Thursday, June 18, 2009

You're not special...

Hola , appreciators of fine pick up content.

I was thinking about something yesterday, some students I've been working with have been having a rough time and they seem to think that there is something special about them that is making their path to mastery harder. And the truth is there isn't.

At some point during all of this you will all feel like you're not good enough, or that you'll never understand this, or even that god himself is conspiring to keep you from getting laid ( I'll be honest that last one was me).

It's not you, you're not a special snowflake that is going to go through a different path than everybody else. Nobody is 100% confident 100% of the time. So it's important that when you have those moments of insecurity to remember that everyone even the hot girl you want to talk to, or that cool guy who gets all the girls feel the same way at some point in their lives.

Hope that helps,



  1. Anonymous10:54 AM

    Preach it brotha!

  2. True and just to add,

    If you can reframe a situation and make a "failure" a fascination, you become happier more quickly and get back on track faster as well.

    Something that's helping me out at the moment, thanks for another great post.


  3. this is very true today I really felt like giving up pickup today (what a coincedence) because I almost hit rock bottom and I keep thinking to myself "

    why why! am I working sooo hard!! to learn how to pickup girls when 1of my friends is getting better with little effort...i don't get it."

    But i've come to relize what Tyler Durden said... something like "how badly do you want it, however badly you want it is what will determine your success"

    I will not back down even in rough moments because I know how it feels to hit rock bottm with a girl and I don't want that to happen again or with any of you guys too. i've been making small progress which makes me happy, 1 step towards happiness.


  4. Just The Facts4:59 PM

    "At some point during all of this you will all feel like you're not good enough"


    If you're really good looking, you won't likely feel this way. My very good looking friend never has.

    Also, if you're "I've got a helicopter rich"....tested online, I got all sorts wanting my 'company'.

    If you're a rockstar too.

    If you're a 'nobody'...well, uh, you're a nobody.

  5. this is a good article on confidence

  6. It's cute how you say "tomor" ...

    Anyway, yeah, all of our "problems" come from thinking we are "special," huh?

  7. This is brilliant, I think god has also conspired against me.. 22 and a virgin and I have put in more then enough effort.. God intervenes every time. loll

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  9. On the flip side of this, I find it amusing that in a country without a monarchy there are so many "Princesses". Same "limiting" mentality in reverse.

  10. Anonymous9:01 PM

    Stop being a pussy.
    Grow some balls.
    Leave the seduction community.
    Figure out your own way.
    Don't know the way?
    You already knew about the community, so you have enough "knowledge".

  11. this is sooo money, I'd buy this post if I can.
    Even hot girls feel insecure sometimes - wow, just wow..