Friday, November 06, 2009

Interview With Gambler AKA Rich LA Ruina

Hey guys,

I've been getting a lot of questions through Email and even Twitter about Gambler's upcoming Stealth Attraction system.

Since Gambler and I are buds, I Skyped him yesterday to get an exclusive interview to demystify Stealth Attraction a bit.

In it Gambler and I talk about what Stealth Attraction is how to use it to escalate without the fear of rejection, some great body language tips and much much more.

Check it out here:

Stealth Attraction Interview

Also Gambler put together this really cool video on Stealth Attraction it's over 20 minutes long and has a ton of great content in it.


Allright I'm off to Muy Thai class followed by a delicious Iced Green Tea.

Have A great weekend!



  1. Hey - when's the Super Conference you were putting together, Sinn?

    I thought it was supposed to happen in November.

  2. Anonymous9:45 AM

    Muy Tai plum

  3. Anonymous3:27 PM

    It's Muay Thai. I've been doing it 5 years now, and it will get you into AMAZING shape. I used to be 270, now I'm 210 and all lean muscle, 6' 5".

    Just train 110% every time your into the gym (Corny I know). You will see results and benefits. Especially mentally, and when I train hard it always gives me a good confidence boost.

    Hope you had fun at it and had a teacher that just drilled you.

  4. Anonymous8:14 AM

    Why are you poromoting his scam? You've lost much credibility in community now.