Monday, June 29, 2009

LR: Sex On The Beach...

Monday has reared it’s ugly head again, and it’s time for another blog. This time I’m going to be breaking down a successful interaction that happened this past Saturday night while I was teaching a one on one student.

I don’t teach many one on ones, as I prefer to work with students on a longer term basis to maximize results. But if a student fits a certain criteria, I make exceptions. This student also was personally recommended by Priest.

The breakdown today is going to cover fashion for attraction, the importance of movement and sexual push-pull.

On the second day of the one on one, I have the student open a group of two girls standing off to the side of a walkway in an upscale hotel bar. There’s a blonde and a brunette. The brunette is short and curvy with an amazing ass. I hope the student wants the blonde.

It turns out he does.

I join the group with the classic tactic of asking if the student has seen our imaginary female friends. Coincidentally, one of my favorite things to do when I’m winging is come up fake female names for coming into my friend’s sets. I believe I used Kelsey this time.

As I’m getting introduced, the girl asks me if I’m into metal. This is not an uncommon question, because of my stereotyping through fashion. Over the years I have honed my personal style to attract a certain type of girl. This is what people don’t realize about fashion, is that you dress for the girls you want. I first learned this years before I even joined the community simply by looking at the brands and styles of clothing the guys who were with girls I wanted wore. This is something easy every guy can do. It still amazes me that guys show up to bootcamps or one on ones without having undergone a fashion and hair makeover first. And I’m not talking about fuzzy hats and highlights. Fashion is one of the first ways girl size you up, you can either make a great impression or a lousy one.

When it comes to fashion for attraction, you want to focus on having a stereotype. The girl should be able to ascertain certain things about you from how you’re dressed. She should get an idea of what kind of guy you are. Are you a jock, corporate guy, rock guy, hip hop guy, hipster, high fashion, club kid, etc… There are no shortage of attractive stereotypes out there. If you take the time to think it out and put together outfits that fit the stereotype, you will get more attraction initially and get sexual attraction from girls who see you as they’re “type”. This is what happened to me when she asked if I like metal.

I don’t need to break rapport as she’s cycling comfort questions at me which is a sure sign she’s attracted. It’s time to move her. Movement is one of the MAJOR keys to escalation. First of all it gets you into isolation, where all of the real game is going to take place. You can’t get into arousal, high compliance qualification or sexual framing in a group without making the girl uncomfortable. I tell her I’m going to grab a cigarette and invite her to join.

We finally exchange names and it turns out her ex has the same name. I reply she obviously has a type. They start asking about what other venues are good that night. I always make it my business to keep up to date with what clubs are good on any given night of the week, so I give some suggestions. At this point they’re ready to bounce, but I’m thinking we need to avoid the bounce to another club, so I invite the girl to get another drink with me and we move again. The student is also doing really well and joins us with the blonde.

I’m laying on a bed with my girl and I start sexually pushing and pulling her. The key here is fractionation and getting her to work for a sexual identity.

For example, I pull her in and as soon as she gets tense, I tell her it’s not going to work with us tonight because she’s holding back to much. I tell her she needs to be more aggressive. As I say that I push her away. She jumps on me and kisses me. But I keep the tension going by pushing her away and telling her “ That’s all you get”.

We bounce get into a hot club, but don’t want to pay cover so we end up bouncing again and end up at a beach bar. Right across from the ocean.

This girl’s logistics are messed up. She’s staying with a few other girls at her ex Boyfriend’s summer place… She has to go home at some point, because all of her stuff is there. So I now know it’s going to have to be an in venue lay or in public.

First I try to take her to the roof. No dice. Then as the student and his girl are going to find us on the roof, I tell her we should go check out the beach.

On the beach we climb on a stack of beach chairs and sex ensues.

Then the student and his girl joined us and we all went skinny dipping…

Just another weekend in my life,


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  1. Loved the stuff on sterotyping, its really true man.

    It works everywhere, on my way back from a 3 day intensive seminar on Marketing, I met two girls, funnily I had approached these girls before in my seminar clothes on friday, both had shown not a lot of attraction (I was in a suit). This time around I was in my skater gear, I opened as if we had never met, and guess what...

    I got a number close saying the same opener as the first time...

    So fashion counts!

    Thanks for the post.

    Btw check out my blog sometime dude :).

  2. Just an FYI, you have two paragraphs in that post that don't make any sense. I think you accidently stuck them in there from another report or something. Paragraphs 11 and 12 are the culprits.

  3. Anonymous10:24 PM

    souths like south beach.. from the club covers, stacked beach chairs and hotel bar

  4. Anonymous9:43 PM

    You get paid to do this shit?? Jon why the hell do you want to be a writer instead?