty new at this, but am good looking and really tall)

    go back up to her before I leave (1 hour later), strictly get the # and leave... I do, it goes something like this... she was dancing with a dude and talking to two others, and she was with 2 other girl friends... I didn't give a f*ck.

    [Try to Isolate her from group -- took about 10 seconds, lots of confusion for a second, had to just be super alpha/dominant, come here] Hey I'm about to leave, but before I do I'd like to see you again why don't you give me your #?

    I'm just trying to do ballsy things! Pretty ballsy for me... is this for any of you?

    Tmw I'll text and then call her... meet up... frame a bit... ;)

  9. I consider myself a relatively intelligent person and yet I find myself also mysteriously drawn to bad reality TV. It's really kind of upsetting to me because I'll be watching these shows and when I realize what I am doing, I feel embarrassed and ashamed, yet disturbingly entertained. I think I need help. Hopefully none of my friends finds out that I actually followed Tool Academy.

  10. David Vaginaface2:06 AM

    I was sniffing this man's ass passionately after he suggested I do so when he saw me sniffing fruit passionately in the gay club.

    -David Wygay

  11. William8:02 AM

    Just some critique about the the material and topics discussed but sometimes its really hard to listen to. Either the volume is way too low, or you're speaking into the microphone and it gets all huffy & puffy, or you can tell you're moving around and it gets soft then loud, then soft again.

    Maybe invest in a quality headset/microphone?

  12. Anonymous5:29 PM

    I love reality TV for the same reasons. Although last season of tool academy was way better.

    Sinn it would be awesome in a podcast if you could go over some day game tips. Also if you could do an interview with Captain Jack.

    Oh and F**K David Wygant lol

  13. Yeah these latest podcasts, have a lot of like you puffing into the mike, its really annoying, and it also sounds like you are moving around and stuff. the audio production from season 1 was way way better.

  14. I agree with william the volume moves around alot, or sometimes it sounds like you get too close to the mic. I'd also like it if you went over time and money management, like tips for using them efficiently.

  15. Savoy's gay boyfriend9:56 PM

    I second the much welcome change in the intro music. Jon, you are a pasty white Jew with scary eyebrows who talks in complete sentences. Stop living this negro gangsta fantasy. Now.

    Also, while I find Cameron Teone funny he has nothing to teach me about game. I would rather you bring someone, anyone, on the show who would, you know, TALK ABOUT GAME. That is why we are here.