Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Video on Upside Of Irrationality

 Hey there,

 So props to the comment monkey section for finding this video which explains what I was trying to say the other day about the Upside Of Irrationality.

So enjoy the video and comment below:



  1. Ablaze8:44 PM

    I don't entirely agree with this guy. A guy's ability to game in "the real world" is directly connected to his ability to game online. If I do pretty well with girls in the real world, then I know what women respond to. I know how to dress, style my hair, I know how to move, walk, talk, I know the stories and humor they respond to, etc.

    Going online isn't that much different than gaming in the real world. If I'm good in the real world I should know what to do in the online world. I'll know what pics to post, I'll know what to put on my profile, I'll know how to send first messages and I'll know how to respond to messages that are sent to me. I should be able to transition to getting a phone number, day 2, and escalate, just like in the real world.

    There are a few logistical differences online, but if you suck with women in real life, you're going to suck online. You might get a few more responses online because there will be women that suck with men online, but in general, you're still going to suck. You won't know what pics to post, what to put in your profile, or how to write messages back and forth.

    There are no shortcuts to getting good with girls.

    Think of a few guys that you know that are really good with women. Are you telling me that they wouldn't know how to game online? They wouldn't know what pics to post, what to put in the content, and how to message? Or think of guys that suck with women... Are they really going to get any better results online? I doubt it.

    So I get what this guy is saying, but he's more stating the obvious than giving us some kind of insightful information. Obviously there are some people who are going to be more attractive in real life, but the opposite is also true. Some people can mask how much they suck online only to be found out when they actually meet someone in real life.

  2. Anonymous8:49 PM

    "comment monkeys"

    Jon just called us monkeys—let's kick his ass!

  3. not a pirate10:59 PM

    I think he's trying to rationize/figure out stuff using the information he has - like all people - but he's lacking a lot of information.

    The market for online dating itself is a failure for the much the same reason as PUA. To understand this we need to go back. If you were born to a good family, a supportive, encouraging family then that 1st day at kindergarden you'd be outgoing, you'd make friends and one simple setback wouldn't devastate you. As time went one you'd have guidance on how to handle lives big problems - like girls - from your parents. Hell maybe your parents would even encourage or set you up on dates. By making friends and knowing how to handle situation you'd build a vast network of friends and acquiesces as well as have a life, things to do. Your life would already be filled with women and you'd know how to take advantage of the opportunities. And something like cold approach (which is what online dating really is) would be the icing on the cake, not the bread and butter. Online dating is a failure because the people have failed in their lives to even get there. Trying to fix online dating is like trying to teach a much of losers PUA when really what they need is a psychiatrists (think i heard that from you )

    As for the second part that's fairly simple. Shared experiences are what bond people, they create memories. Simply taking to someone only goes so far.

  4. Anonymous9:02 AM

    My self-image has disintegrated with that "comment monkey" remark. Years of therapy, and countless dollars, just went down the drain.

    You thoughtless bastard. I hope you get eaten by a pack of coyotes.

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  6. is it true that mehow is getting his own show

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