Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Been a super busy couple of days after the NYC bootcamp ( which featured a hysterical cameo from Julian Foxx)

I'm back in Miami now and trying to get myself back to neutral after back to back bootcamps. I honestly wonder how I did this every week for almost two years. I know I'm not old, but bootcamps make me feel it. I used to be able to bounce back but now I'm fucked for 3 days.

In fact it's 3:00 PM and I'm just getting out of bed on a Tuesday.

It doesn't help that while I'm off being a traveling vagabond pick up teacher, I still have bills, parking problems, and girls to deal with.

A buddy of mine texted me last night inviting me to a client's b-day party at a strip club and I couldn't go because my 4 girl rotation was not so happy with my surprise 2 week trip to Vegas and NY. In fact starting in an hour or so I have to see 2 girls today and 2 girls tomor...

I'd complain but no one wants to hear about that, so instead I'll talk about how much I now love NYC. Which I know will annoy the long time reader who has read posts about my hatred of NY. It's called evolution people :P Anywho I love the city now and will probably split the next couple of years between Miami and NYC. But we'll see I still have miles to go before I can start making life plans. Plus I'm going to Brazil in Nov and may never come back...

Allright I'll start posting some more content soon, but I wanted to let everyone know I was alive. Even if I barely feel it :)

Happy Tuesday!



  1. Anonymous1:35 PM

    I was in NY a few monthes ago living in Manhattan for a few weeks and I thought it was really cool.

    If I was you I wouldnt do the whole 12 cities thing, that will burn you out, I did 9 cities in two years and I nearly went crazy doing that.

  2. Hey Sinn,
    So what's NYC like?
    I haven't been and heard some pretty crazy shit.

    Anyway your gonna love Brazil :P.

    Speak soon bud!


    P.S. I'm down to one girl now....I liked her the most :p

  3. I've bounced between liking and disliking NYC, but the last 4 times I've gone I've loved it.

    There's something cool about stepping outside of your hotel and suddenly being in the middle of everything, surrounded by people and activity.

    You can walk anywhere or grab a taxi which I love because driving gets old after awhile. In DFW, it seems like a 15 minute drive just to get to the local gas station.


  4. Julian Foxx...That guy is hilarious. He once left me a voicemail of about 5 minutes of freestyle rap!

  5. Steve3:18 PM

    I thought Miami was one of the specific cities you were avoiding in your 12 city tour and now you are spending most of the next 2 years there, what changed, I thought you hated it?

  6. Anonymous5:19 PM

    Listen to this hot shit'
    and tell me NYC ain't sick!

    Mark Ronson ft. Ghostface, Trife & Nate Dogg - "Ooh Wee"

    sup sinn, cj and adonis

    masters of same night lays!
    the only game I play!

  7. Anonymous6:04 PM


  8. Hey sinn, i'm a recent follower of your blog.

    you sound burned out...its tough, but hang in there...

    i'm really young and just started out with pick up practising with much much older guys and realised morale is elusive, doing this everyday...what a lifestyle choice..

    i would really like to know though, the point where you are now in life, what are the goals that keeps you motivated?
    (hopefully its not bills,taxes and burdens that drives you...)

    i met with papa(from the game) recently in one of the free workshops that he conducted...he sat down with me and told me his story, i switched off after awhile...

  9. fader6:13 PM

    my my my how times change